Carol Ferris (Star Sapphire)

Next character in Lucy W.‘s list is quite a major one in Green Lantern‘s mythology: Carol Ferris, the eternal love interest of Hal Jordan. She appears in the Green Lantern movie portrayed by Blake Lively; in here, she’s a childhood friend of Hal, and she’s the first one to recognize him under the mask of Green Lantern; she also has a long friendship with Hector Hammond, who’s romantically interested in her as well. In Man of Steel and its sequel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeChristina Wren portrays a US Air Force officer named Carrie Farris, who’s obviously a nod to Carol Ferris. In the DC Extended Universe continuity she’s General Swanwick‘s assistant, and apparently she doesn’t possess her own aviation company like her comicbook counterpart. However, she’s still in time to become a supervillain (or superhero, depending on the moment) like the original one: let’s see together.

Carol Ferris was born in Coast CityCalifornia, the daughter of Carl and Christine Ferris. Carol’s family was the owner of Ferris Aircraft, one of the most important aviation companies in the country, and since her childhood she was trained by her father to take his place at the lead of the family business. Since she was very young, she was appointed Vice-President of the company, but her real passion was flying, and she learnt everything she could on how to fly a plane. She became friends with Hal Jordan, the son of one of Ferris Aircraft’s test pilots Martin Jordan (who was also one of Carl’s closest friends), and the two often were together, both dreaming of becoming test pilots like Martin. One day, due to technical problems to the plane he was testing, Martin had an accident, and was killed in a crashlanding: from that day, Carl Ferris was overcome by grief, and Carol slowly took his place in leading the company, giving up on her dream of becoming a pilot due to the responsibilities her position required. Carl’s sense of guilt eventually made him ill, to the point that Carol found herself forced to step in as the new CEO of Ferris Aircraft when she was still pretty young; out of respect for her father, she hid his sickness and told everybody that he had grown tired of his activity as a CEO and he had retired and moved to Miami. As the new President of her company, Carol hired Hal Jordan as a test pilot, since he had become even more skilled than his father, but the relationship between the two was somehow ruined by the fact that Hal still blamed Carl for his father’s death. However, when Hal discovered the truth about Carl Ferris’ condition, he forgave him, and he found in grief something he had in common with Carol: the two grew closer…but just as very good friends, since Carol, who surely felt attracted by him, had a strict no-date policy with employees. Hal wasn’t the only man in her life, as she was smitten also by the new hero in town, Green Lantern…without realising he was always Hal. All that repressed love, eventually, drew attention to Carol, and some unusual one.

An alien race of women known as the Zamarons were looking for their new queen, and the mystical gem on the royal tiara led them to Earth, where they found Carol. The gem, a sapphire, transformed Carol Ferris into the Star Sapphire, the legendary Zamaron queen, but the woman didn’t want to leave her homeplanet to follow them: she still had much to stay on Earth for. The Zamarons soon found out that one of the main reasons for Carol’s desire to stay was her love for Green Lantern…who was an agent of their former companions and now enemies, the Guardians of the Universe. Fearing for their queen’s safety, and wanting to take her back to Zamaron, the aliens hypnotized Carol in the effort of making her forget her love for the superhero, and convinced her that Green Lantern was her sworn enemy. As a result, not only Carol didn’t feel any affection to the Lantern, but she even attacked him in the form of Star Sapphire, cornering him with powers that mirrored his own. Eventually, however, Star Sapphire was defeated…and the Zamarons decided that this was a proof that she was (still) unworthy of becoming their queen; upon leaving Earth, the aliens erased Carol’s memory of her secret life as Star Sapphire, but left the gem behind, as well as a subconscious knowledge of her powers and capabilities: this way, from time to time she reverted back to her Star Sapphire persona, improving everytime and slowly becoming worthy of the position she had been offered. In some years, however, the Zamarons realised that the gem was uncontrollable, since it was channeling something much more ancient and powerful than what they realised: the very essence of The Predator, the living embodiment of love. While in its pure form, the gem made people lose their mind and attack the object of their affection, just as Carol Ferris had done; the Zamarons tried to lessen its power by splitting the gems and forging the Star Sapphire Rings, artifacts fueled by love (felt, lost or rejected) which made their bearer retain their thoughts and personality. Obviously, among their first recruits there was Carol Ferris, the one who was still suffering from an impossible love.

Carol Ferris is a smart and strong woman, capable of great passion but always repressing her personal feelings for the sake of a greater good. Deeply committed to her family’s company, she’s a skillful businesswoman and a capable leader, but she’s also a proficient pilot. As Star Sapphire, her Violet Power Ring fueled by love allows her to fly and to survive in the void of space, and she can materialize anything she can think of in energy constructs, as well as create force fields and generate energy blasts. Now an agent of the Emotional Spectrum, Star Sapphire protects the universe and fights to spread love in the galaxies, making her oath be heard in every corner: “For hearts long lost and full of fright, for those alone in blackest night, accept our ring and join our fight: love conquers all…with violet light!



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