Pretty Boy

Finally we have everything we need for the last two characters from Logan (as usual, if I missed somebody let me know in the comments): let’s start with the fourth and last named Reaver we see in the movie, Pretty Boy, portrayed by Ryan Sturz. As well as his other teammates, Pretty Boy doesn’t have much of a role in the film, as he’s one of the unfortunate cyborgs who try to capture Laura in Logan‘s desert house, but get dismembered as a result. In the comics, of course, there’s much more to say about him and, as a start, his look is very different: the film version sports the usual “pretty face” that gives him his name, but his cybernetic implant are limited (as far as we can see) to an arm only, while the original one undergoes a much more radical transformation. Let’s see together.

Not much is known about Pretty Boy’s early life, not even his true name. He was born somewhere in Australia, and as an adult he became a mercenary. In some undisclosed way, he came in contact with Bonebreaker, another fellow mercenary who had higher ambitions, and joined him in a private group. One day, during a mission, Bonebreaker’s team found something that would have changed their lives forever: a secret lab filled with extremely advanced technology, right under the ghost town of Cooterman’s Creek. This was the opportunity they were waiting for, and they made the lab their secret base. Using the pre-installed programs in the lab’s computers, they used the tech to heavily modify their bodies and become deadly cyborgs, and Pretty Boy had some of the most extensive implants: he only saved the beautiful face he was so proud of. The mercenary army became the first incarnation of the Reavers, and they started to commit robberies all around the country. While travelling in the desert, they met a lonely mutant, known as Gateway, and they recruited him to work for them: Gateway was able to open portals everywhere in the world, so the Reavers used him to gain access to every target they liked, extending their hunting ground to the entire planet. Soon, they became richer than they had ever been… and this called for yet another upgrade. Appearing in Singapore, the Reavers attacked the Hoan International Bank… and found in the manager, Jessan Hoan, the perfect way to improve their gang. The Reavers kidnapped Jessan and took her to Cooterman’s Creek with them… and in here, Pretty Boy did his magic: among his implants, there were special filaments protruding from his eyes able to connect with anybody’s mind, and to reprogram it. He started brainwashing Jessan Hoan to make her the band’s financial expert, but he was interrupted by the X-Men, the mutant superheroes, who had tracked them to their base. In the following battle, the Reavers were defeated, and the supernatural Roma forced them all through the Siege Perillous, a dimensional portal that would have led them to their judgment. Well, most of them.

Pretty Boy managed to escape along with Bonebreaker and Skullbuster, but the three of them alone had no chance to continue their world-wide operations, least of all to seek vengeance against the X-Men. For a while, the Reavers returned to be the Australian robbers from the first time… until they were contacted by Donald Pierce, another (far more advanced) cyborg who was interested in reforming their group, this time with a substantial tactical and financial backup. Bonebreaker resigned his leadership to him, and Pretty Boy accepted Pierce as his new boss when he promised them revenge against the X-Men. Pierce made also Lady Deathstrike and her three minions, ColeMacon and Reese, other cyborgs with a grudge against Wolverine, join the new team, and everybody received a power-up. Under Pierce’s guidance, the original Reavers trained with the new ones to perfect their combat skills, to the point that they were perfectly able to defeat robotic copies of the X-Men with little to no effort. Of course, the original ones would have been another thing, but the Reavers were ready to face them any moment, now. First of all, Pretty Boy and the other original members of the team wanted their base back: taking advantage of a moment in which most of the X-Men were on a mission in the Savage Land, the Reavers invaded Cooterman’s Creek and occupied the base, setting a trap for the mutants. Most of the team avoided being ambushed by changing destination, warned by Psylocke‘s precognition, but Wolverine, who was in Madripoor at the time, came back unaware of everything. Despite his fierce resistance, the Reavers made short work of him, and they crucified him in the middle of the desert after hours of torture. The mutant eventually escaped, but this marked an important victory for the Reavers nevertheless. Shortly after that, Pretty Boy was dispatched with Bonebreaker and Reese to New York City to track a hacker who had had the bad idea to try and infiltrate their system: the culprit was Microchip, and the three cyborgs got involved in a fight with The Punisher, from which they barely came out alive (despite destroying his base and Micro’s computers, thus solving the hacker problem). Back to Australia, there was no time to rest, as the trio joined the others in a mission on Muir Island: it was officially open season in the hunt for mutants.

Pretty Boy is a boastful and narcissist man, enamored of his own Hollywood-star-like face… but he’s also a remorseless and lethal mercenary, just as cold as the machine that now composes most of his body. As a cyborg, his cybernetic implants grant him superhuman strength, durability, stamina and reflexes, as well as allowing him to leap great distances; he can also extend his limbs, and possesses a true arsenal in his chest that range from capture coils to shocking wires; his most remarkable tools, however, are the filament protruding from his eyes, that he can use on phones to intercept calls or on computers to hack them, and even on human brains, thus reshaping the personality of anyone he gets to brainwash. Gifted with a fearsome power, Pretty Boy doesn’t have the slightest intention of using it for something even remotely good…



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