Rokk Krinn (Cosmic Boy)

No more Green Lanterns for a while now, as Lucy W.‘s request takes us to the future, as the next name in the list is Cosmic Boy, one of the founding members of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Cosmic Boy appeared in Smallville, portrayed by Ryan Kennedy in a couple of episodes: he travels to the past along with Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad to meet Clark Kent, and tells him that his influence as a hero goes beyond time and space; albeit he nearly kills Chloe Sullivan, he’s pivotal in extracting Brainiac out of her brain, and he brings the A.I. to the future to be reprogrammed. He comes back in Season 8’s finale to give Clark a Legion Ring, telling him to send Doomsday to the XXX Century where the Legion is ready to fight him, as he’d be surely killed if he tries to fight the monster. In the comics, Cosmic Boy is the historical leader of the Legion in many timelines, and a precious member of the team even when he’s not leading it. Let’s see together.

Rokk Krinn was born on Earth in the XXX Century, the son of Hu and Ewa Krinn, two aliens who came from planet Braal. When he was still a kid, his parents were forced by poverty to come back to their homeplanet, where Rokk could train in the use of the magnetic powers typical of his race. His parents were very poor, and Rokk did his best to support them; in one timeline, he became a professional athlete in the Braalian sport known as Magno Ball, earning enough to take care of his family, but in the original one he helped by doing minor jobs, although it wasn’t easy on his rocky and wasted world. Still wanting to do something useful for his family, albeit being only fifteen years old, Rokk decided to leave Braal and to come back to Earth alone, hoping to find a job that would have allowed him to send money home. During the travel he met two other kids his age, Garth Ranzz from Winath, able to control electricity, and Imra Ardeen from Titan, a natural telepath: the three became fast friends, and travelled together to Earth. Once there, they sticked together trying to make up a living, until they ran into an assassination attempt against billionaire René Jacques Brande. The trio used their unique abilities to dispatch the attackers, brilliantly coordinated by Rokk himself: impressed by his saviors, R. J. Brande made them an unusual but irresistible proposal, asking them to form a superhero team he would have personally financed. Rokk Krinn didn’t have to be told twice, and accepted the offer. He took the codename Cosmic Boy, becoming the first (unofficial) leader of the Legion of Super-Heroes; Imra became known as Saturn Girl, while Garth chose the name Lightning Lad. Together, they started an adventure that would have led them to become the most renowned superheroes of their time… and not just that.

In the following year, Cosmic Boy became the official frontman of the team, and together with his two teammates he traveled the galaxy to recruit new members, enriching the Legion with unique people from all the corners of the universe. One of the recruits, a Coluan named Brainiac 5, proved to be fundamental to the Legion, as he shared with them his amazing inventions that, among other things, allowed the young heroes to travel through time, thus permitting to Rokk to find new recruits even in other eras (albeit it also caused some unforeseen side effects, as it would have been later revealed). At the end of the Legion’s first year of life, Cosmic Boy had managed to gather eighteen superhuman heroes, transforming the original trio into a well-organised and well-known group of fighters for justice. At a certain point, the candidates for the team were so many that the Legionnaires started to be more selective, and many would-be heroes got rejected, either for being not fit for being heroes or for having “useless” powers; some of the latter eventually formed a team of their own to prove Cosmic Boy and the others wrong, the Legion of Substitute Heroes, that became something close to a competitor for the original Legion. In the main team, Cosmic Boy had been replaced by Saturn Girl as the team’s leader, since the other Legionnaires had voted her to guide them (a decision that Rokk himself supported, and he remained a loyal consultant to his best friend and a valuable member of the team nevertheless), while in the “unofficial” one something was going on for Rokk as well: a founding member of the Substitutes, Lydda “Night Girl” Jath, discarded because her super-strength only worked if she wasn’t exposed to sunlight, became romantically interested in him, and he found himself reciprocating her feelings. The two started dating, and this brought even the two Legions closer. In the meanwhile, he had collected money enough to bring his family to Earth: finally, things started to look brighter than the poor neighborhood he had been growing up in… at least until some bombers decided to target his parents’ cargo…

Rokk Krinn is a strong-willed and selfless young man, a natural born leader with the instinct of a hero and a charismatic personality. As Cosmic Boy, he has complete mastership over his Braalian powers over magnetism, that allow him to manipulate magnetic fields, to fly, to manipulate metals, to create force fields, to shoot powerful concussive blasts using magnetic energy, and to create bonds with a planet’s natural magnetic field; he also has access to all the Legion of Super-Heroes’ equipment, and he’s a skilled fighter and athlete. The spiritual if not factual leader of the Legion, Cosmic Boy is the one who united the Legionnaires from all around the universe and gave them purpose, and he’s the one everybody’s ready to follow until the end, a man who knows no compromise in his morality and who’s rightfully trusted to always do the right thing even in the most difficult situations.


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