A new trailer for the upcoming Inhumans has been released, and we got our first look at the last member of the Royal Family who was missing from the previous family portrait: Triton, portrayed by Mike Moh. In the trailer, we see him as he helps Crystal escaping through a forest, thus hinting he’ll be among the ones exiled by Maximus on Earth. We know he’ll retain his ability to breathe underwater, albeit he seems to be able to survive on land as well in this version, and judging from his greenish pigmentation and his head-fin, it’s easy to say he’ll also be as hideous as he is in the comics, but how much will depend on the budget mainly. Now, let’s take a look at this last family member’s story.

As most of the Inhumans, the man known as Triton was born in the hidden city of Attilan, the eldest son of philosopher Mander and social activist Azur, both members of the reigning House of Agon. As it was custom, Triton was exposed to the Terrigen Mist when he was still a child, at just one year old, and the Terrigenesis had on him a devastating effect: he was mutated in a human-fish hybrid, able to breathe and move freely underwater, but incapable of living on dry land. It was due to this extensive mutation on their first son that Mander and Azur obtained not to expose to the Mist their second born, Karnak. Azur studied ocean life to better take care of her son, and she devised for him a respirator that allowed him to move on dry land while breathing water, thus saving at least part of his social life. Unfortunately, this underwater researches were also the cause of Azur’s death some years later. Unlike Karnak, who spent most of his time with his cousins MedusaGorgon, Crystal and Maximus (and, when he was released from his isolation, Black Bolt), Triton was more of a loner, and he mostly explored the waters around Attilan, set on an island in the Pacific Ocean at the time, and doing so he even met and befriended Namor, prince of Atlantis. Once, he crossed path with a huge ship, that was accidentally hit by a military submarine and sank: wanting to help the people inside, Triton only managed to save a boy, Billy, while all the others drowned. Shocked by the experience, he came back to the island, wanting to train to become stronger and faster. In the meanwhile, Black Bolt had become the king of the Inhumans, and he named Triton Attilan’s scout, thus allowing him to swim and explore as much as he liked, with the special task of keeping an eye on humans. It was while doing this that Triton spotted a woman attacked by a fishman like himself: wanting to help her, he intervened… but the woman was an actress who was filming a B-movie. As an answer to his bravery, the film’s crew incapacitated him, and captured him.

As soon as he realized he had stumbled upon a true fishman, the director decided to bring Triton to New York City to become rich, and he locked him in a water-filled glass case. As soon as he realized they wanted to keep him caged forever, Triton broke free and sank the ship, but he swam to New York nevertheless to explore. Once again, as soon as people saw him they started attacking him, taking him for a monster. Back to Attilan, Triton informed his king that humans were still a violent and dangerous race, and that he feared that, with their technological progress, they would have found Attilan soon enough. Black Bolt took him very seriously, and decided to move all his people to another location; thanks to his connections with the Eternals, the king brought the entire city of Attilan on the Himalayas, thus hoping to keep Inhumans safe. Unfortunately for Triton, this also meant that there was no more sea around the city, and he was forced to wear his respirator all the time, being able to swim only when he was in his personal tank, or when Lockjaw teleported him back to Earth to pay visit to Namor. When Maximus overthrew his brother, Triton was exiled along with the rest of his family, and he was dispatched by Black Bolt to discover Medusa’s location on the planet. The Royal Family finally found its missing member in New York, where she had been brainwashed to be a villain; Triton and Gorgon fought against the Human Torch to reach Medusa, and when he managed to escape the group was pitted against the Fantastic Four altogether. During the fight, Triton was kidnapped by the Seeker, an agent of Maximus, who held him prisoner along with the android Dragon Man. The latter, in panic, broke free destroying Triton’s water tank in the process, so that the Inhuman was doomed: the Fantastic Four intervened, and the Invisible Woman saved him, using her powers to form a water-filled energy field around his head. The Seeker claimed him from Mister Fantastic, but as he came back to Attilan with his captor, Triton now knew that not all humans were evil as violent as he had thought…

Triton is a gentle but somehow melancholy soul, a man destined to a lonely existence by a mutation that sets him aside from the rest of his people. With a scaly green skin, fins and gills, Triton can breathe only underwater like a fish, and his body allows him to withstand the great pressure of the abyss and the chilling temperatures of polar waters; as an Inhuman, he’s stronger, faster, more durable, agile and resistant than any human, but all his strength and grace are at maximum underwater, where he can swim at incredible speed, and where all his senses are at their peak capacity. An outsider from a people of outsiders, Triton finds a home only in a sea that is constantly distanced from him.



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