Jack Spheer (Biomax)

Supergirl will be on hiatus until the end of the month, but we already have a promo for the next episode, Ace Reporter, which will see Kara get her job back at CatCo Media, apparently. In the episode, also, Lena Luthor‘s ex boyfriend will arrive in National City with no good intentions: he’s Jack Spheer, portrayed by Rahul Kohli. We don’t know much of him, apart from what you can see in the trailer: he’ll be a murderer, possibly a serial killer, and he’ll have quite a lot to make his ex girlfriend pay for. In the comics, he’s a secondary villain featured on the pages of the short-lived Power Company, but who’s crossed paths also with a couple of heroes we know pretty well by now. Let’s see together.

Jack Spheer was born in Coast CityCalifornia, where he became a succesful and renowned enterpreneur. He created his company, Biospheer, starting from nothing, and he brought it to become one of the biggest and richest research companies in the country. In the meanwhile, he also started a family with an unknown woman, and he had a son from her, Jason, his destined heir. As soon as he was old enough, Jack started introducing Jason to the company, making him part of the board and teaching him everything he had to know to run Biospheer once he would have been gone (at this point, Jack’s wife disappeared, but it’s unknown if they divorced or if she died for some reason). Jason, however, was much softer (and honest) than Jack was, and the two often found themselves on opposite positions, even if Jack, as the company’s CEO, always had the last word. One of Biospheer’s most lucrative projects was the Biomax Process, an artificial plasma that could manipulate living tissues: with this compound, Spheer would have become the leader of the food industry, being able to make a veil grow into an adult cow in a matter days, or to modify vegetables so that they never went bad. The additive was an announced success, but some people started feeling ill after eating products treated with the Biomax Process. Both Jason and Josiah Power, the company’s lawyer, tried to make Jack pull the addictive back from the market, but he wouldn’t hear any of their advices. Unfortunately for him, two of the people damaged by his product were Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris, a well-known couple in the superhero community: this attracted the attention of Green Arrow and Black Canary, who investigated Biospheer and found out about the dangerousness of Biomax Process. The two heroes confronted Jack Spheer directly, but the CEO had no intention of giving up his golden-egg-goose, so he used his addictive to force a herd of cows to attack the two heroes. Jason Spheer, upon witnessing what kind of a monster his father was, tried to stop him, and ended up pushing him into a vat full of the Biomax formula, killing him.

Well, he would have died, if the compound was as secure as he claimed it was; the unchecked side-effects of the Biomax Process were so massive and unpredictable that the formula mutated Jack Spheer’s physiology, fusing his consciousness with the compound itself. A living cloud of his own product, it took a while for Jack to adapt to this new form of his, but he eventually managed to put himself back together enough to control a now shapeless body. Jack also found out that he had inherited the same unique characteristics of the Process: he could now manipulate any organic tissue at will, and he could even control people’s mind, just like the original formula had controlled the herd of cows in doing his bidding. Renaming himself Biomax in a sort of self-homage, Spheer started to plan a way to regain the control of his own company, and as a first thing he transformed his own son Jason into an unwilling agent, mind-controlling him to follow his instructions. Using him, he reestablished his grip over Biospheer, but that wasn’t enough: he wanted to exact revenge on the man he blamed for having “corrupted” Jason and thus responsible for his actual condition, his lawyer Josiah Power…but, as he soon found out, in the meanwhile Power had become a superhuman rock-man, leader and founder of the superhero team for hire known as the Power Company. Seeking revenge, Jack hired through Jason the Power Company, as the company’s latest product “needed protection”. As soon as the heroes arrived, however, he started his attack, and he took control of Green Arrow, who was controlling the company, forcing him to attack both the martial artist Manhunter and the human battery Striker Z. During the fight, the latter managed to record Jack Spheer’s new form and his “villain’s monologue”, and escaped at super speed. Fearing that, if the video went public, this would have meant the end for his company, Biomax released both Manhunter and Green Arrow as a sign of good will…but that obviously didn’t stop the Power Company, who gave the video to both the authorities and the Justice League. Unstoppable or not, Biomax was utterly ruined…

Jack Spheer is a greedy and malicious man, ready to walk on the graves of thousands of men, women and children to ensure his company a profit. As Biomax, he’s an invulnerable being without a physical body, a sentient gaseous mass able to control the mind of any sentient being, forcing them to act as the physical body he has no more. With an insatiable ambition now strenghtened by an untold power, Biomax is the ultimate enterpreneur, whose control obsession is now quite a literal issue…


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