Maximus Boltagon (Maximus the Mad)

Time also for the last character appearing in the pic from Inhumans, the one who’ll be the main villain of the series: Maximus the Mad, portrayed by Iwan Rheon. In the show, his real name is Maximus Boltagon, and he’s King Black Bolt‘s brother… but he’s not exactly the kindest of siblings, as he plans to overthrone Black Bolt, conspiring against him in order, according to his words, to better serve Attilan and to grant freedom to its people (thus hinting at a possible grudge against his brother’s seclusion policy). Apparently, he also tries to involve other members of the Royal Family in his rebellion, first of all Queen Medusa, but it’s unlikely he’ll succeed… at least in this. Waiting to see Rheon portray another evil bastard on the small screen, let’s take a look at the original deranged tyrant.

Maximus Boltagon was the second son of Attilan’s top geneticists, Agon and Rynda, both belonging to the Inhuman Royal Family. Maximus was exposed to the Terrigen Mist when he was still an infant, but apparently the Terrigenesis didn’t have any effect on him, as he showed no physical change nor any superhuman ability; while growing up, however, Maximus started developing powerful psionic abilities, that he chose to keep hidden from his family, preferring to pretend to be an “inert” Inhuman. Maximus didn’t grow up with his older brother Blackagar, as he possessed an uncontrollable power that made it impossible for him to live with other people, and stayed in an isolation chamber; he spent most of his childhood with his cousins Medusa, Karnak and Gorgon and, as the troublemaker he was, he often put them in troubles with adults. With time, however, he grew closer to Medusa, and started flirting with her even if she was promised to Black Bolt: when he was sixteen, at last, Black Bolt was released from the isolation chamber, and Medusa made it clear she was loyal to her betrothed only. At first, Maximus was happy as everyone else to have his brother back, and he even grew close to him… but he eventually became jealous of him, and he even tried to trick him into speaking, so that his powerful voice would have caused damage and he would have been imprisoned again. His cousins stopped him, but Maximus didn’t give up on trying quite yet. When Agon became king in place of the Unspoken, Maximus started nurturing ambitions over the throne destined to his brother as well, and he arrived to the point of making a deal with the Kree, the alien race that had created the Inhumans and always tried to regain control over them, to help them reconquer Attilan in exchange of the throne. Black Bolt, however, spotted him making a deal with a Kree officer, and he stopped his plan by destroying the alien ship with his voice: this had two results, as the ship came crashing on the Inhuman parliament, killing also Agon and Rynda, while Maximus, who stood close to Black Bolt, was driven almost to insanity by his brother’s scream, which also apparently suppressed his (hidden) mental powers. Even more resentful towards his brother than ever, Maximus swore to oppose him as long as he lived, swearing to win the throne (and Medusa’s hand) for himself.

With Black Bolt now on the throne, Maximus devoted himself to the sole purpose of overthrowing him. He started making experiments on the Alpha Primitives, a subhuman species used as servants by Inhumans, until he exposed three of them to the Terrigen Mist, transforming them into an energy creature he dubbed Trikon. The energy monster wreaked havoc in Attilan, and while Black Bolt and the others were busy with it, Maximus took many prominent Inhumans hostages; using them as leverage, he forced Black Bolt to resign the crown to him, and then exiled thim, putting to death anyone who knew about the Alpha Primitives’ uprising so that he kept the illegitimacy of his rule secret. When Gorgon returned to try and bargain the Royal Family’s return, Maximus agreed on condition: Gorgon’s parents would have remained his hostages, at least until the warrior had brought back to Attilan Medusa (whom, secretly from Gorgon, Maximus wanted to force to become his wife). As a precaution, Maximus sent one of his most trusted minions, The Seeker, after Gorgon, to monitor his progresses and to intervene if something went wrong. In the following years, Maximus ruled over Attilan with an iron fist, bringing all his deranged fantasies to reality. He also dedicated himself to a number of brilliant inventions, among which the Atmo-Gun, a device that would have wiped out the human race from Earth, so that Inhumans could inherit the planet. When The Seeker came back to Attilan telling him that Black Bolt was coming along with his cousins to reclaim the throne, Maximus prepared to activate the Atmo-Gun, but he was stopped by his brother. Not yet defeated, he activated another one of his machines, that created an unbreakable barrier made of the Negative Zone‘s energy around the city, locking all Inhumans inside. He then tried to escape with the Seeker, but they were reached by Black Bolt and Gorgon: Maximus used his reemerging mental powers to take control of his brother and use him against Gorgon, but he used his cousin to shield himself from the Seeker’s blasts, redirecting them to Maximus, hitting him in the head, knocking him out and making him even madder than before. Imprisoned, Maximus was constantly interrogated by his cousins, who tried to force him to reveal the key to destroy the barrier, but Maximus was totally mad, and apparently only interested in building toys. He eventually told that the barrier’s secret lied in his brother’s secret, so that Black Bolt understood he had to use his forbidden voice to free Attilan. When the barrier was destroyed, the Royal Family left to better explore the human world… thus leaving Attilan defenseless and ready for Maximus to retake it as soon as possible…

Maximus Boltagon is an extremely intelligent yet ambitious man, a prince whose ego makes him think to be the best possible ruler for Attilan and all Inhumans; with no loyalty but to himself, he’s ready to do anything in his power to obtain the throne, and whatever else he desires. As Maximus the Mad, he’s significantly stronger, faster, more agile and durable than any human; he possesses mild mind powers that allow him to take control of other people’s minds, with variable effects depending on his mental state, from total control while at the peak of his strength to mild influence when weak; his most remarkable and dangerous talent, however, is his genius intelligence, that allows him to create a number of lethal devices and to conceive intricate plans to outsmart his enemies. As brilliant as he may be, however, Maximus is completely mad, so he tends to act illogically, often in opposition to his own interest, thus being not only an extremely dangerous foe, but also a highly unpredictable one…



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