Apros (Green Lantern)

aprosfilmWith still no new characters from movies or series (Logan has been released already, so I’ll fill in with the missing characters as soon as I get the pics), we continue with Lucy W.‘s request, and today we meet quite a weird character: Apros, the jellyfish-like Green Lantern. As well as many others of his comrades, Apros appears in the Green Lantern movie, but it’s seen only the first time Hal Jordan arrives on Oa, in assembled with all the other Green Lanterns. It doesn’t have any actor portraying or voicing him, as it’s completely rendered in CGI. In the comics, Apros is one of the oldest and most respected Lanterns ever, a hero who’s been awarded a number of honors within the Corps. Let’s see together.

Apros was born on planet 7Pi, an ancient world dominated by sentient (genderless) plants. Apros was revered among its people as a being of remarkable wisdom and tenacity, but despite this its life wasn’t exactly eventful on its homeplanet. When the Guardians of the Universe decided to form a new intergalactic peace force after the rebellion of the Manhunters and the failure of the Halla’s, however, Apros’ life changed forever. The Guardians had imbued long before the energy of the universe’s willpower, and used it for their goals in mantaining peace and order in the universe: they now decided to give access to it to selected individuals, skilled enough to harness it, so that they could patrol the universe in their stead, with a Power Ring fueled by their own willpower. When the first rings were crafted, they crossed the galaxies to find the best candidates to be their owners, and one of them found Apros on 7Pi, chosing it as one of the first Green Lanterns ever. Apros was assigned Space Sector 0003, one of the first ones ever charted by the Guardians, and among the very first ones to fall under the authority aproscomics1of the Green Lantern Corps. Belonging to an extremely long-lived species, Apros served the Corps for centuries, and followed the rise of the new police force, that arrived to count hundreds of members, and participated to some of the most meaningful and important events in the universe’s recent history. With its experience and power becoming more and more valuable to the Corps, Apros suggested the Guardians to create a separate branch of the Corps, not restrained to a single sector but able to operate everywhere in the universe when necessity required it. The Guardians listened to it and created the Honor Guard, an elite formation of Green Lanterns stationed on Oa and deployed everywhere it was necessary. Needless to say, Apros was among the first ones to enter the Honor Guard.

Along with Tomar-Re and Kryssma, Apros served long in the Honor Guard, being assigned with a number of missions all around the universe. Despite witnessing many conflicts while in the Corps, nothing could prepare Apros or anybody else to the Crisis on Infinite Earths, a cosmic war that brought the entire multiverse on the edge of annihialtion; the war between The Monitor and the Anti-Monitor affected the Green Lantern Corps as well, in many different ways (including the death of many Guardians and the capture of the remaining ones in an anti-matter prison). When the conflict ended, the Guardians restored the Lanterns, and Apros was tasked with escorting one of them, the deranged and depowered Appa Ali Apsa, to the Guardians’ homeplanet, Maltus, to be imprisoned. Once there, however, Apros received yet another mission: one of the latest recruits of the Green Lanterns, Guy Gardner, had transformed his rivalry with Hal Jordan and John Stewart into a civil war, right in the middle of the cosmic chrisis; held accountable for his actions, Gardner was on Maltus for rehabilitation, and the wise Apros was chosen to be his mentor and teacher. Gardner was happy to be the pupil just as much as Apros was happy to be the teacher, but things eventually sorted out: thanks to its telepathic powers, Apros managed to force Guy to face his own fear and rage, finally leading him to aproscomics2overcome them (for a time, at least). Following that, Apros participated also to the Sinestro Corps War, and shortly after that it was captured and enslaved. Quite surprisingly, it was saved by its own student, Guy Gardner, and brought back to Oa. Here, it realised it had found its true purpose: it left the Honor Guard, and became a teacher and trainer for the new recruits. It was old and tired of war, by now: it was time for Apros to leave space to the new generations of peace-keepers.

Apros is a wise and brave plant, deeply loyal to the Guardians of the Universe and to the Green Lantern Corps. As a Green Lantern, its Power Ring allows him to fly, to survive in space and to create anything it can think of with in solid energy (its energy constructs happen to be among the most powerful in the entire Corps, testifying its indomitable will); as a sentient plant from 7Pi, Apros also possesses psionic powers that include telepathy, limited telekinesis and even mind-control. A proud member of the Honor Guard, Apros is one of the most respected and decorated Green Lanterns ever, a hero who has its roots deeply planted into the ideals of the Corps.


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