Martinex T’Naga

Today we’ll start seeing the many characters from the original Guardians of the Galaxy team who have a cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, starting from one who appears early on in the movie. We meet Yondu and his Ravagers on planet Contraxia, at the Iron Lotus bar, where he has a troubled meeting with his former captain, Stakar Ogord…who’s accompanied by his new second-in-command, Martinex T’Naga, portrayed by Michael Rosenbaum. In the movie, Martinex appears to be younger than Stakar, and judging from the last scene we get he’s not part of his team since much time; in the comics, on the opposite, he’s one of the original members of the Guardians of the Galaxy, there from the very first moment. Let’s see together who this shiny alien is…and again, the following adventures are set on Earth-691, an alternate future one thousand years after Earth has been invaded by Martians.

Martinex T’Naga was born in the XXXI Century in Cerberus Center, on Pluto, the descendant of the first settlers coming from Africa, on Earth. Albeit of human origin, the Pluvians were genetically engineered to withstand the extreme conditions of Pluto, and their body was covered with crystalline facets that allowed them to survive the dwarf planet’s unbelievably low temperatures, storing heat during the months of light. Gifted with a brilliant intellect, Martinex grew up to become a scientist, obtaining quite a fame as a researcher. One day, while Martinex was working on Pluto’s moon Charon, the malicious Badoons invaded Pluto and exterminated all Pluvians; when Martinex came back home, he found nobody alive, and he had to escape quickly from the occupying forces. He managed to use a telepod to run to Jupiter, but even here the Badoons had already exterminated the local population; one Jovian, however, was still alive: the super-strong Charlie-27, who teamed up with Martinex in his new escape. The two survivors became good friends, and together they managed to escape Jupiter’s security, living on the run from Badoon soldiers for a while. While roaming the galaxy they met with two other people who were resisting the Badoon invasion: Yondu, from Alpha Centauri, and Vance Astro, from Earth. The four warriors decided to unite their unique talents and fight together for freedom, and they formed the first incarnation of the Guardians of the Galaxy, starting a liberation war against the Badoons. The war took many years from Martinex’s life, and the Guardians’ efforts were soon supported by unexpected allies, such as the time-travelling Thing, Captain America and Agent 13, who helped them against the Badoons in the battle to take back New York City on Earth. Using New York as a bridgehead, the resistance managed to inflict loss after loss on the Badoons, and the Guardians even traveled back to the XX Century to gain allies in the persons of Starhawk and the Defenders, who accompanied them back to the XXXI Century where, together, the heroes managed to repel the Badoons outside the solar system.

During the last battle on Earth, with the Guardians subduing the Badoons, Martinex himself publicly executed the Badoon leader, Koord, putting an end to the decennial conflict. At last, the war was won, but this wasn’t the end for the Guardians of the Galaxy, as the heroes, used to constant fighting, found themselves unable to live in a pacified galaxy: thus, they chose to stick together and reinvent themselves as adventurers and explorers. During this new mission, Martinex was elected leader of the team, albeit he tried more than once to leave the position to Vance Astro. The reluctant leader of the Guardians led them in new adventures, gained a new member in the Mercurian Nikki, but also new powerful enemies, such as the time-travelling cyborg Korvac. It was while pursuing Korvac through the centuries that the Guardians came back to the Age of Heroes, where they became honorary members of the Avengers. Korvac and his Minions of Menace were eventually defeated, but this set a new chain of enmities and rivalries, one of which nearly costed Martinex’s life. One of the Minions, Brahl, joined another team, Force, just to obtain a revenge on the Guardians, and when the heroes clashed with Force to obtain Captain America’s shield, Martinex battled Brahl directly. The latter, using his phasing powers, managed to overpower the Pluvian, nearly shattering his crystal skin: only the A.I. Mainframe‘s intervention managed to save him. Martinex was about to die, with his fragmented facets unable to protect his fragile body from the nearby environment, but Starhawk saved him using his light powers to fix and modify his skin, saving his life. The adventure, however, taught Martinex something: if he wanted to do something effective to fight evil in the galaxy, he had to operate on a wider scale than the Guardians of the Galaxy’s one. As soon as the team reached Earth again, Martinex made an announcement: he left the team to found a new, bigger and more powerful one, to pursue the same mission with fitter means. He recruited some of the most powerful beings the Guardians had met during their adventures: the former Avengers Hollywood and Mainframe, the ex-herald of Galactus Firelord, the Skrull Replica, the new host of the Phoenix Force Giraud and Wileaydus Autolycus, the new Ghost Rider: together, they were the Galactic Guardians, and they would have succeeded where the Guardians of the Galaxy could not.

Martinex T’Naga is a brilliant scientist and a selfless hero, a humble leader who always puts him teammates’ safety before his own. As a Pluvian, he’s superhumanly strong and durable, and his silicon body allows him to survive to extreme temperatures and to the vacuum of space (he doesn’t even need air to breathe); he’s able to manipulate temperature, projecting infrared energy from his right hand, allowing him to raise an object’s temperature, and microwave energy from the left one, thus reducing the object’s temperature; his eyes can see in absolute darkness, and his body can withstand impossible pressures; he’s also a scientific genius, who masters many fields of XXXI Century’s science. The sole survivor of his species, Martinex is a vital member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, a hero who started to fight to free a single system from tyranny, but who’s now hellbent on eradicating evil from every galaxy.



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