Wonder Woman is out, and this means we have literally a ton of Amazons to speak about (as well as a couple of villains, including the big baddie). Let’s start with one of the many warriors we see on the beach of Themyscira, giving quite a warm welcome to the German Army as they approach the seaside: Trigona, portrayed by Hari James. In the movie, she has a small cameo just like most of the others, and we only see her charging at the soldiers on her horse. She clearly differs from her comicbook counterpart, starting from the not negligible detail that she has both her legs… and that she lives in Themyscira, while she’s a member of another tribe originally. Let’s see together.

Trigona was born like the other Amazons, created from the clay by the goddesses of Olympus and imbued with the souls of the many women who died at the hands of men’s violence. Her mission was to bring peace and understanding in a war-torn world, and she resided in Themyscira with her sisters. Her life as a peace-bringer ended abruptly when the “heroes” Herakles and Theseus tricked and imprisoned the Amazonian queens, enslaving and raping all the Amazons and destroying the sacred city of Themyscira. Athena granted the Amazons their freedom, but on the condition that they didn’t follow the path of violence: blinded by the thirst of revenge, however, some of the Amazons, Trigona included, slain the attackers. Queen Hippolyta begged her belligerent sisters to step down from their bloodthirst, but her sister, Queen Antiope, decided to disobey Olympus and to hunt down Herakles and Theseus in the outside world. Trigona had no doubts on who to pledge her loyalty to, and she followed Antiope, abandoning Themyscira. This “lost tribe” of Amazons fought battle after battle, until they reached the city of Thebes, where Theseus was king: instead of the bloody vengeance she was expecting, however, Trigona was quite surprised to find something else entirely, as Antiope fell in love with her former captor and married him, becoming queen of Thebes. Much to her scorn, she became a member of the Royal Army of Thebes, along with all her sisters, fighting side by side with the men she had wanted to slain. This state of things didn’t last long, as some years later Antiope was killed in her bedchamber by Theseus’ first wife, Ariadne, and the sorceress Circe framed the loyal Amazon Phthia for the murder: this, for Trigona and the others, was simply the last drop, and they took their weapons again against the men and freed Phthia, then they left Thebes and Greece, swearing the would have never trusted another man. Without a leader and trusting nobody around them, the Amazons became a violent tribe of warriors and mercenaries, and they even participated to the Trojan War (obviously on the Trojans‘s side, against the Greeks).

The war, however, was lost, and the Lost Tribe resumed its wandering: the Amazons became nomadic, until they decided it was time for them to build a new home, just as separated from men’s world as Themyscira was. They arrived in Egypt, where they founded another sacred city, Bana-Mighdall (roughly translated as the Temple of Women), and they obtained the protection of the goddesses of Egypt. Soon the Amazons realized they had lost their immortality, so they started abducting men from the nearby villages and cities, locking them in stables and using them for breeding only, slaves of the female warriors; if a male baby was born, he was killed, while the female ones became fierce warriors. The Amazons of Bana-Mighdall lived in relative peace for centuries, until they entered in conflict with demonic warriors from an unspecified Demon Dimension (possibly Hell itself): the conflict lasted for decades, many Amazons fell to the demons, and many others were severely wounded by them. Trigona fought with her sisters, but she was among the ones who suffered the most for the war, as she lost her right leg to the demons. Eventually, the war was won, but it was clear that Trigona wouldn’t have been able to be the warrior she used to be anymore. She had however one skill she could still put at her sisters’ service: she knew weapons like no others, and she was able to forge and build them besides wielding them. She became Bana-Mighdall’s best armorer, and the best blades came out of her forge. She became a point of reference for all her sisters in the city, but also for the people from outside Bana-Mighdall, as she sold her weapons to the men outside as well, thus earning enough for her city to prosper even when the Amazons weren’t hired for some war. Despite she couldn’t fight anymore, she still contributed to her people’s greatness.

Trigona is a fierce and proud warrior, who nurtures a deep hatred towards all men and an unshakable loyalty to her sisters, the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall. As an Amazon, she possesses superhuman strength, durability, speed, reflexes, agility and stamina, as well as an enhanced intellect; despite not being immortal anymore, her lifespan is greatly extended, and even if she misses a leg, she’s still a fearsome warrior, trained in the use of any weapon, classic or modern, in archery and in horsemanship. A living monument to the pride of her people, as well as to their violent ferocity, Trigona still fights her own battles, albeit from another perspective.