Paul Edmonds

I barely started, and I already missed a character… and this one I didn’t even recognize. Anyway, let’s get back to episode 2 of Iron Fist, and see who we’ve got here. In Shadow Hawk Takes Flight, an understandably suspicious Joy Meachum poisons the tea of the one who claims to be her long-lost friend Danny Rand, and he ends up in the hospital… where he’s treated and questioned by a somewhat distracted doctor who wants to evaluate him, going by the name of Paul Edmonds, portrayed by Murray Bartlett. Edmonds is actually a character from the comics, even if a pretty obscure one, who appears in a single Avengers issue. Let’s see together.

Paul Edmonds was born and raised in ManhattanNew York City. We don’t know anything of his family or early life, but he studied Psychiatry and became a renowned professional in New York. Soon he was able to open his own office, and it appears he was quite a skilled and requested doctor, as he was summoned in important evaluations, usually to determine if someone was fit to stand trial or not after a crime. One of the biggest hits in his career surely arrived when Iron Man in person hired him to evaluate a disgraced Avenger, the founding member Hank Pym. Pym had been locked in Ryker’s Island accused of treason, since he had been caught stealing some Adamantium from a military base in OmahaNebraska, and he later fought his own teammates. When captured, Pym had claimed that his nemesis, Elihas “Egghead” Starr, had been blackmailing him in doing so with a booby trap attached to a prosthetic arm used by his granddaughter, Patricia Starr… unfortunately, Patricia denied everything about it, and most of all, Egghead had died months before, when one of his teammates, the Cobalt Man, exploded. Iron Man believed that, after the nervous breakdown that had brought him to beat his wife Janet van Dyne, Pym had finally lost it, and it was precisely Edmonds’ job to understand if this was the case. As many times before, Dr. Paul Edmonds went to Ryker’s Island and met his patient, the once glorious Hank Pym, and had him recount his entire story from his perspective.

During their meeting, Pym insisted on his version of the story, and even the fact that Patricia didn’t support his version was ascribed to Egghead, who had allegedly messed with her memory with one of his futuristic devices. While Pym obviously looked delusional, Paul Edmonds carefully took account of everything he said and, especially, of how he said it, and he convinced himself that, despite four different nervous breakdowns the former superhero had went through in the previous months, including the violent one in which he had stroke Janet, he was mentally sane… thus implying that he was consciously lying about his deceased nemesis’ involvement in the theft of the Adamantium. When the meeting was over, Edmonds listened to the registrations and read his notes, convincing himself that he was right about Pym’s condition. When Iron Man asked him what he thought of the case, he could do nothing but confirm that Hank Pym was actually self-possessed, and that he was able to stand trial for his accusations. Shortly after, during Pym’s trial, the Masters of Evil broke into the court with the intent of kidnapping him: one of them, the Shocker, was captured and, questioned, he confessed that Pym had hired him and the others to break him free, thus confirming Edmonds’ statement that the hero had really broken bad and was lying about everything. Ironically, there was one thing Paul Edmonds didn’t realize: the pencil he had used to take notes during the interview with Pym wasn’t a normal one, as it contained a minuscule spying device that monitored and recorded everything going on in the room, and the one who was secretly listening to the conversation was Egghead, very much alive and kicking, witnessing the success of his plan to discredit Pym and enjoying his ultimate triumph…

Dr. Paul Edmonds is a very professional and smart man, a cultured psychiatrist who takes his job very seriously. Skilled and appreciated, he’s specialized in treating with criminal psychology, and he often cooperates with the authorities to evaluate convicts before they stand trial, despite having his own office. Renowned to be honest and precise, Edmonds is somewhat of a “star psychiatrist”, the one people call when the matter is of utmost importance.


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