New promotional images from Inhumans showed us another recurring character, the first one outside the Royal Family (albeit very close to them): Auran, portrayed by Sonya Balmores. In the show, Auran will be the head of the Royal Guard, a resident of Attilan who’s fiercely loyal to Black Bolt. It’s unknown if she’ll be exiled along with her king, but her character description seems to suggest she’ll be some sort of mole within Maximus‘ new court. Her appearance is surely different from her original one, and quite radically, as in the comics she looks like some sort of anthropomorphic fennec, while in the pics she appears to have a perfectly normal look, missing even her trademark ears. It’s soon to say anything on the series as a whole, but this compulsion to “ground” the source material made the characters pretty unrecognizable. Anyway, let’s take together a look at the tough, unfortunate Auran.

Auran was an Inhuman, born in the hidden city of Attilan. Not much is known about her past, but she most likely lived her childhood on the Himalayas, the city’s second location. Along with all the other Inhumans, she moved aboard the city on the Moon, following Black Bolt’s effort of keeping his people safe. When she was exposed to the Terrigen Mist as a child, Auran gained a vixen-like appearance, and her sense of hearing was augmented beyond imagination, making her able to locate a person anywhere in the city (and, with training, on an entire planet) following his or her voice only; this made her quite a superb investigator, and she found a place within the Security Force. In the meanwhile, Black Bolt had been chosen as the new ruler of the Kree Empire after a war with Vulcan, and Attilan was moved once again, this time on the alien world of Hala, where the Security Force had to work even harder to keep the king, not exactly welcomed by many Kree traditionalists, safe. In this time, Auran had a mate, and she had two daughters from him, Treste and Irelle; it’s unknown what happened to her companion, but she raised her daughters alone. Things became even more complicated for the Inhumans when Attilan was moved once again, as Black Bolt had discovered a plan from the Supreme Intelligence to annihilate all Inhumans: the city came back to Earth, this time hovering over New York City, but it didn’t stay there for long: the cosmic warlord Thanos attacked Attilan in his search for his lost Inhuman son, Thane, and Black Bolt, trying to protect his people from the almighty Mad Titan, unleashed his voice on him…thus destroying Attilan and making it crash in the Hudson River. Auran was among the ones who escaped the disaster, and she saved her daughters as well, but she lost many friends and colleagues in the catastrophe. Now, she and the rest of the Inhumans had to rebuild and restart from scratches…without a king, as Black Bolt was missing after the fight with Thanos.

Queen Medusa, new ruler of the Inhumans, confirmed Auran in her role, but she also gave her another task: when Attilan exploded, it released Terrigen Mist on Earth, so that every human who had Inhuman genes underwent Terrigenesis, becoming what they called NuHumans. Due to her investigative skills, Auran was tasked with finding the NuHumans before they could hurt themselves or others with powers they could not control, or before xenophobic people attacked them, bringing them to New Attilan, built form the ruins of the old city. Among the ones Auran found there was Frank McGee, a decorated police officer who had gained the ability of photokinesis: due to his experience with NYPD, McGee was offered a place in the Security Force, and he eventually became Auran’s partner. It was her who gave him his Inhuman name, Nur. With Auran’s ears and Nur’s eyes, there wasn’t much that could escape them, and they became quite an effective couple. Together, Auran and Nur stopped some smugglers who were trying to sell (fake) Terrigen Crystals, and stopped a series of anti-Inhuman crimes. Thanks to their successes, they were summoned by Queen Medusa in person, who entrusted them with the most important mission of all: to locate her missing husband, Black Bolt, and to bring back to New Attilan its king. Auran couldn’t use her powers on the king, since she could not pinpoint a voice that couldn’t be used, but she located his treacherous brother, Maximus, in a nightclub: she and her partner went there to investigate, and they found both the royal siblings in a hotel room, with Black Bolt now a slave to Maximus’ mind control. As Nur tried to shoot Maximus, the mad prince told his brother to “say hello” to the guests: Auran shielded Nur with her own body, and she was destroyed by the king’s impossibly powerful voice. This was meant to be the end of Attilan’s greatest detective, but months later her daughters asked The Reader, an Inhuman who could “make real the things he read”, bring their mother back to life. Auran did come back, but now she faced an existential crisis, as she couldn’t control her powers anymore, and didn’t even know if she was the real thing or just a copy created by The Reader’s powers…

Auran is a brave and smart Inhuman, a soldier and an investigator fiercely loyal to her king and her people. As an Inhuman, she’s stronger, faster, more agile and durable than a normal human, and she possesses an incredible sense of hearing, that allows her to focus on a single word and to locate the precise spot on a planet in which it’s pronounced (such as when she found Black Bolt by following the word “Maximus”, spoken by two girls he had tried to hit on); she can also recognize any word and sound at incredible distances, a trait that makes her Attilan’s best detective. Once tough and intuitive, she’s now a broken woman looking for her true self, with the only thing left for certain being her love for her daughters, and her unshakable loyalty to New Attilan and the Royal Family.