Sarah Featherstone

Not all series have ended, some have just begun, and Preacher is one of them. In Damsels we meet a couple of new characters, who promise to become quite some pain in the back for our (anti) heroes. While exploring New Orleans looking for GodJesse Custer ends up in a bar, where he meets Lara, a jazz singer portrayed by Julie Ann Emery, who might know something about Him. Lara is followed by a mysterious organization who’s looking for God as well, and Jesse helps her escape…but in the end we find out she’s part of that organization as well, and she made a ruse to get some information about Genesis. Lara’s surname is Featherstone, and this makes her an adaptation of Sarah Featherstone, a character who in the comics is renowned for her bad, bad choices in love. Let’s see together.

Sarah Featherstone had always been a pious girl, devoted to Jesus and to God, deeply committed in spreading the good word. She grew up with her sister, and she always attended the Sunday Mass and took care of the poor ones. Everybody in town knew her as a devoted Christian, and she even taught children in Sunday School. Then, one day, she suffered a terrible trauma: she came back home, and she found her sister in the bathtub. Dead. Raped and horribly murdered. Understandably, everybody expected this event to be a reason enough for Sarah to abandon her faith, as a good God would have never allowed this to happen to an innocent girl…but the woman did nothing of the sort, quite the opposite. She had never been a naive Christian, she knew the world was full of terrible people who did horrible things, and she had faith her God would have eventually punished them. She just now thought that maybe God needed some help in doing so, and she offered herself as a volunteer. Only, she didn’t know how to do it. She abandoned her hometown, and she started wandering the country in search of a way to reach her goal, until her quest attracted the attention of The Grail, a secret paramilitary religious organization. The Grail had been working for centuries to prepare the world to the Second Coming, and they were paving the road to the arrival of The Messiah, the true heir of Jesus’ blood, collected century after century (in disgusting inbred relationships). Featherstone believed she had found what she was looking for, and she enthusiastically joined The Grail.

Featherstone had a number of skills, but none of the physical ones required by the military part of The Grail; she, however, was quite helpful thanks to her intellect and to her motivation and determination, second to nobody’s. She started working directly for Grail’s number two, Herr Starr, a man with a devotion that could match her own, and with a resolution just as steady. She deeply admired him, and she eventually fell in love with him, revering the way Starr simply ignored his many physical mutilations to be faithful to his mission. Along with her colleagues, Hoover and Pouissin especially, Featherstone did a number of shady deeds for Herr Starr and The Grail, always proclaiming her loyalty to both…until life unexpectedly put her in front of a choice between the two. Herr Starr, in fact, was unhappy with the Messiah Grail had been raising, an idiotic and obese dimwit with nothing of divine in him; he was organizing a coup in order to replace D’Aronique as the Allfather and to find a new Messiah to change the world with…someone like Jesse Custer, a preacher who actually possessed the divine power of the Word of God, that allowed him to force anyone to do whatever he said. Herr Starr needed to be sure of the loyalty of the Grail’s best agents, and Featherstone was among them: she blindly followed Starr, believing with all her heart he knew what was best for the world and for Grail. Shortly after, Featherstone finally confessed her love to Herr Starr…but he rejected her without the slightest care, stating she was far a better adjutant than she’d ever been a lover. The end of her platonic love, finally, opened Sarah’s eyes, and she finally realised what kind of monster she was following…

Sarah Featherstone is a very religious woman, who deeply believes in God…or, at least, in her own version of Him. Deeply devoted to God, she has the same devotion for His “agents on Earth”, the members of The Grail, and in turn for the man she identifies with the organization, Herr Starr, arriving to the point of losing all restraint and all of her remarkable wit for him. A deeply intelligent woman with a terribly misplaced loyalty, Sarah Featherstone has all the determination and the courage of the ones following a holy cause…and all the dangerousness of the ones believing they’re right.



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