Thanks to Pere J BP for the heads-up! Niobe wasn’t the last Amazon appearing in Wonder Woman, as there’s still Senator Timandra, portrayed by Danielle Lewis. She’s hard to spot in the movie, as she only appears during Steve Trevor‘s trial, and in the sequence immediately after, as Queen Hippolyta is arguing with her daughter Diana about the outcome of said trial. In the comics she’s quite a secondary character as well, and she’s not a senator, albeit she has quite a pivotal role in Themyscira nevertheless. Let’s see together who this truly last Amazon is originally.

As all the Amazons, Timandra was created by five goddesses of Olympus who tried a desperate move to prevent mankind from destroying itself with war and violence. Athena, Demeter, Aphrodite, Hestia and Artemis shaped clay bodies and blessed them with their gifts, then Zeus gave them life and the Amazons emerged from the Mediterranean Sea: from their sacred city of Themyscira, in Turkey, the Amazons pacified the entire Mediterranean area, always being there to defend the weak and the helpless, putting a stop to the neverending conflicts that were plaguing the Earth. This came to an abrupt end as Herakles and his men invaded Themyscira with deceit, imprisoned, enslaved and raped all the Amazons, making them know rage and humiliation. Freed by Athena, the Amazons slaughtered the soldiers unfortunate enough to have stayed behind, and then came back to their senses…most of them. Queen Hippolyta asked her sisters to listen to Athena, to give up on vengeance and to ask forgiveness from the gods of Olympus for the carnage they had been responsible of, while Queen Antiope spurred them to follow Herakles and to demand their vengeance. As many others, Timandra chose to remain faithful to the goddesses and thus to Hippolyta, and she appeared in front of the gods to receive their punishment. Zeus condemned the Amazons to live on a remote island, forced for eternity to guard Doom’s Doorway, a portal to the Hades, to prevent demons and ghosts to escape. The Amazons obeyed, and moved to the island that would have become the new Themyscira…a Themyscira that needed to be built from scratches, as the entire island was a wilderness.

Among the gifts the Amazons had received, Timandra excelled in the ones from Athena and Aphrodite, so she was able to find beauty in everything, and to create it through the armony of shapes and structures. Named Chief Architect by Hippolyta, Timandra worked alongside another very gifted Amazon, Consivia, to build a new city that could match in beauty and magnificence the old one. While Consivia planned the entire city, giving shape and soul to the city, Timandra imagined the individual buildings, making each one of them a masterpiece of classic beauty, taking elements from all the cultures the Amazons had met and loved during their stay in Men’s World (mainly from the Greek ones, obviously, as it was Greek gods they served). The works on the city proceeded thanks to the efforts of Captain Egeria, leader of the military, who used her army to provide raw material such as marble and wood to the architects and their workers…unfortunately, doing so she neglected her main task of guarding Doom’s Doorway, and a demon escaped, with many others ready to follow him. A battle ensued to repel the demons, a bloody one that was won only thanks to Egeria’s sacrifice; also other Amazons perished in the fight, including Consivia. Left alone, Timandra continued her task, dedicating the new buildings to her fallen sisters, and honoring them with the construction of the Temple of Hades, a place in which the statues of the fallen Amazons (Egeria’s one for first) were revered as shrines, and their spirits could live on through the memory of the living ones. Finally, after decades of work, the new Themyscira was completed, a city so beautiful and perfect that the place it was built upon deserved the name of Paradise Island: with her life’s work completed, Timandra could now contemplate the city she had dreamed of come to life with the Amazons living in it.

Timandra is an incredibly smart and sensitive woman, devoted to beauty and harmony, a true artist and an expert mathematician. As an Amazon, she possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility, stamina, durability, senses, reflexes and intellect, but it’s the latter she uses the most, despite being a skilled warrior as well; she’s also immortal, as long as she stays on Themyscira. Timandra’s gentle soul is imprinted in every single building on Paradise Island, with the city she built being the testimony of her art and heart.



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