In the meanwhile, I gathered all the pics I needed to complete the characters from Wonder Woman, so we’ll alternate them to the others coming. Let’s begin with another impressive number of Amazons, starting with Mnemosyne, portrayed by Josette Simon. In the movie, Mnemosyne is the unlucky woman with the unrewarding task of taking care of little Diana, constantly losing her around Themyscira as the undisciplined child evades her surveilance. In the comics, Mnemosyne is indeed an Amazon, and she also acted as a teacher of sort for Diana, with the only thing differing greatly being her looks (but this applies to nearly every African-American Amazon appearing in the film). Let’s see together.

Mnemosyne was born when some of the goddesses of OlympusAthenaHestia, DemeterAphrodite and Artemis, decided to stem men’s violence and imbued magical bodies made of clay with the souls of the too many women slain by them. Mnemosyne emerged from the Mediterranean Sea along with her sisters, and she settled in modern Turkey, where she started with all the others her task of keeping peace between men, bringing harmony and understanding. Things didn’t go exactly as planned, however, as the Amazons collected also many enemies with their work in the world, especially the War God Ares, who understandably didn’t like their messing with his affairs. Due to Ares’ machinations, Heracles and Theseus managed to subdue and enslave the Amazons, and Mnemosyne found herself captive along with her sisters. When, thanks to Athena, the female warriors were freed, they split into two groups: one chose to follow Queen Hippolyta, who wished to obey Athena and not to hunt their enemies down, preferring a peaceful existence, and one who followed Queen Antiope instead, chosing vengeance over compassion and starting an all-out war against men. Mnemosyne, always the wise and meditative one, followed the first queen, and went to live on Themyscira, a sacred island blessed by the goddesses which the Amazons could live on, hidden from the rest of the world. In the following years, Mnemosyne dedicated herself to studies, and she collected a number of rare books and parchments to be kept in Themyscira’s library. Since nothing appeared in the Amazons’ future, she focused on learning as much as she could on her people’s past. Then, future came back to Themyscira, in the form of a baby.

When Princess Diana was born, literally a new life spread through Themyscira, and finally the Amazons could open themselves to a future that centuries of seclusion and immortal life had taken from them. Mnemosyne taught Diana everything she knew about Amazonian history, and as the chief historian she knew pretty much everything. When Diana left Themyscira to help Captain Steve Trevor, Mnemosyne was quick to recognize in him the son of the woman remembered as a heroine among the Amazons, Diana Rockwell Trevor, and she blessed Diana’s interest for the man. The princess became the heroine known as Wonder Woman in the feared Patriarch’s World, and despite her successes were plain, her absence from Themyscira divided the Amazons’ opinions, and while some of them, like Mnemosyne, were happy for Diana’s victories, others saw in her public demonstration of Amazons’ existence a threat for Themyscira. Some others even believed that Diana wasn’t ready to face men’s world alone, but as soon as Mnemosyne learnt that Hermes had chosen Julia Deneiros Kapatelis, an explorer and a professor at Oxford University, to be her mentor in the outside world, she was more than satisfied with the choice, believing that nobody could have been a better guide for her. She proved to be right, and years later Wonder Woman came back victorious to Themyscira. Once again, her presence caused division among the Amazons, with the military leader Philippus wanting to use Diana’s knowledge of Patriarch’s World against it; Mnemosyne, helped by Acantha, managed to convince her sisters not to pursue that path, showing them through their own history how everything happening to the Amazons had led to that very moment, with Wonder Woman acting as a bridge between two worlds. The next challenge for Mnemosyne was to update the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall of Themyscirian history when the two groups reunited…quite a hard task, considering the Bana-Mighdallians’ grudge against their lost sisters.

Mnemosyne is an intelligent and cultured Amazon, possibly the most knowledgable woman on Themyscira, and one of the wisest. As an Amazon, she possesses superhuman strenght, speed, agility, durability, stamina and reflexes, and she’s immortal (albeit not invunerable); she’s a skilled warrior, an archer, a swordswoman and a horse rider, just as formidable on the battlefield as she is in a library. A living bank of knowledge, Mnemosyne takes her name from the ancient Goddess of Memory, and she honors it with keeping the historical memory of everything happening to Themyscira and its inhabitants.


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