Abraham Brown (Black Tiger)

We’re not even close to the end of the characters from Spider-Man: Homecoming, so we’ll alternate them with the others from Comic-Con. Next in line is another member of Midtown School for Science and Technology‘s decathlon team: Abe Brown, portrayed by Abraham Attah. In the movie, he’s the one who complains when Flash boasts about having a date with Black Widow (it was meant to be a joke, but Abe doesn’t seem so ready to catch it). This version of the character differs quite a lot from the original, who’s a badass martial artist definitely older than this teenager. Let’s see together.

Abraham Brown was born in HarlemNew York City, the son of the fighter “Tiger” Brown and of an unnamed woman. When he was still a kid, “Tiger” got killed, and his wife entered a deep depression that led her to alcoholism. Abe was supposed to take care of his little brother, Hobie Brown, since their mother clearly couldn’t, but he preferred to close the chapter of his ruined family and to walk away from them, taking his chances on the streets. Harlem, however, wasn’t exactly the safest place on Earth, and Abe soon became victim of a hate crime, being beaten nearly to death by a bunch of white racists. Not wanting to be anybody’s punching ball anymore, Abe resolved to learn martial arts, and he enlisted into Master Kee‘s school. Abe Brown learnt kung fu along with two other students, Lin Sun and Bob Diamond, and the three of them became friends. The three martial artists became truly close only when Master Kee was killed: as his pupils, they gathered in their master’s house, where Lin found a box with three jade tiger amulets. There was an inscription on the box, reading: “When three are called and stand as one, as one they’ll fight, their will be done. For each is born anew the Tiger’s Son“. Curious, the three took one amulet each… and they found out that, as long as they had it on them at the same time, their fighting skills and physical abilities were shared among them, making them formidable combatants with combined abilities. Wanting to use the amulets’ magic for a good purpose, they became the Sons of the Tiger, ready to fight for justice.

The Sons of the Tiger protected New York for a while, even teaming up with superheroes like Spider-Man or the Human Torch, but more often with other martial artists as Iron Fist and Shang Chi. Abe Brown was usually the voice of the reason in the group, acting as a field leader. Things were doing great, until Lin Sun started dating a girl, another martial artist named Lotus Shinchuko… who was loved by Bob Diamond as well. The tension escalated quickly, and not even Abe’s wisdom managed to mediate in the love triangle: the Sons of the Tiger ended quickly, with quite a grudge between at least two of the group’s members. They relinquished their amulets, and officially put an end to their friendship. Abe came back to Harlem and opened a martial arts school in which he taught freely to everyone who couldn’t afford a normal dojo (and who would have used wisely Abe’s teachings, of course), and he was soon reached by Lin Sun and Lotus, who he had remained in good relationship with. One day, while boarding to take a vacation to Casablanca, Abe met a woman, Brillalae, who had been hired by a tribe of Bedouins looking for a replacement for their legendary protector, the Black Tiger. Without being noticed, Brillalae changed her suitcase, containing the Black Tiger costume, with Abe’s one. Brown’s plane was later hijacked by people after the costume, and crash-landed in a desert in Algeria. Abe was the only surviving passenger, and he pursued one of the hijackers, The Mole, who shot him… only to fall into a precipice as he shrank from him in fear after the martial artist stopped the bullet with his own hands. The Bedouines appeared, and named Abe the new Black Tiger: now, he had the chance to fight for justice once again.

Abe Brown is a wise and calm man, who found in the martial arts’ discipline the inner peace he had been looking for in his youth. As the Black Tiger, he’s an extremely skilled martial artist, who possesses skills enough to stop a bullet with his hands even without superhuman powers; when he owned the jade tiger medallion, it used to triplicate his strength and ability. A loner since he experimented the failure of his group, Black Tiger is nevertheless bent on protecting the ones who are not able to defend themselves, either by teaching or by fighting for them in the first line… even by giving a chance to another group, the Penance Corps: whatever works in bringing security to the ghetto, is fine by him…


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