Tullk Ul-Zyn

With the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 approaching, more and more teasers and trailers have been hitting our screens recently, and in one of them there’s a new character we can spot in the middle of the crowd. When the Ravagers are hunting for Rocket, one of them baldly steps forward, holding two guns and giving an ultimatum to the furred Guardian of the Galaxy (stepping in one of his traps): that’s Tullk, portrayed by Tommy Flanagan. As for now, the one thing we know of him is that he’s a Ravager who joins Taserface in his rebellion against Yondu and who’s later hired by the Dominion to hunt down the Guardians. In the comics, Tullk is quite a piece of garbage, but he doesn’t have any relation to the Ravagers, and he’s connected to the bad guy from the previous movie instead. Let’s see together.

Little is known about Tullk Ul-Zyn, an alien of unknown origin. Weak, fat, short and clumsy, Tullk was surely no warrior, but he didn’t lack anything in terms of wits. He became a galactic bounty hunter, compensating with his remarkable ability to gain information what he lacked in physical prowess. He travelled the galaxies aboard his ship, the Torricane, and he had several planetary bases scattered around the universe, so that he always had a place to use as a shelter in case things got messy…and houses he could inhabit while gathering precious data. Once, while he was on planet Bwokk, he was visited by quite a troublesome client, the disgraced Ronan, who had been stripped of his title of Accuser and banished by the Kree Empire following the allegedly false testimony provided by Tana Nile, a Rigellian he was now looking for. The moment Ronan arrived on Bwokk, Tullk knew he meant trouble: a powerful warlord, Metz of the Qa-Kabar, was supposed to marry the daughter of a rival warlord, Homma, to bring peace between the two factions, but he had killed her right before the wedding ceremony. Ronan, always the Accuser despite his current disgrace, forced Metz to a trial by combat and killed him in his perceived justice. Tullk ironically complimented him for his deed, as he made him notice that, according to Bwokk’s laws, Metz was in his right in killing Homma, as he had caught her cheating on him, and that now that he was dead many other warlords would have started a neverending war to take his place. Ronan didn’t care of it, as the justice he sought was an absolute; rather, he asked Tullk informations about Tana Nile’s location, info that the bounty hunter obviously had. Tullk told Ronan that the Rigellian had left the planet three rotations before, and he even had a copy of her flight plan…a copy that he was willing to give to the Accuser, for a price. Ronan agreed to give him a disc containing the current deployment of the Kree Sentries on the imperial borders, and obtained what he wanted in exchange. Then, the two parted ways.

Tullk was actually playing a three-players-game: he was in contact with Tana Nile as well, as she had stayed with him for some time, knowing far too well that Tullk would have sold the information regarding her movements to Ronan; then, he himself knew that Ronan would have warned the Kree to change the dispositions of the Sentries, since he was about to sell the disc he had received by him to enemies of the Empire; last, he was soon contacted by Tana Nile herself, who instructed him to tell Ronan she was on Godthab Omega, in a settlement named Abyss, where her ally and protector, Gamora, was hoping to ambush the Accuser. Tullk, threatened by Ronan, by Tana Nile and by the rebels as well, managed to move among everybody’s interests while making sure to gain a profit from it, but he realised he was becoming too old for this risky chess game, and seriously considered retirement after the last parts of this complicated deal: first, he contacted Ronan and directed him to Gamora’s trap, then the only thing that remained to do was selling the disc with the data about the Sentries to the (unnamed) third party. He flew with the Torricane to the meeting point…but upon reaching it, he immediately realised something was amiss: he found the remains of a lot of ships, most of them Kree ones, and they had clearly been destroyed by a powerful force. Not wanting to have anything to do with it, Tullk abandoned his cargo and made preparations for leaving…but then something landed on his ship: it was an insectoid from the Negative Zone, quite an unwelcomed guest. Before he even finished threatening the bug, Tullk saw that thousands and thousands more were coming: the Annihilation Wave led by Annihilus had reached this dimension, ready to consume everything in its wake. Tullk opened a channel, trying to send a message to Ronan and to tell him that the insectoids had invaded Kree space: he was still calling for help when the Wave penetrated into his ship and started to eat him alive.

Tullk Ul-Zyn is a smart and calculating alien, an experienced scoundrel who manipulates without difficulties all his clients, obtaining from each one of them the maximum profit he can. A seasoned bounty hunter, not being in his youth anymore he now prefers to deal with informations rather than with actual bounty hunting, and he has quite a gift in learning everything even slightly precious to somebody and selling said info to third parties. A man who has seen everything in the universe, there’s nothing able to take Tullk by surprise…not in this universe, at least…


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