Let’s go back to Themyscira, as we meet another Amazon from Wonder Woman: this time it’s the turn of Egeria, portrayed by professional martial artist Madeleine Vall. In the movie, she’s one of Antiope‘s top warriors, and we see her both during her training and during the brief battle that sees the Amazons repel a division of German soldiers arrived on the island following Steve Trevor. Not much more is seen of her in the movie, as she’s just one of the many cameos on the island… but even in the comics her role is quite a secondary one, albeit she’s remembered for quite a heroic ending. Let’s see together.

Egeria was one of the very first Amazons, born when some of the goddesses of Olympus, wanting to put a stop to humans’ thirst for violence and destruction, imbued magical clay bodies with the souls of the women who had been killed by men’s brutality since the dawn of times. Egeria rose from the Mediterranean Sea along with her sisters, and she dedicated herself to the mission of bringing peace in the heart of men, quelling their conflicts and helping them controlling their impulses. The paradise the Amazons were building ended when the legendary hero Heracles invaded Themyscira, their island, and enslaved, raped and humiliated the Amazons. Athena freed the Amazons, but she demanded them not to pursue the path of vengeance: Queen Hippolyta agreed to do that, while her sister Queen Antiope wanted to organize a punitive expedition against the aggressors. The Amazons split between their queens, and despite being a warrior born, and quite a skilled one, Egeria chose to be faithful to Hippolyta, rejecting the path of violence. Hippolyta’s Amazons stayed on Themyscira, and from that moment on the gods granted the island their protection, preventing any enemy from ever finding it. Egeria was assigned by Hippolyta with quite an important task, as she was named the first Captain of the Guard in the reborn nation of Themyscira. Egeria personally selected the members of the Guard, choosing among the most skilled warriors of the island; she selected the strong and wise Philippus as her lieutenant, and the two became friends.

Knowing that no enemy would have ever attacked from the outside, Egeria focused her and her women’s efforts in exploring the island, which was still untamed for the most part. In the entire island, the only possible menace could come from the Doom’s Doorway, a mystical gate connected to Hades; the God of the Dead Hades had tasked the Amazons with guarding it, but he had also sealed the Doorway with a stone slab so that no demon nor cursed soul could escape his realm. Egeria believed it to be solid, so she tasked her Guard with collecting lumber to be used for building Themyscira… but she had overestimated the barrier, which cracked, letting one demon out. The evil spirit possessed Philippus’ horse, turning it into a fanged monster. The creature nearly killed its rider, but Egeria intervened quite in time: she saved her lieutenant’s life, and she faced the monster in combat, managing to slain it. The warrior, however, soon realized that the slab was quickly crumbling, menacing to release all the demons of Hades on the island and, so, on Earth. Without the slightest hesitation, Egeria blocked the Doom’s Doorway with her own body, and she ordered her Guard to release all the lumber they had collected from their carts: albeit shocked, the Amazons obeyed their Captain, and they buried her and the Doorway with her under tons of tree trunks. A true hero, Egeria was honored by Hippolyta with the first statue ever in the Temple of Hades, the hall in which the fallen Amazons would have always been remembered, their stories told to the new generations as examples of heroism and selflessness.

Egeria is a strong and resourceful Amazon, who however chose to use her strength only to protect mankind and her sisters. As an Amazon, she possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility, stamina, durability and reflexes, and she’s also immortal (albeit she’s not invulnerable); she’s one of the best warriors ever existed on Themyscira, a master swordswoman and archer, expert in horse-riding and in the use of the spear, as well as an impressive hand-to-hand combatant. A true hero in Themyscira’s history, Egeria represents the best an Amazon can be: all the strength and ferocity of a lioness, accompanied by the kindness and the love of a mother.