Bzzd (Green Lantern)

Since most of the series are in hiatus until the end of the month, we can go on with Lucy W.‘s request for some days. Let’s meet now another weird character: Bzzd. He appeared in the Green Lantern movie in a complete CGI version, with no voice actor: as soon as Hal Jordan arrived on Oa, some kind of wasp faces him, but he’s no ordinary bug, that’s Bzzd, a proud member of the Green Lantern Corps. As for most of his colleagues, we don’t see any more of him throughout the movie, as he has just this small cameo; in the comics, on the opposite, he’s quite a famous hero in the Corps: let’s see together.

Bzzd was born on planet Apiaton, a sentient insect the size of a terrestrial fly. Despite his negligible size, however, Bzzd always showed an incredible willpower, enough for him to be selected to be the wearer of a Green Power Ring. Accepting the duty of being a Green Lantern, Bzzd went to Oa, the base of the Green Lantern Corps, for training, and he immediately found out he would have had to win his fellow Lanterns’ respect, since his size often brought the others to underestimate him. Thanks to his outstanding willpower, however, Bzzd surprised everyone, proving once again that size didn’t matter in the Corps. He easily completed the training, and he was assigned to protect Space Sector 2261. Ironically, the selected partner for him was Mogo, a sentient planet: the extremely small and the absurdly large, the two of them formed quite a couple, but they soon became friends, and together, in every possible sense, they showed the other Lanterns that truly size was a less than secondary matter when the willpower was as strong as their own. Once, while patroling his Sector, Bzzd came across some space pirates, and he easily disposed of them; immediately after, however, he received a new mission from Oa, as Green Lantern Guy Gardner had apparently killed a fellow Lantern, Quond, and had escaped…hiding on Mogo. Being the one who knew Mogo the best, Bzzd joined Isamot Kol and Vath Sarn in their search for Gardner, and he proved to be essential in both finding the renegade Lantern and in arresting him…but he also realised something was amiss with his planet friend. A strange yellow spore was everywhere, and it seemed to be affecting the behavior of Gardner: the spore was in fact Despotellis, a sentient virus who was also a member of the Sinestro Corps. Using its mind-control powers, Despotellis was infecting all the Green Lanterns coming to Mogo for counseling, and brought them to madness making them experience fear. Curiously enough, one of Bzzd’s most dangerous enemies ever proved to be a Yellow Lantern even smaller than he was.

Exposed, Despotellis infected other Green Lanterns, including Kilowog, a huge humanoid who served as a trainer in Oa: Bzzd single-handedly faced him, and he knocked him out using his poisonous stinger, succeeding where most of his bigger colleagues would have failed. The poison also forcefully removed the spore from the Green Lanterns system, so it proved vital in winning the battle. When Despotellis was defeated, it turned out Quond had been killed by his own partner, Tanakata Z, as both of them had been mind-controlled by the spore, with Guy being cleared of all charges. Back to his sector, Bzzd then received another important mission, as he was made part of a team of Green Lanterns including IolandeKyle RynerArisia and Sodam Yat, as they were tasked with collecting all the solitary Qwardian Power Rings before they could find new bearers to recruit in the Sinestro Corps. Although collecting some of them, it turned out that Mongul II (son of the original Mongul) was wearing and using six Power Rings at the same time, and was spreading fear in the universe using the Black Mercy plants, using their planet as a base. The team arrived on the Black Mercy planet, where they found Matris Ater Clementia, aka Mother Mercy, a sentient plant who claimed to be the “mother” of all the Black Mercy plants. After a brief fight, Mother Mercy was convinced that the Green Lanterns didn’t mean any arm to her “children”, and she decided to help them against Mongul. The tyrant had become extremely powerful, and he was more than able to stand his own against all the Green Lanterns together: Bzzd, being the only one small enough to get close to the enemy, entered Mongul’s mouth without being noticed, and started attacking him from the inside, causing a lot of damage and weakening him enough to allow the other Lanterns to defeat him from the outside. When Mongul finally fell, left to be eaten alive by the plants he had enslaved, Bzzd came out of his body, but the explosion of fear energy from the tyrant lethally wounded him. Dying in the arms of his friends, Bzzd was buried in the Crypts of Oa, the final resting place of the Corps’ greatest heroes.

Bzzd is a wise and heroic insect, often underestimated because of his size but able and willing to win the respect of his peers. As an alien insect, he has the natural ability to fly, and he possesses an extensible poisonous stinger able to take down even creatures much bigger than he is; as a Green Lantern, his Power Ring allows him to survive in open space and to materialize anything he can think of: he’s famous for his enormous energy constructs, gigantic constructions that clash with his minute size, but that demonstrate his incredible willpower. A decorated Lantern and a true hero, Bzzd has to demonstrate his worthiness day by day to people who judge him from his size…and he manages to do it in quite a spectacular way.