Tyrone Johnson (Cloak)

Next trailer for the future tv series is Cloak and Dagger, another piece of the ever-growing Marvel Cinematic Universe. The first trailer briefly showed us the origin of the two protagonists, and let’s start from the one who comes first in the title: Cloak, portrayed by Aubrey Joseph. In the show, Tyrone Johnson is a African-American teenager, a basketball player who risks to die in a dangerous clash with an unknown force; an incident gives him the power to generate and manipulate darkness, an ability that will put him in close contact with Tandy Bowen, a girl with the power to generate and manipulate light, whom he’ll fall in love with. Now, waiting to see what this new series will bring on the table of the MCU, let’s take a look at the original superhero…whose powers end up becoming quite creepy.

Tyrone Johnson was born in South Boston, son of unnamed parents. Raised from a poor family in the slums, Ty developed quite a stutter since he was a kid, a handicap that made it difficult for him to bond with the other kids; despite this, he proved to be a good student, overcoming his speech difficulty mostly thanks to his best friend, Billy. He and Billy were quite inseparable, but one fateful day he and his friend, while in a store, witnessed an armed robber breaking in, killing the clerk and running away with the money; Billy, afraid that the policemen would have blamed them for the clerk’s death, ran as well, but this proved to be a mistake: the cops arrived, and seeing a black boy running away from the scene of a murder, pointed their gun on him. Ty tried to stop them proclaiming Billy’s innocence, but he started stuttering uncontrollably, and he couldn’t say a single clear word: as a result, the cops shot and killed Billy right in front of the seventeen-years old Tyrone. This resulted in quite a trauma for the teenager, and he ran away from home, trying to distance himself from his guilt and from a police he still feared. He arrived in New York City, in Manhattan, but he finished all his money with the bus ticket. With no other option at hand, he spotted a rich girl walking alone on the street, and considered robbing her…but someone preceeded him. Acting on instinct, Ty stopped the thief, and gave the purse back to the girl: she was Tandy Bowen, and Tyrone learnt that she was running away from home as well. The two became fast friends, and Ty immediately realized that the girl was quite naive, completely inexperienced regarding street life. The proof of this arrived almost immediately, as Tandy accepted the offer of a bunch of weird men who offered her a shelter: worried for his new friend, Ty accompanied her, and his suspicions proved to be well-based, as the men kidnapped them both and sold them to Simon Marshall, a chemist working for the criminal cartel Maggia. Marshall was testing a new synthetic drug, D-Lite, and Tyrone and Tandy had just become his new guinea pigs.

Most of the runaway teens who had been experimented on by Marshall didn’t live to tell the experience, as the synthetic heroine still had lethal side-effects; the modified formula didn’t kill Ty and Tandy, but it affected them in unexpected ways. The teens managed to escape, but soon Ty had to stop, finding himself victim of a strange hunger…then, he realised he was engulfed into pitch-black darkness. The darkness wasn’t engulfing Tyrone, however: the darkness was Tyrone, and his hunger came from a living portal that he now was that was absorbing any light in the nearby; Tandy, on the opposite, was glowing in light, and her presence eased Ty’s craving. Upon realizing they each had superhuman abilities, Tyrone and Tandy decided they had to stop Simon Marshall now that they had a chance to: covering his ghostly appearence with a cloak he found in an alley, Ty came back to the Maggia lab with his friend, and started absorbing in his darkness the goons Tandy struck down with her light daggers, until they managed to do the same with Simon Marshall. Seeing how powerful they were together, the teenagers declared an open war on crime, and named themselves Cloak & Dagger, new superheroes in New York. The duo started as brutal vigilantes, mercilessly killing criminals like Marshall who inflicted to others a pain similar to the one they had to endure; soon however they met Spider-Man, another superhero in town, who recognised them as young, misguided innocents rather than cold-blooded murderers, and decided to guide them. Cloak, however, felt the urge to consume living beings, so Spider-Man’s no-kill way appeared extremely difficult to follow for him. Ignoring the hero’s teachings, Cloak and Dagger tried to kill two of the top mob bosses in New York, Silvermane and Kingpin, but they failed; as a result, Dagger embraced Spider-Man’s values, and tried to make Cloak do the same, although she understood how difficult it was to him. Tyrone, eventually, started developing strong feelings for the girl who was now bonded to him in a way or the other, and he found himself reciprocated: now a couple in life and in crime-fighting, Cloak & Dagger were more formidable than ever.

Tyrone Johnson is a serious and dour young man, sometimes brutal in his crime-fighting and usually melancholy. As Cloak, he’s a living conduit to the Darkforce Dimension, a condition that grants him several abilities: he can create fields of darkness in his vicinity, a darkness that instills fear and cold in the ones affected by it to the point of turning them insane if overexposed; he can teleport by travelling through the Darkforce Dimension, bringing others along, he can fly, and he can become intangible (even if it’s more correct to say the opposite, as he’s usually intangible, and he has to concentrate to become solid again); from the Darkforce Dimension, the Predator compels him to consume living beings, draining them of their life force by absorbing them into a pocket dimension, but as Cloak found out, also Dagger’s light can quell his hunger for some time. Just as gloomy as the darkness he’s made of, but gifted with a heart of gold that puts him always on the frontline to protect the ones he love, Dagger especially, Cloak is a young man who tries to escape a destiny that keeps pulling him in the dark, grateful for the one ray of light he constantly has by his side.



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