Chaselon (Green Lantern)

Well, we’ve seen enough members of the Green Lantern Corps to understand that their appearance may be quite odd, but this one is one of the weirdest ones thus far: from Lucy W.‘s list, here’s Chaselon, the mineral Green Lantern. As most of his fellow Lanterns, Chaselon appears in the Green Lantern movie, again without any voice actor and rendered completely in CGI. He only has a small cameo, as he’s one of the many aliens seen on Oa. As you can see, he appears like a weird rock with tentacles, and in this he’s pretty close to the source material…even if, luckily enough, the live action version misses the trademark mahawk (albeit some crystals on his upper half are a reminder of that). In the comics he’s never been a central Lantern, but his presence has been felt nevertheless. Let’s see together.

While on most planets in the universe lifeforms were based on carbon, on the planet Barrio III life evolved from silicone, and the dominant species was composed of living minerals (appearing to other beings as rocks with eyes). Despite their unusual appearance, Barriites had feelings and thoughts like any other sentient species in the universe, and they even possessed more senses than most of the others: instead of the human six senses, in fact, they had thirteen senses, making them extremely sensitive in observing and understanding their environment. Chaselon, in particular, distinguished himself also for an indomitable willpower, that made him be chosen by a Green Power Ring as a recruit for the Green Lantern Corps. Chaselon agreed to go to Oa to become a Green Lantern, to guard and protect a sector of the known space…but being basically a huge rock, he had no limb to attach the ring to. The Guardians of the Universe examined his situation and, finding him worthy of being a Green Lantern indeed, they devised metal limbs to allow him to wear the Power Ring and to face his training. Upon becoming an operative Lantern, Chaselon was assigned to Space Sector 1416, where Barrio III was; at first he patrolled his sector alone, then, when the Guardians decided that the Green Lanterns had to work in couples for safety, he was joined by Diamalon, a female Barriite, whom he became very close to. Chaselon proudly served the Green Lantern Corps in Sector 1416, until he was called back to Oa for an emergency: Lantern Hal Jordan had gone rogue, and was killing his fellow Lanterns to obtain power collecting their Power Rings (he had been actually been possessed by the fear entity, Parallax). Chaselon was among the many Lanterns who opposed Jordan, but he was defeated, his crystal form shattered in Oa’s atmosphere. Apparently, his career as a space policeman had reached a premature end, but Barriite physiology was a bit more complex than his peers suspected, and he survived the experience.

Albeit shattered, Chaselon was slowly reforming, as his core hadn’t been damaged…but his fellow Lanterns believed him to be dead, and with Oa to be rebuilt after Jordan destroying it, nobody took care of gathering his pieces to help him…well, nobody within the Corps. Cyborg Superman, a villain from Earth who was trying to reform the Manhunters as his private army, captured him and other wrongfully presumed deceased Green Lanterns. With his physical form restored, Chaselon was used as a living battery for the new Manhunters, the Highmasters, and his very existence remained concealed until Cyborg Superman made his move. Luckily, two Green Lanterns found about the villain’s project in time: Guy Gardner…and a reborn and reformed Hal Jordan. The two Earth Green Lanterns challenged Cyborg Superman and destroyed his army, thus saving the many long-lost Lanterns he was keeping prisoners on Biot, Manhunters’ planet. Albeit surprised (to say the least) in seeing the man who had “killed” him now saving him, he joined forces with him nevertheless to destroy the Highmasters and neutralizing Cyborg Superman. When the battle was won, Chaselon came back to Oa along with all the so-called Lost Lanterns, finally reuniting with Diamalon. Albeit confused by the many changes that had occured in his absence, Chaselon immediately resumed active duty: he joined a team led by Kilowog in an expedition to Earth to stop Star Sapphire, who had lost control and was hurting far too many people, with Hal Jordan being unable to stop her. At the end of the battle, Star Sapphire was stopped, but the Green Lanterns weren’t able to arrest her, as she disappeared. The following assignment was a bigger one, as the entire Green Lantern Corps was attacked by the Sinestro Corps: during the battle, Diamalon was killed by the sniper mollusk Bedovian. It was Chaselon in person who brought back to Barrio III the body of his partner, informing the family of her death: Diamalon’s parents asked him to find Bedovian and to avenge their daughter, and Chaselon was even too willing to swear he would have…

Chaselon is a serious and determined being, emotionally detached but gifted with an uncommon sensitivity. As a Green Lantern, his Green Power Ring allows him to fly, to survive in open space, and to materialize in energy constructs anything he can think of, as well as to create force fields, to speak and understand any language, to shoot energy blasts and more; plus, being a Barriite he’s superhumanly durable, and he can regenerate as long as his core is not damaged. Just as strong as the rock he’s made of, Chaselon puts at the service of the Corps a sharp reason and an acute intellect, a being totally devoted to the task of cosmic peace-keeping.