Sotrold (Sea Troll)

The last three episodes of the now cancelled Powerless tv series have been released, and there’s still one obscure character the show dug from DC’s dusty shelves: in Van of the Year, another supervillain attacks Charm City, this time the Sea Troll, seen only from a distance and voiced by an uncredited actor. The Troll uses his powers to turn a retiring worker’s arm into a squid tentacle (the poor lady was actually used as a human shield by Van), and later accidentally turns it back to normal. He’s defeated and arrested by Crimson Fox, all behind the scenes. In the comics, the Sea Troll is a less-than-unknown villain who, as most as the other obscure characters appeared in the show, battled the Global Guardians. Let’s see together.

Sotrold was a monstrous creature born in the deepest abyss, a sea troll (hence his alias) who was among the last ones of his evil race. Sotrold the Sea Troll harbored the grudge of his entire people as a legacy, and he studied and learnt black magic in order to get means to obtain vengeance against both the submariners and the land dwellers, responsible of his species’ near extinction. While traveling the abyss, Sotrold found information about a long-dead Atlantean sorcerer who used to instill fear in every mortal or immortal both under and above the sea: Thaumar Dai, the most powerful black magician ever born. Wanting to resurrect Dai, Sotrold formed an alliance with other sorcerers from all around the world: the Hebrew mystics Moloch and Ashtoreth, the legendary Greek monster Echidne, the Irish magician Dubh Magus, the Aztec sorcerer El Dorado and the Japanese witch Yuki-Onna the Snow Woman. Together, the group started gathering the six talismans that formed Thaumar Dai’s armor, and that would have allowed them to perform the ritual to resurrect the sorcerer. A master of the abyss, Sotrold traveled to Denmark looking for Dai’s belt, with a buckle made of pure Orichalcum. Things, however, weren’t as easy as they seemed, as other mystical forces had gathered to stop the magicians from resurrecting Dai: Doctor Mist, another powerful sorcerer, had gathered mystic heroes from all around the world (and Superman) to stop them… not that the Sea Troll and the others hadn’t foreseen it.

While he was about to retrieve the belt, Sotrold was reached at the bottom of the sea by Superman and the Little Mermaid, who attacked him. To distract the heroes, the Sea Troll brought back to life the dry bones of the ancient Atlanteans who were buried near the temple he was exploring, and sent them against the heroes: Superman and the Mermaid, however, swam so fast they created a whirlpool that scattered the bones, making the living skeletons inert again. The Little Mermaid, who swam faster than Superman, recovered the belt… but that was exactly what the Sea Troll was expecting, and as fast as she could be she was no match in strength for him: he knocked her out with a single punch, and teleported away with the belt. He joined the others, who had defeated the other allies of Mist and recovered their talisman, on the Easter Island, where they started the ritual: they succeeded, and Thaumar Dai was resurrected… but something was wrong. Superman, in fact, had replaced the talismans with fakes, so the magician came back with weakened powers, and mortal: the mystic heroes intervened, and attacked the group in full force, dividing themselves to find the best match. While Jack O’Lantern and Green Fury destroyed Thaumar Dai once and for all, the Sea Troll faced an opponent who was beyond his reach: the Olympian, who possessed the combined powers of fifty Greek heroes from the myth. Used to fight monsters, the Olympian made short work of the Sea Troll and knocked him out, restraining him with his teammates. Following this, the heroes decided to stick together and to form the Global Guardians, to protect the world from international threats like the one represented by Sotrold’s alliance.

Sotrold is an ancient and malevolent being, who treasures the hatred of his lost, evil race as a family legacy to unleash on the world. As the Sea Troll, he can breathe under water, and his body is fit to stand the immense pressure of the deepest abyss; he possesses superhuman strength and durability, and his magic abilities give him mastership over a variety of spells, allowing him to teleport, to reanimate corpses as slaves, to use telekinesis and much more. With a heart as black as the magic he uses, the Sea Troll is a constant threat to the ones living beneath and above the sea, an ancient evil ready to make the world remember who the sea trolls were.


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