Inza Cramer (Doctor Fate)

Back from a brief pause, let’s take a look from a character requested by casualgamer (this time it’s only one, so we’ll see her before all the other coming from Lucy W.‘s list): Inza Nelson, the wife of Dr. Fate. Inza only had one live action appearance in Smallville, and we only see her during a flashback as she watches helpessly as her husband Kent is taken away by some healthcare assistants and forcibly istitutionalized. We don’t know how, but she died in the following years, a pain that broke Kent’s mind even more. In the comics, Inza is not only the love interest of Doctor Fate, but she becomes Doctor Fate herself after (and along with) her husband. Let’s take a look.

Inza Cramer was born in New York City in the 1920s, but nothing of her early life is known. She was admitted to college, and she started studying archaeology, specialising in ancient Egyptian civilization. In order to deepen her studies she travelled to Alexandria, in Egypt, where she met a brilliant archaeologist, Kent Nelson. The two became fast friends, albeit meeting Kent wouldn’t have been the thing Inza remembered the most about the travel: a powerful sorcerer named Wotan attacker her using one of his mortal agents, Thomas Frawley, and Inza survived the experience only thanks to another sorcerer, this time a good one, who called himself Doctor Fate. Grateful to the mysterious masked hero, Inza offered him her help and knowledge, becoming his partner in fighting ancient evils and occult threats. In the meanwhile, she had come back to New York, where her friendship with Kent Nelson was growing. It was after battling an ancient and malicious god, the Mayan Mayoor, who tried to use Inza as a vessel to come back to the physical world, that finally Doctor Fate revealed his true identity to Inza…and she found out the magician had been Kent all the time. This revelation made the bond between the two even stronger, and the two eventually realised they had fallen in love. As Kent decided to leave archaeology and to become a medical doctor, Inza followed him and become a nurse, and the two spent a lot of time together…but from the moment they got engaged, Fate stopped having Inza as his partner in battles, as he now fought evil with the other superheroes from the Justice Society of America. When the two got married and moved to the Tower of Fate, things got even worse: everytime Fate left the Tower to battle villains, Inza was left behind, waiting for his return. Eventually she got tired of this, missing the old days when she and Kent were fighting side by side, and she followed Fate as he left to face the undead priest Khalis. As soon as she was out of the Tower of Fate, however, the enemies of her husband, the Lords of Chaos, spotted her and targeted her…

The Lords of Chaos kidnapped Inza, and used her to blackmail Doctor Fate, even torturing her. Kent eventually saved her, but she emerged in a pretty bad shape: physically wounded, mentally traumatized, she started suffering from paranoid depression, and she never left the Tower of Fate ever again. Kent put all his energies into healing his wife, but doing so the spell that kept him and Inza eternally young lost power and faded, so the two spouses rapidly aged to match their original age, and died. Both Inza’s and Kent’s souls, however, didn’t depart to the afterlife, but they were stored in the Amulet of Anubis, one of Fate’s mystical weapons. While inside the Amule, Inza’s mind could finally rest and heal, and when the Lords of Order resurrected her and Kent to replace the deceased Eric and Linda Strauss, they were both given new, young bodies; Nabu, the Lord of Order inhabiting the Helm of Nabu, told them that he originally inteded them both to have Doctor Fate’s power, as they were supposed to merge and to share the power, but that Kent had misunderstood everything and had kept the power to himself. Inza was quite upset for this, but she soon changed her mind when she realised Kent was now unable to become Fate, while she could: she possessed now all the powers that once belonged to her husband, and she was the new Doctor Fate, even if she didn’t merge with Kent as she was supposed to. Intoxicated by her new power, Inza become a far more reckless and less cogitative version of Fate, and she started experimenting with magic taking in little consideration her husband’s suggestions. As her character became impossible, she and Kent separated and parted ways, as she wanted to be her own Doctor Fate. This change of attitude, however, wasn’t exactly natural: the Helm of Nabu had been possessed by Tgiian, a Lord of Chaos, who was influencing her actions and making her tap into the energies of Chaos rather than the Order’s ones to use her magic…thus making her an Agent of Chaos. Unable to face Tgiian on her own, Inza was assisted by Kent, who had come back for her: together, they exorcised the Lord of Chaos, and took possession of the Helm again. Finally, they could use the power of Doctor Fate together, as a couple, as they had always been meant to do.

Inza Nelson is a woman who’s always been ahead of her time, and albeit she lived at the beginning of the XX Century, she never was the submitted and silent kind of wife, always being a woman of action, treating her husband as an equal. As Doctor Fate, she possesses an immense mystic power, being able to cast an infinite variety of spells allowing her to fly, to generate and manipulate different kinds of energy, to phase through solid objects, to read minds and hypnotize people, to cast illusions, to create energy shields, to teleport through space and time, to manipulate reality itself and many other things. Drawing her powers from Order, Chaos or even from the collective power of humanity, Inza is quite a reckless Doctor Fate, an enthusiastic protector lacking of experience or self-control who needs her husband’s caution and wisdom to form a balance and create the perfect Agent of Order.


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