Now, let’s see together one of the five mid-credits scenes of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. In one of the most significant ones, we see Stakar Ogord reassembling his old team after Yondu‘s death, asking them to work together once again to honor their fallen friend. Apart from the captains we already met, there’re a couple of new faces, the first one being a snake-like red alien who casts quite a familiar spell to materialize a couple of thumbs-ups: that’s Krugarr, the only character who doesn’t have any actor portraying or voicing him (yet). Stakar and the others belong to Earth-691, a reality set in the XXXI Century…and it’s a surprise to see Krugarr in “our” timeline especially considering how much he’s linked to the future of a character we already met in the MCU. Let’s see together.

Krugarr was born on Lem, a remote planet inhabited by a long-lived race of the same name, in the 22nd Century. When he was young, Krugarr met a man who changed his life: this man was an alien coming from planet Earth, and he had survived the Martian Invasion by escaping the planet. He was Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme, who was now looking for a disciple after two centuries of protecting reality from interdimensional threats. Strange had perceived in Krugarr a strong potential for magic, and he offered him the chance to become the new Sorcerer Supreme: Krugarr accepted, and in the following years he trained hard under the tutelage of Strange. When he was finally ready, Doctor Strange entrusted him with the title of Sorcerer Supreme, while he assumed for himself the one of Ancient One, just like his master Yao had previously done. Krugarr stepped in to protect reality as his master had done for centuries, following his lead anytime the task was greater than his experience or his ability. During the decades, Krugarr became a sorcerer just as accomplished as his master, able to face unspeakable menaces that most people in the universe didn’t even know existed. He even learnt how to communicate with species other than Lems, as he didn’t have a mouth: he learnt how to emit vibrations that mimicked vocal language, so that he could be understood by other races (something that proved to be pivotal in his “job” as the magic protector of the universe). Krugarr served as the Sorcerer Supreme for nearly a millennium, until he felt the urgency to find a disciple to entrust the title to, just as Strange had done with him: he started monitoring people everywhere in the galaxy, looking for someone who showed the right potential and the fit attitude to become the new Sorcerer Supreme, and he finally found a worthy candidate on Earth’s Moon, where a colony of enslaved Inhumans lived. The candidate was a young Inhuman mine-worker, transformed by Terrigenesis into the were-cat Talon. Krugarr visited him, freed him and offered him the chance to become his disciple. Needless to say, the boy immediately accepted.

The boy turned out to be quite a hard disciple for Krugarr, as he lacked discipline: his young age brought him not to take seriously the training most of the times, while his feral nature made so that his rage took the best of him whenever he didn’t manage to perform a spell as he was supposed to. Krugarr was however a patient teacher, and he kept following his progresses, advising him and leading him…even if his advices fell mostly ignored. Sorcerer and disciple rarely intervened in “regular” emergencies, focusing only on metaphysical ones, but once they got involved with the Guardians of the Galaxy as they saved Major Victory‘s life, sensing how much he was important for the future of the galaxy. From that time, Krugarr and Talon helped the team more during their war with the Badoons, until they joined the Guardians and the Commandeers in a field battle against the invaders, who had teamed up with the human mercenaries known as the Punishers (weapon-worshippers who idolized the ancient vigilante Frank Castle). The battle was won, and at the end of it the Guardians asked Talon to join their ranks: Krugarr strongly opposed it, as he insisted on the total commitment that being a Sorcerer Supreme required, but his disciple once again didn’t listen to him, and joined the adventurers. Because of that, Krugarr dismissed Talon and left him on Earth, starting to look for another disciple. From time to time, however, either him or Doctor Strange were forced to intervene in Talon’s life again, as the boy lost control of the spells he hadn’t mastered yet, risking a grave chrisis after the other. The worst of them all occured when the Guardians of the Galaxy travelled back in time to the 20th Century and, when they came back, an unwanted “hitchhiker” followed them: the Dread Dormammu, a powerful interdimensional warlord who had tried for millennia to conquer Earth-616, and who was now willing to take it starting from the future. Doctor Strange, the Ancient One, opposed his old foe, who was more powerful than ever: Strange died, so Krugarr stepped in to challenge the impossibly strong foe. Also the new Sorcerer Supreme was about to soccumb, but he was saved at the last moment by Talon, who helped him in locking Dormammu in the Dark Dimension for good. After that, the least Krugarr could do was taking Talon back in as a disciple…even if there was still a lot of work to do to make him a Sorcerer Supreme.

Krugarr is a serious and disciplined sorcerer, a highly-intelligent protector who watches over reality as a whole; he’s capable of great concentration and compassion, but he finds his millennial patience put on the test by his disciple, Talon. As the new Sorcerer Supreme, he’s an accomplished magic user, who has at disposal a nearly infinite number of spells, and who inherited from his master a variety of ancient and powerful relics (including the legendary Cloak of Levitation, that allows him to fly); from teleportation to energy blasts, from energy manipulation and matter generation to telepathy and healing, there’s not much Krugarr can’t do, by himself or helped by books and amulets. Powerful and wise, Krugarr has protected his reality for nine hundreds years, but he’s ready to continue with his sacred mission for all centuries ahead.


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