Boodikka (Green Lantern)

Following Lucy W.‘s list, we arrive to yet another Green Lantern (I told you there were many): Boodikka, the warrior lady. As nearly everyone else, Boodikka appears in the Green Lantern movie, but as nothing more than a cameo: she’s one of the (too) many Lanterns present on Oa when Hal Jordan first arrives there. Despite being a humanoid alien, even she doesn’t have any physical actress to portray her, and she’s rendered completely in CGI. In the comics, she’s one of the most relevant Lanterns around, sharing a number of adventures with her terrestrial counterparts. Let’s see together.

Boodikka was born on planet Bellatrix, a desert planet that pushed its inhabitants to gain formidable survival abilities. A warrior born, she was extremely skilled with a battle axe, and she was able to defend herself against any foe; she and her best friend, Zale, often fought together against the many pirates that landed on Bellatrix to prey on its resources and its inhabitants, until they decided to form a true defense squad that would have protected their homeplanet. Boodikka, Zale, Recca and others formed the Blood-Sisters of Bellatrix, soon to be known simply as the Bellatrix Bombers. A female-only group of strong and skilled warriors, the Blood-Sisters defended their planet from any invader, pirate or attacker that threatened it, and even lent their services as mercenaries to finance their cause. After some decades, however, the group eventually betrayed its original calling: Boodikka, who at the time was three-hundreds years old, realized that the Blood-Sisters were now more attached to their activity as mercenaries that to their original mission, preferring money over the justice they used to seek. The proud woman received an alternative to pursue the justice she so much longed for when a Green Lantern named Chaselon found her and offered her the possibility to be recruited in the Green Lantern Corps, the galactic police force, granting her the opportunity to continue her battle in other forms. Boodikka accepted the offer, and bade farewell to her friends… who didn’t take it too well: Zale arrived to the point of threatening her life if she ever came back to Bellatrix after “betraying” them. Made only more resolute by this ultimatum, Boodikka followed Chaselon and was presented on Oa to the other Green Lanterns to be examined and, if found worthy, accepted among their ranks. Considering her aggressive and belligerent nature, it would have not been an easy selection.

As it was predictable, the examiners found quite a lot of rage in Boodikka, and many voted against her joining the Corps (among these Hal Jordan, a veteran Lantern from Earth); the decisive vote, however, was the one of the trainer, Kilowog… who saw in the woman an extremely challenging student, and was eager to test her. Thanks to him, Boodikka was recruited in the Corps, and started her training… not that she had so much time to gain familiarity with her Green Power Ring, as the Corps were soon after attacked by an alliance of Star Sapphire, the space mercenary Flicker and an army from Tebis. In battle, Boodikka was in her environment, and she proved her value over and over. Despite being so skilled, most of her problems came with her constant challenge against authority, something that put her at odds with fellow recruit Kreon, who was used to military discipline. The two argued many times, until they lost their temper and nearly started a fight; seeing that the rivalry between the two had split the entire recruits in two groups, Kilowog called for John Stewart‘s help. John projected the two fighting rivals into a shared mind space, where they were faced by their worst fears: Boodikka found herself attacked by the Chain Men, who represented her fear of subjugation and limitation, while Kreon fought Mama Denata, who represented his fear of uncontrollable things. The two soon found out they were unable to defeat their adversaries… but Boodikka found it extremely easy to overpower Mama Denata. When she took out Kreon’s foe, she asked him to return the favor, and Kreon effortlessly vanquished the Chain Men. The two found a new respect one for the other, and even if they still didn’t like each other, John had taught them they needed each other to overcome their limits. Finally passing the final tests, Boodikka became a full Green Lantern, assigned to Space Sector 1414, the one Bellatrix was in: she was finally able to protect her homeplanet the way she had always wanted to… enjoying fierce battles in the meanwhile.

Boodikka is a strong and proud warrior woman, a fighter who lusts for battle and who carries a remarkable aggressiveness within; she’s also an uncompromising fighter for justice, who only pursues freedom for herself and others. As a Green Lantern, her Green Power Ring fueled by her willpower allows her to fly, to survive in open space and, overall, to create energy constructs of whatever shape she can imagine (she usually creates battle-axes and other hand weapons); as a Bellatrixian, she naturally possesses superhuman strength, durability, agility, stamina and longevity, and she also is an extremely skilled hand-to-hand fighter and pilot. Simply allergic to orders and authority in general, always ready to step into a fight, Boodikka is a fearsome Green Lantern, whose will can be focused without degenerating into pure rage only thanks to her unbreakable thirst for justice.


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