While looking for the pics of the missing characters from Wonder Woman, let’s keep seeing who the people in the Black Panther trailer are. Next in line is W’Kabi, portrayed by Daniel Kaluuya: he’s the man who brings the handcuffed Killmonger in front of King T’Challa. In the movie, he’ll be a friend and confidant of T’Challa, a loyal warrior who guides the new king in replacing his deceased father. He surely appears to be quite younger than his comics counterpart, and no mention is made of his role in the palace, albeit taking care of the prisoner may hint of his title of Chief of Security. In the meanwhile, let’s meet together the original W’Kabi.

W’Kabi was born in the hidden African nation of Wakanda, in an unspecified village. As a young man, he was a skilled warrior serving in the national army, and he met Chandra, a girl who would have become his wife. From Chandra he had two sons, Kono and an unnamed little one. W’Kabi was a respected member of his village, and as an adult he became the elder, leading his people and representing them in national matters. Because of his role, he moved to the Royal Palace along with his family, and joined the Taifa Ngao (the “Shield of the Nation“), the council of tribal elders. Along with his fellow councilmen, he briefed King T’Chaka on the villages’ situation, and adviced him in his policy, always with the greatest respect for his decisions and a total obedience. It was in this period that, due to his skills and experience as a warrior and a chieftain, T’Chaka named W’Kabi the new Chief of Security in the palace, a prestigious title, but also a dangerous one, that included the duty of protecting the king and the other important personalities of the government. Due to an unknown menace he repelled, W’Kabi lost an arm, and he replaced it with a bionic one, a weaponized limb that made him an even more proficient combatant. This duty, however, often put him at odds with his wife Chandra, and the two of them always fought for the tasks the king appointed him with (sometimes even in front of their children, despite W’Kabi always tried not to). Despite the problems with his wife, W’Kabi never thought of renouncing to his responsibilities…not even when, despite his guard, King T’Chaka was killed by a foreigner, the mercenary Ulysses Klaw.

With the king dead, his son T’Challa inherited the throne, and for first he went after Klaw and his men. The mercenary disappeared, and the Taifa Ngao was tasked with finding him anywhere in the country or outside he had hidden. W’Kabi personally dispatched his men all around the world, but the killer seemed to have disappeared in thin air; when another councilman proposed to obtain the cooperation of Western countries by trading the cure for cancer for it, W’Kabi firmly opposed it, stating those countries would have turned it into a weapon as everything else, and that no government who truly cared for its citizens’ health would have ever sold them cigarettes in the first place. Klaw had actually disappeared, but he reformed soon after as a being of solidified sound, but from that first meeting W’Kabi and T’Challa grew close, with the elder becoming a trusted guide and a friend to the young king. He even became his second in command, and everytime T’Challa was away (something that happened quite often, especially after he became an Avenger), he led the country in his place, along with the Taifa Ngao and Queen Ramonda. A traditionalist at heart, W’Kabi didn’t trust anyone from outside Wakanda, and didn’t like his king to have this many friends from the West: he didn’t even like his fiancée, Monica Lynne, nor the one who acted as his American aide, Everett Ross. His sense of loyalty, however, compelled him to cooperate with whoever the king told him to, so he even learnt to open his horizons a bit, albeit grudgingly. When Venomm, a former agent of the conspirator Killmonger, apparently switched sides and offered his services to T’Challa, W’Kabi accepted his presence at the palace, but he spent most of his energies and time spying on him, waiting for him to show his true colors: no king would have been killed with him on duty, not again.

W’Kabi is a wise but suspicious man, a charismatic leader who takes his task of keeping the palace safe very seriously. He’s a skilled combatant, expert in several martial arts, and he possesses a bionic arm that can emit powerful energy blasts. W’Kabi doesn’t trust anyone coming from outside the country, and he doesn’t agree with most of his king’s decision regarding the West, but despite this his loyalty his unshakable and unbendable, and he’ll always obey T’Challa, even if he doesn’t share his vision on the outside world at all.


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