Lynn Stewart

There’s still another upcoming tv series that debuted with a pretty cool trailer, and this time it comes from DC Comics: Black Lightning, revolving around a retired superhero forced to don the suit again to protect his family… and it’s his family we got a first look at with the trailer, starting from his wife, Lynn Pierce, portrayed by Christine Adams. In the trailer, we see her during a flashback assisting her husband, who’s bleeding to death in a bathtub, thus giving quite an idea on why she’s his ex-wife in present day. We don’t know much on how she’ll factor in her ex-husband’s present life, but it’s unlikely she’ll react with a positive attitude to her daughters’ transformation. Just like in the comics.

Born Lynn Stewart, this woman’s life has been rewritten many times depending on the continuity, facing some major changes from Earth-One to New Earth, but also within New Earth itself (in the first version, she was a young teacher who met Jefferson Pierce as a colleague, and who divorced him when they had no kids together). Since she was meant to be John Stewart‘s sister, she was most likely born in DetroitMichigan, but she moved from her home city to study Law. In college she met Jefferson Pierce, an English Literature student who dreamt of becoming a teacher: despite coming from the Suicide Slums, the worst, most ill-famed block in Metropolis, Jeff was charismatic, inspiring, gifted with both a wonderful athletic body and a magnetic personality… Lynn couldn’t help but falling in love with him. The two became a couple, and they got married soon after. The couple moved depending on where Jeff was called, and since he overhauled five-six schools in a matter of a few years, they moved quite a lot, thus making it difficult for Lynn to start a proper career as a lawyer. She was however intensely involved in her husband’s social missions, and she gladly shared his life… albeit, obviously, with time this started to become a burden. In their first years together, however, everything was good, and they had their first daughter, Anissa. Soon, however, the Pierces’ life changed, as the nightmares came: Jeff felt guilty for abandoning the Suicide Slums, and he couldn’t sleep well at night… but when he had a nightmare, his body released electric energy, thus putting Lynn in danger. This was the beginning of the end for their marriage.

These emerging powers deeply changed Jefferson: he threw himself into work to try to wear himself out and not think about it, and he stopped to have sex with Lynn, fearing to electrocute her in the process. For Lynn this was extremely difficult, and it was even more so when Jeff was convinced that the only way he could get rid of his problems was to come back to the Suicide Slums and to operate there: for Lynn, this meant she would have raised her daughter in a violent ghetto. Jeff changed houses with his sister Constance, so that she could raise her teenager sons away from the ghetto and from their father, a mobster from The 100 gang, while Lynn was forced to live with her mother-in-law Leona, who used to live with her daughter. The positive side of it was that Lynn immediately found a job in a Metropolis firm, while Jeff became the new principle of Garfield High, replacing one who had hanged himself in the school. The very first day they arrived, some teenagers stole their moving boxes, quite a welcoming gift. When, some months later, a mysterious vigilante started fighting The 100 and the other street gangs, it took little time for Lynn to guess it was her husband behind the man’s hood: she didn’t tell him she knew, but she spent every night worried and afraid, fearing that he never came back. Summing to this, she found an incredibly corrupt legal system in Metropolis, and she started to work hard to clean it. This brought her quite a number of death threats, but this didn’t stop her from incriminating one of The 100’s pet judges… even if the gang eventually framed her for corruption. Tired of the system, she helped Peter Gambi tailor a new costume for her husband, and she was indirectly responsible for the birth of the Black Lightning. The corruption case grew so much that FBI had to move her away as part of Witness Protection Program, and when she left she was expecting her second daughter, Jennifer. It was clear, however, that she wouldn’t have been able to stand this kind of life for much longer…

Lynn Stewart Pierce is a strong and focused woman, more than able to support her husband in his battles, and to lead her own in the meanwhile (everything while taking care of the family and running the house). Honest to a fault and a capable lawyer, she’s just as dangerous for criminals as her vigilante husband is. Despite she loves Jefferson dearly, however, there’s just as much as a woman can bear for her man, and even if she’s ready to take any risk for him, when her daughters are the ones risking their lives she has no doubt on whom she has to protect first.


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