LoganA few days before the release of Logan, the official credits give away a few of interesting names… and we already have a couple of pics we can finally pair a name with. First of all, the former Mortal Kombat: Conquest star Daniel Bernhardt, who had been spotted as a member of the Reavers, is revealed to be none others than Bonebreaker, the original leader of the team… and, in the comics at least, surely the most recognizable of them all. In the movie, Bonebreaker’s look has been changed to be more realistic, so he only has a cybernetic arm… but, in the comics, he’s been modified much more, and he’s much more menacing, being famous for having his entire lower half replaced… with a tank. Waiting to see the new movie, let’s take a look at one of the minor antagonists, who’s also one of the weirdest-looking villains in the comics.

Not much is known about Bonebreaker’s early life, not even his real name. He was born somewhere in Australia, and he made a name for himself as a mercenary, first, and a robber, later. He formed a gang of people greedy and violent just like him, and he named them the Reavers; looking for a headquarters, they ended up in the ghost town of Cooterman’s Creek, in the Outback, a secret military base filled with advanced technology abandoned there by unknown forces. Using the futuristic tech they had found, the Reavers modified their bodies, turning into heavily-armed cyborgs, thus improving their success rate in their robberies. Plus, in the desert, Bonebreaker found an Aboriginal mutant with the unique power to open portals to any known location in the world (thus his nickname, Gateaway): the Reavers forcefully recruited Gateaway to work with them, so that he could lead them wherever in the world, bringing them back immediately after. With such an offensive power and a safe way of traveling, the Reavers became nearly unstoppable. Everything went well until Roma, a cosmic ally to the mutant team Excalibur, informed the X-Men of the bonebreakercomics1Reavers’ existence, and of the mutant they held captive: the mutants traveled to Australia and confronted Bonebreaker and his men, resulting in the latter’s defeat. Most of the Reavers were destroyed during the battle, and the remaining ones were forced to go through the Siege Perilous, a portal to another dimension in which they would have been judged for their sins. Bonebreaker, however, managed to escape along with two of his best men, Skullbuster and Pretty Boy, leaving their base behind to be taken by the X-Men, who started using it in their place. Wanting to reform his team and to exact his revenge against the X-Men, Bonebreaker sought the help of a powerful man who had a grudge of his own against the mutant heroes, the cyborg Donald Pierce, former member of the Hellfire Club: Pierce agreed to help him, but to his own terms. First of all, Bonebreaker allowed him to take the leadership of the new Reavers.

The three original Reavers were joined by Pierce, three of his soldiers from the Hellfire Club who had been maimed by Wolverine (MaconCole and Reese), and Yuriko Oyama, a Japanese woman with a vendetta against Wolverine. The last four were cyborgs like Bonebreaker and his men, and together they formed a brand new incarnation of the Reavers, even more powerful than before thanks to Pierce’s resources. First of all, the Reavers exploited a moment in which most of the X-Men were away on a mission to retake possession of Cooterman’s Creek, setting there an ambush. When they came back to their base, however, the X-Men were warned by precog Psylocke and managed to escape from the trap using the Siege Perilous, thus spoiling the cyborgs of their revenge. Much to the new Reavers’ delight, however, Wolverine was in a solo mission in Madripoor, and he came back to Australia without suspecting anything… so that Bonebraker and the others managed to catch him by surprise, and spent several days torturing him, later crucifying him in the middle of the desert. The young mutant Jubilee helped Wolverine to escape, but the Reavers remained in the reconquered base. Soon after, they received a hacker attack from New York City, and Pierce sent Bonebreaker, Reese and Pretty Boy to investigate. The source of the attack was Microchip, the computer expert ally to The Punisher, and the trio attacked them without holding back. In the following fight, one of Microchip’s defense devices, the Dalek, managed to hold the three cyborgs back long bonebreakercomics2enough for the two vigilantes to escape through the sewers, but as soon as the moving turret was destroyed, Bonebreaker proceeded to raze the Punisher’s warehouse. The trio pursued their target, and in the following gunfight they even killed Micro’s cousin; the Reavers were on the winning side, until The Punisher triggered a series of explosives that heavily damaged them, with Bonebreaker having the tank that formed his lower half completely demolished. The three cyborgs retreated back to Australia, where Bonebreaker’s body was rebuilt even better than before. Now, he was ready to resume his hunt for mutants, starting with the new X-Men on Muir Island.

Greedy and violent, Bonebreaker is just what his name suggests: a man who enjoys brutality, bent on sadism, who only acts following his personal gain. As a cyborg, his implants grant him superhuman strength and durability, and his legs have been replaced with a motorized chassis running on tank treads; the lower half of his body is equipped with many highly destructive weapons, such as machine guns, missile launchers, an energy shield generator and even anti-aircraft artillery. Having embraced Pierce’s war on mutants, Bonebreaker is literally the tank in the Reavers’ arsenal, a super-armed cyborg who’ll crush under his treads anyone unlucky enough to be his enemy.

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