Daniel Shomron

We have a couple of big reveals from Legion, and if the first one was just to be expected, the second one is particularly tasty. Let’s start with the first, which comes as no surprise: David Haller has been adopted…and that sheds some light on who the father we saw in the flashbacks is supposed to be. First appearing in Chapter 2, the unnamed astronomer portrayed by Dario Giordani is apparently the show’s version of Daniel Shomron, David’s stepfather in the comics. We know very little of him in the show, but it’s likely he’s been a pretty abusive parent…maybe: we know he shared some tender moments with his son, such as when he taught him how to hear the “stars’ voice”, and the traumatic episodes may be fake memories implanted by David’s unwanted guest, whom we’ll see tomorrow. Being it a way or another, let’s take a look at the original, definitely not-abusive Daniel.

Daniel Shomron was born somewhere in the United States of America, the son of a Jew family. As an adult, he studied to become a psychiatrist, and specialised himself with trauma treatment, proving to be quite skilled in his job. With such an expertise, he was allowed to follow the US Army in Korea during the war, so that he could help the young men suffering from PTSD and similar issues directly on the field, lending a hand in the camp hospitals. It was during the war that Daniel met an extremely gifted colleague, Charles Xavier, who appeared to be the best instinctive psychologist Shomron had ever met: apparently without the slightest difficulty, Xavier was able to create bonds even with the most severe mental cases, helping people that were beyond Daniel’s therapy. Impressed by Xavier’s talent, obviously oblivious to the fact that he was a telepath, Daniel befriended him, and they worked back to back to a number of cases. When the war was over, Daniel decided to move to Israel: they promised to keep in touch, and they parted ways. In Israel, Shomron bought a resort in Haifa, on the sea, and transformed it in a psychiatric hospital aimed to help the victims of the Holocaust; he hired a number of specialised personnel as psychiatric aid, as well as unspecialised nurses and volunteers to take care of the patients: one of the latters was a Holocaust survivor himself, a man who called himself Magnus. Daniel Shomron cured and helped a number of patients who were brought to his hospital, but he eventually found one he couldn’t reach for: Gabrielle Haller, a woman who had survived Dachau, but who had fallen into a catatonic schizophrenia following the experience. No matter what therapy or treatment he tried, Gabrielle wouldn’t respond: eager to help the woman, Daniel decided to call for his old friend, Charles Xavier, the one who was apparently able to reach anyone’s mind. Xavier at the time was travelling in Egypt, so it was relatively easy for Daniel to find him and to convince him to come to his hospital to help Gabrielle.

Not a difficult task for the prodigy Xavier, he eventually managed to reach Gabrielle in the part of her mind she had locked herself in, and she came out of her catatonia…even more, she fell in love with Xavier, and she was reciprocated. Shomron allowed Xavier and Magnus to go out of the hospital for some weeks with Gabrielle, as they helped the woman regain her touch with a world she’d been so long distant from. Unbeknownst to Daniel, the trio went through quite some adventure when they were travelling through Israel. When they came back, Magnus had left them following his own path, and Gabrielle and Charles were at the end of their relationship: the two parted ways as Xavier came back to the States, but Gabrielle was already pregnant with his son, but chose not to tell him anything. She came to Daniel instead, and she asked him to be the baby’s godfather. The psychiatrist agreed, and he stayed close to Gabrielle for all the months of her pregnancy…so close that they eventually fell in love with each other. Wanting to give the baby a father, Daniel and Gabrielle got married, and he was by her side when her son, David, was born. He also helped her resume her law studies, and she accompanied her in her astonishing career in Israel’s politics, watching her become an ambassador. He kept running his hospital, and in the meanwhile he raised David as if he was his own son, never letting him know that he was just his stepfather. Gabrielle’s work brought her all around the world, so Daniel often stayed with David, but when his wife received a long-term assignment in ParisFrance, he didn’t have the slightest hesitation in following her along with the boy. Unfortunately in Paris the Israeli embassy became the target of a group of Arab terrorists, who broke into Gabrielle’s house and started shooting everywhere: instinctively, Daniel shielded David with his own body, being killed on the spot…and proving that being a stepfather didn’t make him love the one he had always considered his son any less.

Daniel Shomron is a good-hearted and intelligent man, a caring person who devoted his entire life to the ones in need. Naturally curious and intuitive, he’s a skilled psychiatrist specialised in helping people out of their traumas, especially the ones connected to war and imprisonment. A loving husband and (step)father, Daniel is a selfless idealist who truly believes in making the world a better place one person at a time, and who has all the brain and the heart to carry on his personal mission.



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