Roger Austin

It looks like I totally missed the beginning of Outcast‘s sophomore season… not that this means I missed a lot of characters, considering how far from the comicbook they’re going with the series. Anyway, there are a couple of new ones in these first episodes. Let’s start with the first episode, Bad Penny: at the end of it, Kyle Barnes comes back to the house of the first kid he exorcised in Season 1, Joshua Austin… only to find out that his entire family is possessed but him. Kyle has a brief and unpleasant encounter with Paul Austin, Joshua’s father, portrayed by Timmy Sherrill: a strong farmer on his own, while possessed Paul is even stronger, and he comes close to kill Kyle with his own hands, until Chief Giles intervenes. In the comics, Joshua’s father is actually named Roger, and he has a much more secondary role in the story. Let’s see together.

Roger Austin was most likely born in Rome, a small town in West Virginia, and as most of its inhabitants he grew up and lived there for all his life. When he was still a young man he met a woman, Betsy, and she became his wife soon after. The two of them together became the perfectly normal Rome’s couple: they bought a big house in the suburbs, Roger found a job as a truck driver and supported his wife with it, while Betsy took care of the house. The two had a daughter, Mindy, who became her parents’ joy. Some years later, Betsy was pregnant again, and she gave birth to a son, Joshua. Roger had now everything a normal man could possibly want in a normal town like Rome: a normal job, a normal family, a normal house, a normal life overall. Despite his job sometimes kept him away from his family for quite some time, he still managed to be a present father in his children’s lives (even if Betsy took the worst part of Mindy’s adolescence), and he gave his family a very traditional look, attending all together to the Sunday ceremonies wherever he was in town. Unfortunately, however, Rome wasn’t a normal town at all, being at the center of something big on a cosmic scale, and the Austin family wouldn’t have been spared from what was coming.

One night, while Roger was out for work, Joshua fell ill, but in quite a strange way: apparently gone insane, the boy ate everything he could find in the kitchen, until he started chewing his own fingers to the bone. Betsy informed her husband on the phone, but being this far away there was nothing he could do for his family. As Joshua’s behavior became increasingly stranger and more violent, Betsy sought the help of local preacher, Reverend Anderson, who confirmed the boy was possessed… but couldn’t do anything for him. Luckily enough, Reverend Anderson gained the help of Kyle Barnes, a man who had returned to Rome after being ostracized for hitting his wife and daughter, and somehow Kyle managed to help Joshua and to exorcise the demon from him. Roger came back home just in time to find his little boy back to normal, with nothing but bad memories of the time he was “strange”. When Betsy told him what had happened, Roger forced himself to change his opinion about Barnes, and when the man came back to their house, wanting to check on Joshua, Roger was extremely happy to meet him and to thank him in person. From that moment, the Austins’ participation to the weekly Mass became much more heart-felt, and Roger was proud to show how God had blessed his family to the entire town. Apparently, albeit darkness had touched his not-so-normal life, Roger Austin could finally come back to his personal heaven of family days and work.

Roger Austin is, as far as we know, a good man, a hard worker and a caring father and husband. A real family man, he’s ready to make any sacrifice to ensure his family the life he dreams for them, and he endures a laborious job for them. Quite a traditional man, he supports his family all by himself, while he leaves Betsy to take care of the house and the kids… exactly the kind of family man you’d expect to meet in Rome, West Virginia.



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