Abhararakadhararbarakh (Abra Kadabra)

No new character from The Flash in this week’s musical episode (the Music Meister comes from the cartoons, not the comics), but the promo for next week’s episode provided us with a look to a brand new villain: Abra Kadabra, the “magician” portrayed by David Dastalmachian. In the omonymous episode, Abra Kadabra is a thief coming from Earth 19, and it turns out he has the key to the mystery of Savitar‘s true identity; being a breacher, Gypsy comes to collect him, but Barry protects him in the effort of learning who his true enemy is. In the comics, Abra Kadabra doesn’t come from another dimension, but from another time, and he’s one of the historical members of the Rogues. Let’s see together.

With the nearly unpronounceable name of Abhararakadhararbarakh, the man later known simply as Citizen Abra was born on Earth, but during an era far away in the future, the 64th Century, a technologically advanced time in which most of modern sci-fi was an everyday reality. Since his childhood, Abra had one great passion: stage magic, a long lost art which he adored, and he became remarkably skilled with…unfortunately, with such technological wonders at everybody’s hand, nobody was interested in illusionism anymore, and Abra was ridiculed and mocked by his contemporaries. The magician longed for a place in which his talent could flourish, but that time seemed to be over centuries before…but that didn’t necessarily mean that it was out of reach: in 6363, some scientists managed to use the unstable M-Metal to build a functioning time machine to study past eras. Unfortunately, the M-Metal’s radiations were rapidly depleting, so the time machine would have been able to perform one single travel…not that this was a problem for Abra, as he didn’t want to ever come back to his own time. Using some of his stage gadgets, he broke into the lab and managed to paralyze the scientists long enough to enter the time machine and activate it, with in mind a destination in which his art was still apreciated: 20th Century. In the past, Abra moved to Central City, and adopted the stage name of Abra Kadabra, presenting himself as the Master of Magic, impressing his audience with his gadgets from the future that had, on such a primitive people, the effect of pure magic. He made a lot of money with his shows, enough to finance a much bigger show…but, as he soon found out, 20th Century people were easily distracted by pretty much everything, and museum, sport games, movies, inaugurations and a lot of other things dragged the public away from his shows. Abra didn’t like competition, so he started thinking of ways to become the main event in Central City. Reading a newspaper, Picture News, Abra found out a simple truth: the most followed and revered “magicians” of that era were the masked criminals, always followed by the media. He had to act like them if he wanted his audience back.

In order to make his first deed a memorable one, Abra Kadabra decided to steal a whole statue that had been dedicated in those days: thanks to his devices, it was a piece of cake to make the entire thing disappear as in thin air, but obviously The Flash appeared, trying to stop him. Facing the hero, Abra used on him the same hypnotic device that he used on difficult audiences back in the 64th Century, forcing him to applaude uncontrollably: while Flash was paralyzed in his cheerings, he had all the time to escape. Contrary to the golden rule, the same trick worked twice, as the magician also stole the first book ever printed, in display in Central City’s library, once again stopping The Flash with the same device. Growing cocky, Abra Kadabra decided it was time to make his name enter history as the man who destroyed The Flash. He pubblicly announced his most spectacular trick ever, setting up a trap for The Flash…and when the hero arrived, he sent him flying into space, leaving only his costume behind. Triumphant, Abra Kadabra was ready to enjoy all the fame and glory he had deserved…but the Scarlet Speedster actually managed to use his speed to escape the gravitational push, and running in circles managed to make Abra hit himself with his hypnotic device. Paralyzed by his own “magic”, Abra was easily arrested and imprisoned, not that a common jail could hold him for long: with his scientific knowledge from the future, he could turn pretty much everything into an extremely complex machine that would have allowed him to escape. Abra Kadabra challenged The Flash many other times after that, until the combined speed of two Flashes (Jay Garrick and Barry Allen) managed to send him back to the 26th Century. Back to his time, Abra found out that during his absence a dictator known as the Chronarch had risen to power and strictly controlled the population with his police, the Central Clockworks; all citizens were connected to a huge computer regulating their activities, and free will was considered a crime. Not wanting to bend to this monstrosity, Abra founded a rebellion and led the resistence…being captured by the Clockworks and exiled to another time, one he knew far too well: the 20th Century…

Abhararakadhararbarakh is an extremely vain and ambitious man, who lives for the applauses and the glory, and who’s ready to accomplish anything to obtain them. As Abra Kadabra, he was at first an illusionist that mimicked magic powers with gadgetry from the future, using advanced science to pretend to be a magician (he was particularly skilled with his Hypno-Ray, usually hid in his lapel); now, after a deal with the demon Neron, he’s actually able to perform true magic, obtaining exactly the same, various effects of before, but with no risk of short-circuits or malfunctionings. Either by being a criminal, by playing the hero or by leading a world resistance against future dictatorships, Abra Kadabra always and only seeks glory and fame, and is willing and able to remove anything or anyone from his path to achieve the worship he believes he deserves…



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