Mindy Austin

The second character appeared in Outcast so far is also the last member of the Austin Family, the teenager daughter (unnamed in the comics) Mindy, portrayed by Dakota Lee. In the show, Dakota appears in episode 3, Not My Job to Judge, when Kyle Barnes and Reverend Anderson come back to the Austins’ house to ask for informations about Sidney: here, they only find Mindy, clearly terrified and hiding in a closet, who just witnessed a man kidnapping her entire family. In the comics, she’s even less relevant than this, if possible, being mostly a background character and appearing only in a couple of issues…but there’s a little to say about her nevertheless. Let’s see together.

Mindy Austin was born in RomeWest Virginia, the eldest daughter of Roger and Betsy Austin. She lived mostly with her mother in their big country house, since her father was often on the road for work, being a truck driver. We don’t know much of her childhood, but we can assume it was a pretty normal one, even if she most surely missed her father, who was seldomly home. When she was still a child, roughly around her five years, Betsy got pregnant again, and she delivered a brother to her, Joshua. Five years of difference weren’t such a big distance at first, and the kids grew up pretty much together, until Mindy, being the eldest, started helping her mother in taking care of Joshua while she ran the house. Then, of course, Mindy grew up, and she became a rebellious teenager, starting to question her mother over pretty much everything, and adding things to worry about rather than helping her with the ones that were already there (we don’t know what her relationship with her father was like, but his absence made it easier for him to live through Mindy’s emotional outbursts). Thing became even more complicated with Mindy’s first love stories, that weren’t always exactly her mother wanted them to be…well, not like anybody wanted them to be, for all that matters. One of Mindy’s first boyfriends, for example, was remarkably older than she was, and when she told home, she didn’t exactly find her mother supportive.

This one, however, was an argument she wouldn’t consider valid, coming from her mother: she was fifteen and her boyfriend was nineteen, true, but four years were exactly the same distance between her parents. When she tried to talk to her mother about it, the two started fighting, and Mindy eventually snapped, remarking that there was indeed one difference between her and her mother in the relationship between them and their older boyfriends: she didn’t get pregnant as a teenager, differently from Betsy. To Mindy, this was the perfect finishing line, and she walked out, slamming the door behind her back and ignoring Betsy calling for her. That very night, however, this kind of things suddenly became unimportant, as a few moments after her discussion with Mindy Betsy found Joshua chewing the flesh off his own fingers. As it would have become blatant soon after, the boy had been possessed by a demon, the same stuff Reverend Anderson yelled about every Sunday and that Mindy had considered silly fairy tales until she saw it happening to her own little brother: there was little to doubt when Joshua started levitating over his own bed, saying indecent things to both Betsy and Reverend Anderson. Luckily, the nightmare didn’t last long, as Anderson’s new helper, Kyle Barnes, managed to exorcise the thing from the little boy, and Joshua came back to his old self as if nothing had ever happened. Roger came back home soon after, happy to find his little boy in sound health. That bizarre incident surely made the family closer, and the next Sunday in church, Mindy was with her parents and little brother in the first sit, smiling at Reverend Anderson as he delivered his usual speech: now, she believed in what the priest was saying.

Mindy Austin is a normal girl her age, with all the ups and downs this means: she loves her family, but she’s constantly fighting with them over everything, and she gets carried away by her emotions most of the times. Surely Joshua’s “incident” deeply changed her, but the road to fully growing-up is still a long one to walk…


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