At the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, as the Ravagers are gathered once again by Rocket in quite an emotional scene (that we won’t spoil here), we see some of the main captains…with some new, welcome faces. Among the captains, in fact, we can spot a huge man, portrayed by none other than Ving Rhames: that’s Charlie-27, an old acquaintance from the original Guardians of the Galaxy from Earth-691…and, judging by an after-credit scene, this won’t be the last time we see him, as he’s revealed to be part of the team Stakar Ogord is putting back together. Now, waiting to see if a Guardians 3000 movie is really happening, let’s take a look at the real deal, again from the alternate reality in which Earth has been invaded by Martians.

Charlie-27 was born in the XXXI Century on Jupiter, in Galileo City. The son of Charlie-26 and Mabel-17, Charlie-27 was the descendant of a race of human mine-workers genetically engineered to withstand the extreme conditions of Jupiter, thus he had a musculature and bone structure much more developed than a regular human. On his homeplanet, Charlie-27 pursued a military career, and he became a soldier in the United Lands of Earth Space Militia, raising in the ranks until he became a captain. In 3007 he left his planet on a six-months space mission, but when he came back he found out a lot of things had changed during his absence: the Badoons had conquered the entire Solar System, killing everyone on Jupiter. Alone and outmatched, Charlie-27 tried to make his escape to Pluto, but on his way he met Martinex, a scientist who informed him that the same had happened on the dwarf planet as well, and that they both appeared to be the last of their respective races. The two aliens joined forces and used a telepod to escape on Earth, where they met other two warriors resisting to the Badoon invasion: the human astronaut Vance Astro and the Alpha-Centaurian archer Yondu. The four of them, together, founded a group of resistance they called the Guardians of the Galaxy, putting together their unique abilities to repel the invaders. The Guardians fought against the Badoons for years, freeing little by little small areas of the occupied planets. Seven years later, thanks to the help of three time-travelers from the legendary Age of Heroes (Captain AmericaThe Thing and Agent 13), the Guardians managed to reconquer New York City, starting to use it as a base. Looking for other allies, it was the Guardians’ turn to travel back in time, and they reached XX Century to obtain the support of the Defenders; they later came back to their time, where thanks to their new allies and to the mysterious Starhawk they inflicted a fatal blow to the Badoons: finally, the war was won. Unfortunately, war was everything Charlie-27 had ever known all his life.

Charlie-27’s problem turned out to be the same problem for all the other Guardians, who didn’t know how to fit in a pacified world. Following Starhawk’s suggestion, the Guardians of the Galaxy reinvented themselves as space explorers, and they left Earth to travel the cosmos; early on in their new adventure, a woman from MercuryNikki, joined the team, and soon enough Charlie found himself attracted by her, although she wasn’t interested at first; when she started reciprocating him, however, Charlie-27 had come to the conclusion that a romance would have been dangerous for the team’s stability (such as it was happening with the fights between Starhawk and his wife Aleta), and preferred to remain friends. The two proved to be able to work together pretty well, as they managed to eliminate the threat represented by the Topographical Man, the embodiment of everything that opposes life. Charlie-27 was also the one who discovered the space station Drydlock, that would have become the Guardians of the Galaxy’s base for a long time. The team then came back in time once again, pursuing the powerful Korvac: during this adventure, they teamed up with Thor and the rest of the Avengers, and even obtained a honorary membership (even if Charlie-27 ended up in a fight against The Thing, trying to prevent Vance Astro to meet his younger self from the past creating a paradox). Many other foes crossed the Guardians’ path: the Starks, a race evolved from Tony Stark‘s weaponry, Force, a group who was after Captain America’s shield and who challenged the Guardians for it (in a tag battle against Brahl and Broadside, while Charlie was battling the latter his best friend Martinex nearly died at the hands of the first), and even Malevolence, the daughter of Mephisto. The most challenging moment for Charlie-27 came when the team split between Starhawk, who wanted to travel back in time and prevent the Badoons’ invasion, and Vance Astro, who opposed it: Charlie followed the first one, and together with him he traveled in time to the Badoon homeworld, Moord…where he battled his teammates for the privilege of challenging the Badoons, only to be nearly killed by L’Matto, a Badoon who was wielding the power of Captain Universe. Only Doctor Strange and Yellowjacket managed to save him, but now Charlie-27 had to recreate the bond with his betrayed teammates…

Charlie-27 is a brave and selfless man, who follows a strict sense of honor and who always thinks as the soldier he’s always been in his life. With a strict discipline and a rage sometimes hard to control, Charlie is a difficult man to deal with, even for his closest friends. As a Jovian, he possesses superhuman strength and durability, engineered to resist Jupiter’s impossible life conditions; he’s also an expert armed and unarmed combatant, a skilled pilot and a formidable on-field tactician, able to conceive new strategies in a short time and to see through the enemies’ ones. A combatant tough as steel, Charlie-27 is a soldier born, a fighter led by his unshakable hatred towards Badoons and by his just as unshakable loyalty to his friends and allies.



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