Melissa Bowen

After a brief hiatus, we come back with the third and last character appearing in the first Cloak and Dagger‘s trailer: Melissa Bowen, portrayed by Andrea Roth. In the show, Melissa will be Tandy‘s mother, and apparently she’s been turned into a much more sympathetic character, an optimist by nature who stands by her daughter’s side despite the many difficulties they face together. This makes her quite different from the selfish and self-centered character we learnt to know in the comics, and it’s quite unsure what this will mean for Tandy’s origin story, since her complicated relationship with her mother was a big part of the reason she ran away from home in the first place. Anyway, waiting to meet a brand new version of Melissa Bowen, let’s take a look at the original, bitchy one.

Not much is known about Melissa Bowen’s early life, but she was born most likely in Ohio, from an unknown but certainly wealthy family. She grew up with her older brother, Michael Bowen, but the two of them couldn’t be more different one from the other: while Melissa was pretty much self-centered and vain, Michael was selfless and altruist. The ridge between the two of them became even more apparent when, after he came back from the Korean War that deeply shocked him, Michael decided to become a priest, while Melissa, who was a renowned socialite even when she was little more than a girl, started a career as a super-model (something that certainly didn’t quell her ego). When Michael moved to New York City, since he wanted to stay closer to poor and needy people, the relationship between him and Melissa certainly grew colder, but they never really broke it, considering that, differences aside, they truly loved each other. Still young and beautiful, Melissa met a rich and fascinating businessman, Nathan Tyler, who became quite smitten by her; albeit she didn’t exactly love him, she agreed to marry him, seeing in his wealth a promising boost to her career. Melissa’s calculations were clearly well-based, as she saw her popularity grow enormously thanks to her husband’s influence, and she became more famous (and richer) than she had ever hoped for.

After some time, Melissa got pregnant, and even if this meant a hiatus in her modelling career, she found out that being a mother was a blessing to her popularity. She gave birth to a daughter, Tandy, and she insisted on giving her her surname rather than Nathan’s, planning on the baby’s career as her successor as a model even before she could say a single word or move a step. In this time, her relationship with her brother Michael grew closer again, as the priest enjoyed to spend some time with his baby niece, soon becoming Tandy’s favourite uncle. In the meanwhile, however, Melissa’s relation with her husband was quickly deteriorating, and she eventually divorced him, ignoring the pleads of her daughter who deeply loved her father; Tandy was heartbroken when Nathan was estranged from her life, and even more when, distrupt, he left the country to look for enlightnment in India…but Melissa didn’t care much about it, as she had obtained in the divorce Nathan’s hestate, quite a substantial profit. Albeit she was now a single mother, Melissa didn’t pay much attention to Tandy, taking care of her own career in need of a reboot; even her love life received a change for the better when Michael introduced her to one of his former comrades, Phillip Carlisles, a good-hearted man who quite unexpectedly managed to win Melissa’s affection. Once again ignoring Tandy, who wanted her father back and not a substitute, the woman married Phillip, who actually turned out to be an excellent stepfather, loving and caring as much as Melissa was distant and disinterested. Years of neglecting her daughter, eventually, paid a price, and when Tandy was fifteen, she ran away from home; while Phillip was heartbroken for this and immediately went after the girl, Melissa was pretty much unbiased: if being a mother brought her popularity, a personal tragedy such as this one could only improve her situation even more…

Melissa Bowen is a selfish and egotistic woman, who’s barely able to realize somebody besides her exists. Beautiful and rich, she always had whatever she wanted in her life, and she’s simply used to have it that way. Incapable of feeling any true love for anybody but herself, Melissa is exactly where she wants to be in her life: at the top.



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