Angelo Macon

angelomaconfilmThere’s still one Reaver we can speak about prior to the release of Logan, one that has been spotted in the previous trailers, but remained unnamed until the casting was announced: Macon, portrayed by Stephen Dunlevy. In the second trailer, he’s the bearded guy who holds Logan during what seems to be the mutant‘s first encounter with the cybernetic mercenaries (but that’s just speculation, of course); just like all of his teammates, he appears to have been heavily reimagined to be more realistic, so most of his original cybernetic implants seem to be missing, and he’ll likely sport only a cybernetic limb like the others. In the comics, Macon is not one of the original members of the Reavers, as he joins the team only in its second incarnation, but he’s surely a relevant one nevertheless. Let’s see together.

Not much is known about Angelo Macon, apart from the fact that he was born in Australia, and that he spent his entire life in the military. Not connected to any particular national army, he became a mercenary, and his skills attracted the attention of the secret organization known as the Hellfire Club. The Club had just changed leadership, with Sebastian Shaw leading a mutant rebellion and eliminating all the human members of the group, but albeit he didn’t share their ideals, they still paid well, and Macon was always interested in that. He participated to the hard selections, and he was among the ones who survived to become a trooper. His talents were wasted in the simple infantry, so when his loyalty to the Hellfire Club had been tested enough, Macon was given a high-tech armor and joined the Hellfire Knights, the elite corp tasked with the protection of the Inner Circle. Protecting the Hellfire Club’s leaders wasn’t usually a difficult task, especially considering that nobody reached that far to threaten them in the first place, and they were all powerful mutants angelomaconcomics1perfectly able to defend themselves…but a team of mutant superheroes, the X-Men, actually managed to lead a dangerous attack on the Club, thus forcing the Hellfire Knights to take action. The Knights were defeated, but the White Queen managed to submit the attackers…all but one, who was wrongfully believed to be dead: Wolverine. Obviously, Wolverine arrived to save his teammates, and he was confronted by the Hellfire Knights again…but he wasn’t as soft-handed as the other X-Men, and he went all-out on the Knights starting a carnage. Macon was among the few ones who survived the encounter, but he was severely wounded and maimed, thus unable to ever come back to his mercenary life ever again…but the Inner Circle still required his services, so he “miraculously” found himself back to his feet again. Only, not actually his old feet.

Along with the two other survivors of Wolverine’s massacre, Wade Cole and Murray Reese, Angelo Macon was taken to the Body Shop, a factory ran by Spiral in which normal humans were turned into cyborgs with alien technology, thus gaining superhuman abilities. In the Shop, Macon and the others met Yuriko Oyama, a woman who was undergoing the same treatment to become the cyborg Lady Deathstrike, and decided to follow her in a first attempt to exact vengeance on Wolverine, whom she also had a grudge against…but the four of them failed, and barely survived the confrontation. Back to the Hellfire Club, Macon and his two companions found out that the White Bishop of the Inner Circle wasn’t actually a mutant, but a cyborg like them: when he rebelled to Shaw and the others and resumed the Club’s old anti-mutant policy, Donald Pierce abandoned his White Bishop moniker and left the group…followed by Macon, Reese and Cole, who felt to be similar to him in both nature and vendetta against the X-Men, Wolverine in particular. Pierce gathered around himself the three former Hellfire Knights, Lady Deathstrike and the three remaining Reavers, a group of Australian cybernetic robbers, forming the new Reavers, a deadly cyborg-only team he trained until they were a formidable combat unit. Macon and the others faced many robotic replicas of Wolverine and the other X-Men, until they were angelomaconcomics2able to effortlessly destroy them, proving to be ready for the real deal. First, the Reavers took possession of the X-Men’s base in the Australian ghost town of Cooterman’s Creek, taking advantage of the team’s absence, and set a trap for them. Thanks to Psylocke‘s precognition, the X-Men managed to avoid the ambush and fled to the Savage Land instead, but Wolverine, who was returning from a solo mission in Madripoor, came back alone and unaware of the danger. Macon and the others attacked him, proving that the hours of training had paid off, and defeated him, spending hours to torture him, later crucifying him in the middle of the desert and keeping on torturing him. Finally, vengeance was at hand.

Angelo Macon is a ruthless mercenary, who replaced his thirst for money with a thirst for vengeance against the man who took his humanity away, Wolverine. As a cyborg, he possesses superhuman strength, stamina and durability, while his eye implants allow him to see in a variety of spectrums and make his aim virtually infallible; he’s an extremely skilled combatant, a deadly marksman and a weapons expert, with his skills honed and augmented by his cybernetic body. Deadly and precise, Macon relinquished his humanity becoming more and more a killing machine…not that there was much humanity to begin with.



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