Alpha Quintesson

The second character we can identify in the third trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight is apparently the big bad of this time’s adventure, Quintessa, voiced by Gemma Chan. In the movie, Quintessa will belong to the robotic race that created the Transformers, and she’ll capture Optimus Prime while he’s travelling in space…and apparently she’ll brainwash him and turn him against humans, convincing him that, in order for Cybertron to survive, Earth must perish, transforming him into a destroyer ready and willing to reform Earth’s atmosphere to make it another Cybertron (eradicating humankind in the process). In the comics the Quintessons are indeed the creators of the Transformers and some major antagonists, but there’s no Quintessa: the robotic woman in the movie seems to be a gender-swapped version of Alpha Quintesson, the tentacular puppet master behind the century-old civil war on Cybertron in the Dreamwave continuity, and whose many faces and split personalities resemble the original Quintessons from Generation-1. Let’s see together.

The being who would have been later known as Alpha Quintesson (or Alpha Q, for short) was born on a remote planet called Planet Q. We don’t know the name of the planet’s ruler, but he led his world helped by his trusted Grand Chamberlain. Planet Q’s life came to an abrupt end when Unicron, the world devourer, found it and targeted it as his next meal: unwilling to let his planet die, the king sent against Unicron his entire army, launching at the monster everything he had…but with no apparent effect, as Unicron wasn’t even slowed down by the impressive display of power. Following the orders of his king, the Grand Chamberlain sent a distress call to the planet’s allies, the Autobots led by Rodimus Prime, but nobody came (not in time, at least). Facing the inevitable destruction of Planet Q, the Chamberlain accepted his and his people’s death, but he tried at least to bring Unicron along: he detonated the planet’s core just while the world devourer was consuming it. The massive explosion failed to kill Unicron, but it was enough to damage him heavily, to the point of forcing him to enter a state of hibernation to heal himself. Of course, all inhabitants of Planet Q died in the detonation, but the king’s spark (his soul) inhabited the inhert body of Unicron. Incorporeal and alone, the king was slowly driven mad by the time passing by year after year, and with nobody to speak to his psyche was shattered into five different personalities, each one with separated characteristics and identities. Finally, using the remnants of his deceased subjects inside Unicron’s stomach, the deranged king created a new body for himself, one with five different faces who could switch place depending on which personality was in command: only one face remained hidden all the time, the original personality of the king, who only spoke when his armor was closed and he could hide himself from sight.

Naming himself Alpha Quintesson, the mad king kept studying Unicron: demented but not stupid, he was still one of the most brilliant minds from his world, and he found out that everything Unicron had ever consumed wasn’t lost at all, merely stored, ready for being reconstituted. And there was only one way to do it: energon. Energon was a natural and extremely rare element that was basically crystallized life, the essence of everything in existence: to give life back to an entire planet, Alpha Quintesson would have needed quite a lot of it. Not wanting to abandon what remained of his planet, but needing to collect as much energon as he could, Alpha Q found the remains of his heroic army and reassembled them into the Terrorcons, a team of beast-like Transformers, and sent them to Earth, where a huge quantity of energon was detected, and where the Autobots where battling the Decepticons continuing the civil war that had led their homeplanet to ruin. Seeing an opportunity for his goal, Alpha Quintesson recreated his former Grand Chamberlain in the form of Scorponok, and sent him along with the Terrorcons to take the lead of the Decepticons. Unfortunately the historical leader of the Decepticons, Megatron, had managed to resurrect himself in the time being, and he wasn’t happy to find an “usurper” in his place; trying to get rid of the unwanted rival, Alpha used some of his energon to restore to life Megatron’s enemy, Starscream, but his plan failed, and not only Megatron regained the leadership of his group, but he also exposed Scorponok as a spy. Needing to manipulate the conflict to be sure that nobody would have interfered with his harvesting again, Alpha Quintesson released his Four Horsemen, three Autobots and a Decepticon he had captured years before and brainwashed to be his servants. With agents on both sides, Alpha Quintesson could manipulate the conflict to move the battles wherever he wanted on both Cybertron and Earth, thus collecting all the energon he needed: it was just a matter of time before he could finally achieve his goal and recreate his world…

The creature known as Alpha Quintesson is a wise and devoted ruler, who only wants to restore his lost world and people…unfortunately, he’s also completely mad. With one personality (the blue face) being highly intelligent and wise, one (white face) who’s constantly happy and always tries to avoid violence, one (red face) characterised by a constant blood lust and rage, one (green face) cunning and deceiving and a last one (always hidden) who’s scared by everything and everyone, he’s quite unstable and constantly battling with himself. Mad or not, he’s highly intelligent and a superb tactician; he also possesses superhuman strength, durability and speed, and he possesses a variety of limbs ending in either sharp blades or firearms, making him quite a threat also in close distance, even if his primary resource is his long-time planning. A disgraced monarch from a destroyed world, Alpha Quintesson will do anything in his power to restore his lost domain and people, including manipulating from behind the curtains a planetary war…



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