It looks like James Gunn made his homework, as in the massive amount of characters appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 there’s a lot of them coming from the classic GoG comics. One of them is one of the (many) villains, the last member of the Ravagers we still had to check: Brahl, portrayed by Stephen Blackehart. He’s one of the ugly mugs who follows Taserface in his rebellion against Yondu…and obviously suffers the consequences of it along with the rest of the crew, but that’s no surprise. In the comics, Brahl comes from an alternate reality, Earth-691, the year 3000 of the original Guardians of the Galaxy, and he’s not exactly a good guy there either. Let’s see together.

Brahl was born in the Alpha Unakalhai system, on a planet named Achernon. It’s unknown what he did for a living in his early life, but judging from his combat skills it must have been nothing peaceful; being it a way or the other, he was found by a highly advanced probe on his planet, and invited to join the Minions of Menace, an intergalactic group of powerful warriors acting as lieutenants to Korvac, a god-like cyborg able to travel through time and space. Seeking potential profit from it, Brahl accepted the offer, and joined the Minions alongside the Procyonite humanoid turtle Tork, the Fomalhauti yellow blob Dumog, the Grund warrior dwarf Grott the Manslayer and the feral Reptoid Teju. Together, the Minions of Menace served Korvac and helped him accumulate tech and artifacts to increase his already remarkable power, but they weren’t exactly a cooperative team, as each and every one of them tried to get rid of the other to eliminate competition for Korvac’s attention: Brahl nearly managed to eliminate Grott and Teju in one strike, using his intangibility to have the two of them hit each other, but the brawl was interrupted by Korvac himself, who calmed them and invited them to his newest plan, to cause Earth‘s sun to go nova and absorb the resulting energy. Of course, to accomplish that plan the Minions of Menace had to dispose of Earth’s defenders, the Guardians of the Galaxy, who had been joined in that time by a time-travelling Thor: in the following battle, Brahl managed to overpower Vance Astro, since his telekinesis didn’t work on an intangible foe, but Yondu, using his Yaka Arrow, managed to force him back to a solid state, knocking him unconscious. When he woke up, the battle was lost, and the Minions were scattered. He would have gathered them back together as the Intimidators years later, but first he had to become stronger, to avoid another failure of these proportions.

He joined another team, Force, led by the matter-manipulator Interface. While in Force, Brahl trained to master his natural powers, and learnt to transmit his intangibility to other things and people. Along with his new teammates, Brahl started a quest to obtain a legendary relic, Captain America‘s shield, whose location was revealed by a numbers of clues scattered through the galaxy. Actually, the quest was manipulated by Mephisto, who wanted his daughter Malevolence to become the Matriarch to the divine Protege, and to eliminate the competition of Aleta from the Guardians of the Galaxy: sending Force in search of the shield, he knew they would have clashed with the Guardians, possibly destroying them and granting Malevolence’s ascension. Brahl proved to be pivotal in the location of the last clue, hidden on planet Entem, and savagely destroyed the local resistance. Both the Guardians and Force arrived on the planet the shield was hidden on, but they were challenged by its guardian, the A.I. Mainframe, to compete in a series of challenges to prove their worth: Brahl was paired with his teammate Broadside to battle Martinex and Charlie-27 in underground tunnels, and Brahl attacked Martinex turning him intangible and thus making him fall through the floor, crashing in the lowest level. Brahl followed him and kept attacking him, shattering Martinex’s crystals and nearly murdering the Guardian, until Mainframe interrupted the fight and declared Brahl the winner. Also the other members of Force won, but at the end of the trial, when Interforce claimed the shield, he realised that his “power to lead” didn’t mean it had the power to mind-control other people, but just to inspire them. Disgusted, he discharged the shield, later claimed by Vance Astro, and left the planet. Brahl insisted on finishing the Guardians now that they had the chance, but the other mercenaries, who had no personal issue against the heroes, dismissed his blood-thirst, wanting to pursue profit only. Some time later, when Malevolence appeared and offered Brahl to grant him any wish if she disposed of the rest of Force and formed an alliance with her, he found in himself no loyalty to his comrades: he would have done anything necessary to obtain his revenge against the Guardians of the Galaxy…

Brahl is a space mercenary whose ferocity, brutality and savvy manage to impress even demons like Mephisto and Malevolence. As an Achernonian, he possesses the ability to turn himself, other people or solid objects intangible at will, and to turn them back to their regular state after; he’s also an excellent hand-to-hand combatant and a decent marksman, and his toes end with sharp talons he uses in battle. Feral and proud, Brahl is hellbent on a revenge quest against the first warriors who ever bested him, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and will kill, betray or use anybody to obtain his goal of avenging his offended honor.



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