A new trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight has been released, and it features a lot of new footage for the upcoming fifth chapter of the saga. Among the many robots seen there, just a couple of them is recognizable, starting with the massive Onslaught, voiced by a yet unknown actor (if any). Onslaught will be one of the new Decepticons following the reborn Megatron in his war against humans, and despite his massive size he appears to be one of the tactical minds behind the civil war raging on Earth. In the movie he’ll be able to turn into a Western Star 4900SF Tow truck, quite a huge beast… definitely not something useful if you’re meant to observe a battle from afar, guiding your teammates. Anyway, let’s just have a look at the original Onslaught, leader of quite a pesky sub-team of Decepticons.

The origin of Onslaught represents quite a paradox: when Buster Witwicky came in contact with the Creation Matrix (the legendary artifact containing the essence of the creator of the Transformers, given into possession to the Autobots‘ leader from generation to generation), it gave him visions of the future, a timeline in which four sub-groups from both Autobots and Decepticons were able to combine with ease creating more powerful warriors. These groups, called the Special Teams, were the Aerialbots, the Protectobots, the Stunticons… and the Combaticons, led by Onslaught. In the vision, the evil Stunticons were battling the heroic Protectobots, and the first ones combined to form Menasor; the second ones combined in Defensor, and were about to defeat their enemies, but Onslaught led his team (BrawlVortexSwindle and Blast Off) to the rescue, combining with them to form Bruticus, an extremely powerful warrior. Unbeknownst to Buster and Optimus Prime, who were witnessing the vision, they were being spied on by Shockwave, that time leader of the Decepticons: Shockwave took inspiration from the vision and put all his team’s effort into the creation of the Combaticons before their time. Onslaught was born in the present, modeled after a future self that never came to be… but also his nemesis, Hot Spot leader of the Protectobots, was built before time. The two teams were created one the dark mirror of the other, and they found themselves battling each other time and time again. Onslaught proved to be quite a tactician, thus becoming a trusted subordinate not only for Shockwave, but also for the other leaders of the Decepticons, including the evil Megatron, who always regained control of his faction in a way or the other. It was while accompanying Megatron in one of his neverending battles against Optimus Prime that he crossed paths with Hot Spot and his Protectobots for the first time.

The two teams were battling near a computer lab, and the human scientist in it, Ethan Zachary, had an idea to limit the damage caused by the giant robotic contenders; he convinced them to continue their fight by transferring their conscience in a videogame of his invention, Multi-World, with quite some risky odds at stake: the leader of the loser team would have lost his life in real life. Megatron and Optimus accepted the challenge, so Combaticons and Protectobots found themselves challenging each other in a virtual world, level after level. Despite his tactical prowess, Onslaught found himself outmatched by his hated rival, and he would lose level after level. Finding himself losing the fight, however, Megatron used a cheat code, and after being destroyed in-game by Defensor, he came back to Multi-World, challenging Optimus directly. Optimus won, but he let innocents perish in the process, so he eventually sacrificed himself ridden by guilt. Despite the “victory”, Onslaught didn’t exactly come out with his head held high . He and his team kept fighting the Protectobots, but he wasn’t tasked with delicate missions anymore… until he was dispatched to kill Galvatron, a Decepticon would-be leader. The team traveled inside the volcano Galvatron was trapped in, but they faced a trio of human women who “miraculously” (they were actually controlled by Ultra Magnus, trapped in the volcano as well) managed to take down each and every one of the Combaticons… everyone but Onslaught, who managed to take the upper hand and to defeat the women. He was about to kill them, but he was stopped by the Throttlebots, a team of six Autobots who had come there in search of Ultra Magnus. Defeated and humiliated, Onslaught gathered his team members and started an all-out war on the Throttlebots, hunting them everywhere. He finally found them, but they were trapped in the form of a car, in a used car lot. Lucky news, they were being sold in an auction…

Onslaught is a cold-hearted warrior, a brilliant tactician who relies on his mind as his first weapon in combat. As all Transformers, he possesses superhuman strength and durability, and he can transform into a vehicle, specifically an anti-aircraft truck; he has an arsenal of heavy weapons, and he can combine with his fellow Combaticons to form Bruticus, who’s much stronger than the individual Decepticons, but also much dumber than Onslaught. Usually an observer of battles who keeps his distance to study the enemies’ moves and elaborate an effective plan, Onslaught is also able and willing to actively join the fight, distinguishing himself for ferocity and prowess: quite a brain and brawn combatant.