Daniel Patrick Cassidy (Blue Devil)

Lucy W.‘s request allows me to amend to a past mistake, as I completely missed a juicy easter egg in Arrow Season 2, episode Time of Death: while racing on his motorcycle, The Arrow passes a bus, and on its side we can spot the poster of a movie named Blue Devil. The (fictional) movie has been pretty succesful, apparently, as in The Flash Season 1 we can see (in Things You Can’t Outrun and Power Outage) the poster of its sequel, Blue Devil II: Hell to Pay. Well, this is the first appearance, sort of, of the popular DC superhero Blue Devil, who actually has something to do with movies and cinema even in the comics, and his origins regard the Blue Devil movie we saw in the shows. Let’s see together.

Daniel “Dan” Cassidy was born somewhere in California from an Irish family, and he always loved cinema. When he finished school, he moved to Los Angeles, where he became a stuntman and a special effects wizard, learning from the very best ones in the field. As usual, Dan started from the bottom, working in B-movie productions that included films like Space Ninjas or The Battle of the Las Vegas Showgirls, minor films in which he could gain experience and make some experiments of his own. The chance of his life arrived thanks to a friend, Marla Bloom, a movie director who had been hired by the famos Verner Bros. company to make a monster movie, Blue Devil: wanting to help a friend and knowing Dan’s skills, Marla contacted him and asked him both to realize the costume for the main creature and to play him. Of course, Dan immediately accepted, and put in the suit all of his remarkable expertise: since he had to go through a number of dangerous stunts during the movie, he made the costume extremely resistant, but also flexible to allow him to move naturally, and he also added miniature servo motors to increase his own strenght and film without digital effects. The suit was exactly what Marla was looking for, and it performed perfectly during the shoots. During one of the main scenes, however, something went horribly wrong: the location was Île du Diable (the Devil’s Island), a place that, according to local legends, was cursed; the two main actors, Wayne Tarrant and Sharon Scott (the latter was the girl Dan had a secret crush on) were shooting their scene, when they accidentally opened an ancient tomb…freeing an actual demon from his 6000 years imprisonment. The two escaped, but the demon, Nebiros, followed them: seeing Sharon in danger, Dan intervened, hoping that his exosuit would have been strong enough to protect him. Nebiros mistook him for an actual demon, and tried to drain his “occult energy” to replenish his own…but since Dan was a human, he only knocked him out, at least apparently. When he regained his senses, Dan resumed the battle (that Marla was filming), and managed to exile Nebiros back to his hellish dimension.

It was while resting for the battle, still shocked for meeting an actual demon, that Dan realised what the consequences of Nebiros’ energy blast had been: his suit was now fused to his body, an organic part of him. Dan wasn’t exactly happy with that: a devout Catholic, a devil’s skin wasn’t his taste…and it would have gotten worse, as he soon realised he had become a “weirdness magnet“, as the unlikely accident that had created him called for other absurd occurences. With Nebiros still on his trails, Dan asked for S.T.A.R. Labs‘ help, and in that occasion he found himself caught in a battle with the supervillain Metallo, and soon after even with The Trickster (who, however, ended up becoming his friend). Not even S.T.A.R. could help him, so Dan tried with magic, asking to “field experts” such as Zatanna or Madame Xanadu, but nobody was apparently able to understand what had happened to him, so they weren’t even able to fix it. Despite only wanting to remove the now organic suit, Dan eventually took a habit in fighting all the villains and demons popping around him, starting to be seen as a hero: before he knew it, people started referring to him as the Blue Devil, like the character he was playing in the movie, and he eventually embraced this new weird destiny as a superhero. Aside from Zatanna and Xanadu, Blue Devil met and befriended other heroes, demonic misfits like him such as The Creeper, loners as the Black Orchid or team players as the Omega Men, but even popular and well-accepted heroes as Superman; it was thanks to the latter that Blue Devil received an invitation to join the Justice League of America, thus marking his official entrance in the “big league” of superheroes. He even gained a sidekick, Kid Devil, when Marla’s nephew Edward Bloomberg decided to join him with a suit of his own creation. Little by little, Blue Devil found his place in the world, and was allowed by Cain and Abel (yup, those Cain and Abel) to stay in the House of Weirdness, a multi-dimensional residence set between Earth and the Netherworld, in a room directly connected to Malibu, Dan’s new elected hometown. As uncomfortable as he was in a devil’s role, Dan Cassidy had apparently found his one true calling, after all…

Dan Cassidy is a brave young man, a good-hearted guy who desperately wants to come back to his old life, but who enjoys the possibilities he now has to help other people. As the Blue Devil, at first his powers came from his exo-suit, that granted him enhanced strength, durability, vision and hearing, with a mechanical trident that acted both as a flamethrower and a unique aerial vehicle; after a bad deal with the demon Neron, Dan has become a true devil, and he possesses “true” superhuman physical attributes and senses, as well as accelerated healing, and his former weapon has been replaced with the Trident of Lucifer (forged by Lucifer himself and previously wielded by Nebiros), able to shoot hellfire, to locate demons on Earth and to send them back to Hell; as a stunstman, he is also an expert athlete and a very skilled hand-to-hand combatant, as well as a proficient engineer and inventor. Trapped in a body that is not his own anymore, Blue Devil had to learn to accept a whole new life and status…but he’s now the hero he’d been always destined to be, a fearless demon-hunter who fights hellfire with hellfire.



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