Almost at the end of the Amazons from Wonder Woman… and it was about time, we’ve seen plenty of them! This time it’s the turn of Aella, portrayed by Hayley Warnes. As many others, she’s seen during the battle between the Amazons and the German Army on Themyscira‘s coast, where she gives demonstration of her archery skills. She’s spotted again later, but just as a face in the crowd… more or less what she is in the comics, as she is quite a secondary character originally. Let’s see together who this Amazon, taken directly from the Greek mythology, is in the DC Universe.

Aella was born along with all her Amazon sisters, emerging from the Mediterranean Sea as five goddesses from Olympus imbued bodies of clay with the souls of women who had been murdered by men throughout history, in a last, desperate attempt to introduce agents of love and compassion in a war-ridden world. Aella was one of the most powerful warriors at disposal of Queen Hippolyta and Queen Antiope, and she followed them everywhere in the Mediterranean area, quelling conflicts in Greece and Italy, always moving from Themyscira, the Amazons’ city in Turkey. Aella was proud of her people and her mission, and both her sword and her compassionate heart spoke of her commitment… but then the Amazons faced their gravest defeat. Inspired by his half-brother Ares, the adventurer Herakles attacked with King Theseus and his men the city of Themyscira, he tricked Hippolyta and Antiope and imprisoned all the Amazons, raping and enslaving them. Something broke within Aella’s soul, and she lost all her compassion and her love for mankind. When Athena freed the Amazons, Aella led an attack against the slavers still in the city, slaughtering them. Then, Athena offered the Amazons a choice: either they pursued the path of vengeance, renouncing to Olympus’ blessing and protection, or they gave up on their revenge, accepted the gods’ punishment for the carnage and remained the gods’ champions. Antiope and a good number of Amazons chose the first option and left, but Aella, albeit enraged and full of hatred towards men, remained faithful to Athena and Hippolyta, and moved along with her loyalist sisters to the new Themyscira, a remote island hidden by men and their world. Here, the Amazons started a new life, and renounced to their original peace-keeping mission.

Aella became an officer in General Philippus‘ army, and also a skilled hunter, master of falconry. Despite many centuries, passed on the island, Aella’s grudge against men and their world never diminished, and she continued hating everything that reminded her of the violence and the humiliation she had suffered. When, centuries later, Princess Diana abandoned Themyscira to travel in Men’s World, Aella was among the strongest opponents of this decision, sure that nothing good could come from an opening to the ones she still saw as enemies. Diana’s mission in the outside world strongly resembled the one the Amazons had in ancient times, but this wasn’t enough to convince Aella, who tried her best to boycott her princess. Things couldn’t apparently be worse for Aella, with all the diplomatic relationships Themyscira now had with Men’s World, but they did when Diana found Antiope’s lost Amazons, now residing in the hidden city of Bana-Mighdall. If there was someone Aella disliked as much as men, they were her lost sisters: she had resisted her wrath and her thirst of vengeance remaining faithful to her goddess and her queen, while they had not, so they could not be trusted. Facts gave reason to Aella when the Bana-Mighdallians attacked Themyscira, but Circe, who was the one behind the attack, transported the island in a demonic dimension: when the Amazons came out of it thanks to Wonder Woman, they were now allied, having fought for years side by side. Aella didn’t like the situation at all, and it became worse when Hippolyta allowed the lost tribe to reside on Themyscira with them. She believed to be alone in her distrust, but an old sorcerer, Magala, reached for her and approved her feelings. Magala did more: she invited Aella to gather all the Amazons unhappy with the unification, and to lead them to a war that would have prevented the inevitable treason on the others’ side. Unfortunately, the one who was speaking through Magala was Ariadne, an agent of Circe, and Aella was walking right into a trap…

Aella is a proud and belligerent woman, an Amazon who devoted all her life and strength to her mission, and who’s now consumed by hatred and grudge. As an Amazon, she possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, durability, senses and stamina, and she’s immortal; she’s a superb combatant, a mistress of sword and battleaxe, an archer and a falconer. Hating every man on the planet for their violent nature and even the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall for their past treason, Aella has been corrupted and tainted by all the pain she suffered… and the worst part of it is that she doesn’t even realize it.


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