Next Amazon in our sight is Euboea, portrayed by Samantha Jo, another known character who has little more than a cameo in Wonder Woman. In the film, we can clearly see her in two moments: first, during Diana‘s final training, when she first taps into her godly powers, then during the battle on Themyscira‘s beach, squaring off against the German Army. In the comics, albeit not a prominent character, Euboea has a closer relationship with Wonder Woman, and she’s portrayed as a close friend of hers. Let’s see together.

Euboea was created, like all the other Amazons, by five deities of Olympus, Athena, HestiaAphroditeDemeter and Arthemis, who wanted to quell men’s tendency to violence by making them know love and compassion; Euboea’s body was made of sacred clay from the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, but her soul once belonged to a woman who had been killed by men. With gifts from all the goddesses who had brought her to life, Euboea was a great warrior just as her sisters, and she used her battle prowess to put an end to the many conflicts engulfing the Mediterranean area, bringing a new era of peace under the leadership of the sister queens Hippolyta and Antiope. When two champions of Men’s World, Heracles and Theseus, tricked the Amazons, imprisoned and raped them, the harmony between the sisters shattered: freed by Athena, the Amazons repelled their attackers, but while Hippolyta wanted to obey Athena and to show compassion on her enemies, Antiope disowned the goddess’ protection and her mission and demanded revenge on her captors. The Amazons were left free to chose who to follow between the two queens, and Euboea stayed loyal to Hippolyta, renouncing to the path of blood and violence she had been tasked to eradicate from the world in the first place. Hippolyta’s Amazons were granted a safe haven from the gods, Themyscira, and they moved to the island to live the peaceful life they had tried to bring to the world.

Albeit in times of peace, Euboea was still a warrior, and she trained daily to mantain her ability; she also was the island’s best swimmer, opening every year the ritual of the Dive of the Nereids, meant to honor the water godesses who kept the island safe. When Hippolyta was granted a daughter from the gods, Diana, Euboea got immediately fond of the girl, and as she grew up the two became friends. It was Euboea the one who taught Diana how to swim (although when she was little the girl refused to touch the water), and she was among the many Amazons who taught her how to fight and ride a horse. As an adult, Diana left Themyscira and became Wonder Woman in the Men’s World, thus resuming the Amazons’ ancient mission: Euboea was proud of her, and she defended her from the (many) sisters who doubted her actions and feared their consequences. Some of the worst fears of these Amazons, however, apparently became true, as Themyscira was involved in the so-called War of the Gods, an unprecedented conflict set up by the sorceress Circe that saw several pantheons forced by a spell to destroy each other; the Greek and the Roman pantheons were the core of the war, and the Amazons joined the first one and went to war once again. Euboea fought alongside her sisters, crossing blades even with the lost Amazons of Bana-Mighdall, who had been manipulated by Circe to fight against them. With the New Gods from both Apokolips and New GenesisCaptain Marvel and the Rock of Eternity, Doctor Fate and the other mystics, Superman and the Justice League of America and many other forces involved, the conflict was about to reach a devastating peak…but help came from the most unexpected ally, Ares, who had discovered Circe’s manipulations and had gathered the war gods from all the pantheons to stop the conflict. The victims, however, were many, and Euboea found herself mourning many sisters…just before a new war erupted, this time from within Themyscira…

Euboea is a powerful Amazon, a warrior born who knows compassion and love, and who values friendship and loyalty over everything. As an Amazon, she possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility, stamina, durability, senses and reflexes, and she’s immortal as long as she lives in Themyscira; she’s also a skilled warrior, master of any traditional Greek weapon, as well as a capable rider and a superb swimmer and diver. Deeply committed to her mission of instilling compassion in the heart of men, Euboea doesn’t hesitate to brace the sword when the situation requires it, a kind of love that considers war the last option, but an option nevertheless.


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