Querl Dox (Brainiac 5)

Before breaking Iron Fist down episode by episode starting tomorrow, let’s see another character from Lucy W.‘s request, another remarkable superhero: Brainiac 5. As the name suggests, Brainiac 5 is a descendant of the infamous Brainiac, albeit his only live action appearance so far suggested otherwise: in Smallville, the Legion of Super-Heroes helped Clark exorcise Brainiac out of Chloe Sullivan‘s body, and brought him to the future to be reprogrammed; the results of their experiments are seen in episode Homecoming, where a reformed Brainiac, now calling himself Brainiac 5, takes Clark to a trip through his past, present and future in a Christmas Carol aimed to prepare him for the upcoming battle with Darkseid. This version of the character is still sarcastic and malicious, quite the opposite of his comicbook counterpart, who’s known to be extremely kind-hearted and gentle. Let’s see together.

Querl Dox was born on planet Colu in the XXX Century, the son of Kajd Dox. If all Coluans are remarkably more intelligent than the average Earthlings, Querl proved to be a genius even by Coluan standards since he was a kid, impressing everybody with his astonishing genius. Dox was a direct descendant of Vril Dox, the original Brainiac, but the title of “Brainiac” had become so infamous after his ancestors’ deeds that nobody, after Brainiac 3, wanted to be recognised as a member of that family anymore. Kajd Dox was the first one to reclaim the mantle, and named himself Brainiac 4; when Querl was only twelve years old, Kajd died in unspecified circumstances on Colu, so the boy decided to name himself Brainiac 5 to honor his memory. From that moment, Brainiac 5 dedicated himself to expanding his intellect and knowledge, and found a worthy master in the insectoid Circadia Senior, the Chronarch (expert of time science) of the Time Institute in Metropolis, on planet Earth. To follow his master and continue studying under him, Querl Dox arrived on Earth, where his genius didn’t fail to get noticed; despite this, he refused Circadia’s offer to become his assistant, and kept working on his own. Not many other students were able to understand Dox’s work, and among these there was Rond Vidar, who became Querl’s best friend and helped him devise and build the Time Bubble, an effective means of time travel that allowed the direct exploration of distant eras. Thirsty for knowledge, Brainiac 5 programmed the Time Bubble to bring him to witness the dawn of the universe…something that was considered extremely dangerous, considering the devastating consequences that the minimum interference would have caused, and thus deemed illegal. Believing that Brainiac 5 was following the same evil path of his ancestors, the Green Lantern Corps attacked him to prevent his time travel, and Brainiac 5 found himself overpowered…until he was saved by the Legion of Super-Heroes, a group his fellow student Tinya Wazzo had been telling him about. Grateful for being saved, Brainiac 5 finally accepted Tinya’s offer to join, and officially became a Legionnaire, along with another newcomer, Supergirl.

Brainiac 5’s genius proved to be an incredible asset for the Legion of Super-Heroes since his very arrival: using a new isotope discovered by Mon-El (a Legionnaire he himself had freed from the Phantom Zone due to an antidote of his own invention that cured his terminal condition), Brainiac 5 joined forces with Lyle “Invisible Kid” Norg to invent the Legion Flight Ring, which became the standard equipment of all Legionnaires, a tool that allowed its wearer to fly both inside and outside atmosphere, and to be in constant communication with the other teammates, being activated by the wielder’s will like a Green Power Ring. Not always, however, Brainiac 5’s genius was accompanied by carefulness or wisdom, as he seldomly considered the consequences of his inventions or actions thoroughly (such as when he tried to explore the dawn of the universe): wanting an intellect matching his own, Brainiac 5 created Computo, a super-computer so advanced…that it decided that organic beings were obsolete and that computers like him had to rule the universe. Computo arrived to kill one of Triplicate Girl‘s selves before Brainiac 5 created, using anti-matter, a Bizarro Computo, a very stupid robot which was promptly destroyed by the first one, but that proved his point wrong, thus stopping him upon seeing the fallacy in his logic. Another time, while still experimenting on time with Rond Vidar, he accidentally trapped Professor Jaxon Rugarth in a time-loop, thus transforming him in the nearly almighty and highly unstable Infinite Man. If Brainiac 5’s intellect proved to be dangerous if unchecked, his emotions were so even more: the Computer Tyrants, the Coluan dictators overthrown by Brainiac 2 half a century before, tried to use him to regain power, and created the android Pulsar Stargrave in the effort of winning Brainiac 5 to their cause; Stargrave convinced Querl Dox that he was his father, not killed but trapped by aliens, and he led him to betray the Legion, putting them in severe danger and even destroying their headquarters. Matter-Eater Lad managed to stop a completely insande Brainiac and his creations, but at the cost of his own sanity as well: the two Legionnaires were later entrusted to psychiatric care. Years later, healed, Brainiac 5 came back to the Legion in full force, ready to be a hero again to atone for his ancestors’ deeds…and his own.

Querl Dox is an absolute genius, extremely intelligent even for Coluan standards…and often alone because of that, since his intellect puts him on an entirely different level from the ones around him; sensitive and gentle, he’s however quite antisocial, unable to fully relate to other people and always striving to make himself understandable to his friends. As Brainiac 5, his main power is his unlimited intellect, which makes him a living super-computer with eidetic memory and high tactical proficiency, as well as an expert in physics, engineering, biology and nearly any other known field; his trademark equipment is composed of the Legion Flight Ring, which allows him to fly, and the Force Field Belt, which generates nearly impervious barriers around himself and can also be used for offensive purposes; he’s also a skilled hand-to-hand combatant. A genius like no others in his time, Brainiac 5 is a hero who seeks redemption for his own past madness and for the deeds of his feared ancestors, putting his genius at the service of the entire universe…when he doesn’t get completely absorbed by his own curiosity.



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