Alex Wilder

Marvel is not losing any time, as two pics from two upcoming tv series have been released in the previous days (in the following days, we’ll alternate characters from both shows). The first one is Runaways, about a group of teenagers running away from home…and escaping from their supervillain parents. The first member of the juvenile team we see is also the de facto leader, Alex Wilder, who’ll be portrayed by Rhenzy Feliz. In the show, he’ll be the son of two crimelords who rebels to his parents, and he’ll apparently be also the one who’s most eager among the young protagonists to meet his childhood friends again. We still don’t know if the show will follow the comicbooks strictly, but if this is the case beware, as you’ll find some major spoilers about quite a plot twist here. If you don’t mind, let’s meet together young and brilliant Alex Wilder.

Alex Wilder was born in Malibu, California, the son of Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder. Since he was just a kid, he showed to possess quite an incredible intellect, that put him on an entirely different level than his peers. As all kids, he had a passion for superheroes (especially for Spider-Man, who was his favourite) and videogames, and he wanted to work for Rockstar Games when he grew up. This put him at odds with his parents, who wanted him to be a doctor, but everything was part of normal family quarrels. What wasn’t normal about Alex’s family was the job of his parents: as the boy soon found out, the Wilders were the most powerful mob bosses of the entire Los Angeles area; investigating more about them, Alex spied them during their annual meeting with other couples of friends, but what he stumbled upon was a human sacrifice, the Rite of Blood, performed by his parents and the others. Alex was close friends with the other children (he even had a long-time crush on Nico Minoru), but he decided not to tell them anything about what he had seen, wanting to investigate on the matter further. What he found out deciphering an old book he had found (the Abstract) was quite astonishing: all the kids’ parents, including his own, where collectively known as The Pride, a sect of supervillains working for the Gibborim, interdimensional demons who had promised to six of them to inherit the planet if they helped them come to Earth by sacrificing teenagers; the members of The Pride ha conceived children for the sole purpose of letting them obtain the Gibborim’s inheritance, while they would have sacrificed themselves in the apocalypse to come. What was immediately clear to Alex was that, despite being mass-murdering villains, his parents loved him, and this was also all that mattered. However, soon another problem appeared: four members of The Pride, Frank and Leslie Dean, two aliens, and Gene and Alice Hayes, two mutants, planned to kill the human members of the pride, in order to inherit Earth along with their daughters, Karolina and Molly…and Alex overheard them as they were planning it all. No matter what, Alex would have saved his parents, using any mean…including manipulating his childhood friends. The next year, during the usual families’ reunion, Alex guided Nico Minoru, Chase Stein and Gertrude Yorkes through the secret passage he pretended to have just discovered, letting his friends witness unseen to the Rite of Blood. He deceived his friends as he pretended to find out for the first time that their parents were assassins, and later suggested that they all ran away from home, looking for evidence to incriminate The Pride. Alex’s plan had just begun.

In the following days, the teenagers collected some weapons (and even a dinosaur) from their parents, then they escaped, taking shelter in The Hostel, an old mansion belonging to Chase Stein. Alex spent most of his time deciphering the Abstract, which he had taken along, a book that turned out to be a magic text containing not only the past deeds of The Pride, but also their present and their future. While he pretended to be using it for helping his friends, he was actually playing a dangerous chess game: on the one hand, he did assist the other kids in facing the many traps and threats coming from their parents, looking for them, while on the other hand he acted as a mole for The Pride, leaving them clues on where to find them and setting traps for his own friends, all the while remaining anonymous. When The Pride incriminated their children for the murder of Destiny Gonzales (the girl they had used for the Rite of Blood) and the abduction of Molly Hayes, who was still a little girl, the group became fugitive, and they started moving around the country from a shelter to another, always relying on Alex’s accurate planning for coming out of the most desperate situations. Although all the other runaways looked up to him, Alex remained emotionally detached from them, as he expected them to die in a few months. When, enthusiastic about their abilities, the members of the juvenile group started chosing “super-names” for themselves, Alex was the only one refusing to play along and pick one, as he insisted that he would have rather cleaned the name his parents had ruined rather than play superhero and hide behind an alias. Slowly but steadily, his plan was taking form: he wanted the Runaways to take down The Pride, possibly suffering major casualties, so that at last only the three Wilders and the three Minorus remained to claim the six sits in paradise the Gibborim had promised. The Pride, however, never exposed themselves long enough for the Runaways to strike them effectively, while none of his travel companions died, despite his best efforts (he even led a vampire, Topher, to The Hostel, but Karolina managed to incinerate him). When the heroes Cloak and Dagger found out about them and promised to tell their story to the Avengers, Alex realised the game was becoming too risky: he manipulated the Hayes so that they erased the heroes’ memories about their encounter with the Runaways, then he finished deciphering the Abstract to learn the site of the next Rite of Blood, convincing his teammates that it was the perfect spot for a surprise attack. The plan worked out pretty well, with his friends being knocked out one after the other: when Chase was injured, he entrusted his Fistigons and X-Ray Goggles to him, and so did Nico with her Staff of One; Gertrude relinquished the control of her dinosaur Old Lace to him before fainting, and eventually only Alex and Karolina remained to fight…at that point, Alex knocked the girl out and revealed himself as the mole. Next step, he told The Pride about the Deans’ and the Hayes’ plan. The consequences, however, proved to be hard to control for him…

Alex Wilder is an extremely intelligent kid, a genius born with leadership skills and a natural charisma; emotionally detached and morally ambiguous, he’s fiercely loyal to his parents, but values the life of a very few people besides them, most notably Nico Minoru’s one. Originally, he doesn’t possess any superpower, totally relying on his incredible intellect and his remarkable strategic abilities, but after his resurrection at the hands of Daimon Hellstrom he seems to be able to cast some magic spells, being now able to teleport, to increase his own strenght and even to banish people to Hell. A ruthless planner and a misguided genius, Alex Wilder is even more dangerous than his parents are, a true heir of The Pride’s legacy.



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