Aleta Ogord (Starhawk)

Time for the last one among the legendary captains of the Ravagers shown in one of the final scenes of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (and now that the movie is out in the US as well, I’d say we can tell something more…warning for spoilers ahead if you didn’t seen the movie yet): during the funeral for the fallen Yondu, his former teammates arrive for a last goodbye, and among them there’s a woman, portrayed by Chinese movie star and martial artist Michelle Yeoh. That’s Aleta, the one previously mentioned by Stakar Ogord as the woman who became his wife (albeit it’s unknown if the two are still married, at this point, even if nothing lets us presume things ended like in the comics). The original Aleta is quite a complex character, hardly seen separated from her husband…in quite a literal way: let’s see together who the second half of the superhero Starhawk is.

Aleta Ogord was born on Arcturus IV in the 31st Century, the only daughter of Ogord, a member of the ruthless anti-mutant police known as the Reavers of Arcturus, and his wife Salaan. When she was still a baby, Aleta’s father found a “normal” boy in a camp of mutants he had just raided, and brought him home to be raised along with his daughter; the two siblings, however, couldn’t be more different, as Aleta was raised to be a copy of her father, ruthless, emotionless, warmongering, while her adopted brother Stakar was meek and gentle, more an intellectual than a warrior. Aleta despised her brother seeing in him only weakness, while she lived up to Arcturian traditions and to the local cult of war and conflict. Stakar grew up to become an archaeologist, while Aleta preferred to indulge in the art of war, developing the power to manipulate light thanks to her father’s enhancements and to Arcturus’ unique atmosphere. As different as they were, however, the two started to feel a mutual attraction, which however Aleta always tried to hide and deny; when Stakar decided to explore the mythical Forbidden City on his own, the young woman admired his courage and, mocking him for finally growing some nerve, accompanied him in his expedition. The two together discovered the ruins of an ancient temple, that turned out to be the old place of worship of the Hawk God, the Arcturian deity of war. Looking for the legendary weapons of the ancient Arcturians, Aleta found some helmets, which however looked to be “only” storages of ancient knowledge; disappointed, the woman threw the helmet on the floor…but a beam of light erupted from it, hitting her and turning her physical body into pure energy. The Hawk God awakened, intentioned to use the now incorporeal Aleta as fuel for his own powers, but Stakar put the helmet on and used it to telepathically reach for his adoptive sister: the result was a massive explosion, that granted both Stakar and Aleta an immense power…but that forced them to share the same physical space, so that only one of them could be present per time, while the other resided in a sort of dimensional limbo. The first one to be allowed to appear was Stakar.

Some of Aleta’s powers were borrowed by Stakar, as the two now basically shared the same body, while Stakar’s influence made Aleta become more emotional and compassionate, quelling her bloodthirst and eventually leading her to embrace Stakar’s vision of the responsibility that being a super-powered human-god hybrid brought along. The two decided to leave Arcturus IV not to allow Arcturians to use them as living weapons, and they started travelling the galaxies as the superhero Starhawk (an identity mainly donned by Stakar, but sometimes usued by Aleta as well when she appeared in the physical world). Being so close, Aleta and Stakar fell in love, and even got married; feeling lonely while travelling in space, they begged the Hawk God to separate them for a while, something that the fierce deity unexpectedly granted, allowing them to be together. Aleta gave Stakar three children: TaraSita and John. After the kids were born, however, the Hawk God forced his two avatars to merge once again, but Aleta remained in control, taking care of the babies. Then, something began to change: Stakar (who actually had the memories of thousands of past lives) insisted on leaving the planet once again, and he forcibly took control of the common body, becoming Starhawk once again and bringing the children to a safe and hidden place, later joining the adventurers known as the Guardians of the Galaxy (whom he had contributed to create from afar). Aleta suffered for the forced distance between her and her children, not understanding her husband’s motives, but she trusted him and played along, acting as a member of the Guardians the rare times Stakar let her take control. Then, tragedy struck: Ogord, wanting revenge against his children after they had “stolen” the Hawk God’s power from Arcturus, located their kids, and transformed them into energy vampires, sending them against their own father after brainwashing them. The three kids nearly killed Starhawk, but they eventually succumbed to the side-effects of Ogord’s treatment, and they aged rapidly until they died. This event marked the end of any love Aleta ever felt for her husband: from that day, she was cursed to share the same body with the man she considered responsible for her children’s death.

Aleta Ogord is a woman raised as a war machine, having learnt to silence all her emotions but rage and bloodlust; her vicinity to her ex-husband made her a gentler and more empathic woman, but the end of their relationship made the “old” Aleta come back with a vengeance. As most Arcturians, she possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, stamina and durability, and she can manipulate light into solid constructs she can use in a variety of ways; with her body now being pure light, she can also phase through solid matter, and she’s immune to any known disease (or to old age, for what matters); as Starhawk, she gains additional abilities such as the power to fly at light-speed, to survive in the void of space, to manipulate cosmic energy to a variety of uses (energy shields, energy blasts, healing powers, cosmic awareness) and she manifests limited precognition, a trait “borrowed” by Stakar. An enormous cosmic power entrusted to a grieving and vengeful woman, Aleta is a moving powerhouse, a true “mortal goddess” whose anger is comparable only to her pain.



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