Skurge (Executioner)

Finally, the first teaser trailer for Thor: Ragnarok has been released…and it’s pretty awesome. Among the many snippets we get to see there’s a new character popping out, a guy in an armor shooting with a couple of machine guns: that’s Skurge, portrayed by Karl Urban. Albeit his presence in the film has been announced pretty early, we still don’t know anything about his role in the movie: in the comics, Skurge has been both a fearless enemy and a heroic ally to Thor, and he’s both defended and threatened Asgard with his formidable strenght and skills. As for now, we just have to wait and see what one of the historical adversaries of Thor will bring to the mix…but we can always enjoy his original story. Together, as usual.

Skurge was born on Jotunheim from the illicit relationship between a Storm Giant and an Asgardian woman from Skornheim (a land within Asgard’s domains). Being of mixed birth, he had no place in Asgard as he was, so he decided to fight back his right to be in the one he perceived as his motherland, and he became a warrior, fighting for Asgard as a mercenary. His strength and prowess had no match, and his presence alone allowed the Asgardians to win a long war against the Storm Giants: having proved his worth, and most of all his loyalty after crossing swords with his father’s people, Skurge, known as the Executioner because of the many enemies who had fallen to his axe, was allowed to live in Asgard. His time as a war hero, however, didn’t last long, as one of the first Asgardians he met was Amora the Enchantress, a beautiful and charming woman he desperately fell in love with; Amora seduced Skurge and made him her most loyal ally, but she always denied him her favors, so that he remained her love slave for years. The Executioner was so smitten that he even agreed to help Amora seduce the mighty Thor, whom he heartedly hated as his only rival; the Enchantress, however, couldn’t gain the God of Thunder‘s affection, and believed that the only reason Thor rejected her was Jane Foster, a mortal he was in love with: to win over the rival, she sent Skurge to deal with Jane. The Executioner kidnapped the woman and exiled her to another dimension, then offered to Thor, the only warrior stronger than he was, to trade his magic hammer Mjolnir with Jane’s freedom; the God of Thunder surrendered his weapon and Skurge, a man of honor, released Foster…thus enraging Amora, who turned him into a tree. Eventually Thor regained control of Mjolnir and defeated the duo, sending them back to Asgard…where they were met by Loki, who proposed an alliance to them. Once again, Skurge and Amora targeted Jane Foster, but this time she was saved by Balder the Brave, while Thor bested the Executioner in battle. Enraged for their crimes, Odin banished both Skurge and Amora, exiling them on Midgard.

Even in exile, Amora’s interest towards Thor didn’t diminish, and so did Skurge’s enmity to him. Following his beloved one’s orders, Skurge accepted to join Baron Zemo and his Masters of Evil, and he proved to be pivotal in recruiting Radioactive ManBlack Knight and Melter, and he even managed to lure Captain America to a trap, later defeating him in single combat (albeit he didn’t enjoy the victory as he was covering Zemo’s escape). The Executioner was also the only one who had doubts about Zemo’s plan to use Wonder Man against the Avengers, as he feared that a man strong enough to subdue even him was hard to control, but nobody listened to him…and he was proven right, as Wonder Man rebelled to the Masters and brought them to their defeat. Skurge freed his allies from prison, but after Zemo’s death he finally quit the team, and after a brief alliance with Doctor Doom he and Amora joined the Mandarin in his all-out attack on the world. Skurge was entrusted with an army of Trolls to command, but his attack on Asia was twarthed by Hercules, who defeated him in combat. He joined Amora once again in one of her games as he was put against the powerful Hulk, at least until the Enchantress grew bored of watching the two brutes fighting, and summoned an army of Trolls to invade Asgard…and for Odin this was the final drop, as he finally banished the duo to a barren wasteland he used for the worst criminals. In here, finally, Skurge grew tired of being used by Amora, and abandoned her, as he was offered true love by another exiled Asgardian, Casiolena, who had been banished in the same world. Skurge became that world’s co-ruler and Casiolena’s consort…thus attracting the rage of Amora, who started one of her manipulation games that eventually led the Defenders in her rival’s domain. While Casiolena arrested Amora, her new lover the Black Knight, Bruce Banner and Barbara Norriss (who at the time was possessed by the spirit of Valkyrie), Skurge defeated in battle Dr. Strange and Namor…but Amora manipulated them all, and started an all-out war between the Defenders and the queen’s forces. In the heat of battle, Casiolena came close to killing Amora…but Skurge intervened, protecting his former mistress and slaning his consort. Reclaiming Skurge as her own, Amora petrified Black Knight and escaped with the Executioner: maybe there was nothing in the worlds able to break the spell of love Skurge was victim of.

Skurge is a proud and honorable warrior, a man forged by hundreds of battles who knows no fear…and who’s continually bested and defeated by the one foe he cannot do anything against: the toxic love he feels for the beautiful Enchantress. As the Executioner, he’s an exceptional warrior, versed in armed and unarmed combat; he’s remarkably stronger, faster, more durable and agile than the average Asgardian, with his Giant’s heritage empowering him; albeit expert in the use of any weapon (including firearms), his trademark weapon is the enchanted Bloodaxe, who fuels the wielder with an irresistible bloodthirst, and is able to open portals to anywhere Skurge has already been, allows him to speak and understand any language, shoots powerful energy blasts and, most of all, possesses a blade able to kill even gods. A formidable power bent by lust and jealousy, Skurge the Executioner is still a heroic warrior, somewhere deep beneath the web of lies, promises and seductions Amora has woven…



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