Fenris Wolf

As usual, Comic-Con doesn’t disappoint, and it delivers a bunch of new trailers we can feast our eyes upon. One of the best ones showed is the one for Thor: Ragnarok, which provides a lot of new footage… and a first look to a couple of new characters, both villains. Let’s start with the freakingly huge wolf seen battling Hulk in a clash of titans: that’s the Fenris Wolf, the beast from the myth which is said to appear during Ragnarok to participate to the end of all things. In the Norse mythology, in fact, the wolf named Fenrir is the one who’ll devour and kill Odin himself… something that may as well happen in the movie. Let’s just wait and see, but in the meanwhile let’s get a look at Marvel’ take on the legendary monster.

According to legends, the creature known as the Fenris Wolf was the son of the God of Mischief Loki and the giantess Angerboda, and he inherited powers from both his parents: grown to a gargantuan size, he also possessed a cunning intellect, and disposed of several magic abilities. When he grew up, the feral and vicious beast became quite a threat even to the other gods. Once, he spotted the goddess Iduna in the forest, as she was carrying as she did every year her Golden Apples of Immortality to Odin; Fenris turned into a human, and offered Iduna protection in her journey. The goddess, however, noticed the feral appearance of the stranger, and the burning ferocity in his eyes: she declined his offer, but Fenris, who wanted the apples for himself, attacked her, revealing his true form. In that moment, called by Iduna’s screams, Haakun the Hunter appeared, and stopped Fenris from hurting Iduna; as the wolf tried to escape, Haakun hit him with his magic battleaxe, exiling him in the shadowy realm of Varinheim (the story, passed on to humans, became the basis for Little Red Riding Hood). Even in Varinheim, free as he was, Fenris posed a threat to the gods, so Odin decided he had to be restrained somehow. The gods started a real challenge to try and capture the wolf, a “game” Fenris enjoyed to participate to, as he broke each and every chain they put on him. Finally, the Dwarves crafted a magic lace, Gleipnir, that looked like a silken ribbon, but was unbreakable: reading a trap, Fenris told the gods present he would have allowed them to try this new bond only if one of them put his right hand in his mouth as a sign of trust. The brave Tyr did as he was asked, so the others were free to put Gleipnir around Fenris’ neck. The wolf immediately realized the fetter were indeed indestructible, he bit off Tyr’s hand as promised… but he was trapped forever in the gloomy wastelands of Varinheim.

Fenris spent millennia in his prison, without eating nor drinking, but unable to die because of his immortal heritage. His grudge, rage and ferocity became the stuff of legend for Asgard, especially after it was prophesied that, during Ragnarok, he would have been the one to kill Odin. Since his presence was considered fundamental for Ragnarok, Fenris was usually used by others who wanted to hasten the process of the end of days: a female Frost Giant came to Varinheim and mated with him, giving him a son, Hoarfen, believing a “baby Fenris wolf” would have had the same effect of the father; even the Death Goddess Hela freed Fenris in an attempt to start Ragnarok, but she was stopped by Thor the God of Thunder just in time. Obviously, also Loki tried to use him for his plans (this time managing to ignite the actual Ragnarok), and he unleashed him on Asgard along with Ulik the Troll and Hyrm the Giant, each one of them carrying a war hammer forged by Surtur the Fire Demon. Along with his allies, Fenris managed to do the impossible by shattering Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, and later confronted the Thunder God himself, along with his allies Captain America and Iron Man, who were aiding their friend. Fenris was defeated, albeit with difficulty, but he came back to his senses and continued his assault on Asgard: he met the reformed Kurse, who was trying to protect some children, and he challenged and slew him. He then attacked Thor once again, this time managing to overpower him… until he was struck down by Beta Ray Bill. Fenris was dead, but the time of the prophecy had come: he came back to life, growing to giant proportions, swallowing Asgard’s sun and bringing the world to an end, as it was foretold. Death, for Asgard, had a different meaning however, and all the gods came back to life in a new cycle of existence, scattered on Misgard: even Fenris came back, ready to unleash his brutality and hatred on all the worlds…

The Fenris Wolf is a cursed beast born and raised in hatred towards Asgardians, naturally vicious and brutal, with all the ferocity and the cunning fit to the one destined to bring on the death of the universe itself. As the Wolf God, he possesses superhuman strength, speed, durability, agility and stamina, his senses are extremely acute, he’s pretty much invulnerable and he heals extremely fast from any injury; he can change his shape and size however he wants, turning into a regular sized human or wolf, or into a gigantic beast; he’s also a master strategist and combatant, one of the most feared warriors in the Nine Realms. An already evil and violent being driven to even more extreme ways by centuries of fasting and imprisonment, the Fenris Wolf is looking forward to do what he’s destined to: erase existence itself, exacting vengeance on every single Asgardian in life.



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