I just realized there’s another character spotted in Thor: Ragnarok, probably a minor one. Rachel House, in fact, has been officially credited as Topaz, the intimidating woman standing by Grandmaster‘s side and acting as his bodyguard, and Topaz is a familiar name to the comics’ readers. The character, however, seems to have undergone quite a number of changes: the original one is no alien, she sports a completely different physique (albeit she’s famous for switching bodies from time to time, so that isn’t much of a problem), and most of all she’s more of a witch than a gladiator. This considered, it’s likely we’ll meet a totally different character in the movie, but let’s take a look at the original nevertheless.

Topaz’s origins are still a mystery to everybody, herself included. She was found in India as a little girl by Taboo, a powerful sorcerer who was at the time in a prison camp, since he had refused to use his magic for the Indian government. Taboo saw a great potential in the baby, and he adopted her, teaching her how to use magic with the intention of using her in future times. As a girl, Topaz was quite lonely, since the other prisoners feared her because of her abilities, and avoided her even if she just materialized flowers as gifts to other people. When she was a young woman and her magic power was strong enough, Taboo was looking for the infamous Darhold, a magic book he thought was in possession of Jack Russell… better known as the Werewolf by Night, a foe beyond his reach. Following Taboo’s instructions, Topaz took control of Russell, manipulating him to give Taboo the Darhold… but doing so she learnt to know him, and realized he was a good man struggling against a curse he didn’t understand nor he could control. When Taboo ordered her to kill Russell, she refused, entering in contrast with her master and mentor. Exploiting her control of the Werewolf, she allied with the monster to defeat Taboo, and later she left with Jack, helping him in gaining control over his curse. He even assisted him in investigating on his family’s story, and she fought side by side with him against impossible foes like Dracula. Getting close to Russell’s family, Topaz met both his grandmother, Maria Russoff, whom she cured from an insanity that had led her to raise an army of zombies, and Lissa Russell, Jack’s sister, whom she erased the werewolf curse from. Her powers, however, were rapidly diminishing, so she traveled back to India to restore them. In her (alleged) homeland, Topaz was secretly attacked by the powerful mystic Glitternight, who ripped from her a portion of her soul and created a Soul Beast from it; when Topaz realised what had happened to her, she brought her powers to a new limit to defeat Glitternight and his Beast, destroying the latter and regaining her whole soul.

By surpassing Glitternight, Topaz’s powers had become so great that when she faced the demon lord Mephisto she managed to destroy him, an impossible task for nearly any mortal (if mortal she was). Mephisto’s minions, however, took advantage of her weakened state to exile her in a demonic dimension, cursing her so that if she ever came out of it she would have lost yet another portion of her soul, losing all the empathy that made her human. Topaz spent years in the isolated dimension, and she was freed only when Mephisto, who in the meanwhile had restored himself, was seemingly destroyed again by Franklin Richards. Topaz was not the woman she was anymore, and she remained an emotionless powerhouse until Doctor Strange and Urthona cast a powerful spell to restore her soul. Grateful, Topaz used her powers to heal Wong, Strange’s loyal servant and friend, and she sided with the Sorcerer Supreme for a while. When Doctor Strange turned to black magic, however, Topaz abandoned him, and decided to leave all the mystic and cosmic battles that had been part of her life since her childhood, and she opened a bar in New York City: she named it Voodoo Lounge, and she made it a safe harbor for every disciple who wanted to become magician, sorcerer, witch or warlock. She came back to the scene when Strange, who had come back to the “light side” in the meanwhile, was about to be vanquished by his old enemy Dormammu: she aided him in the battle, only to disappear once again when the demon was defeated. This single act of heroism didn’t go unpunished, and as soon as Dormammu found her, he sent his minions to capture her, bringing her to the Dark Dimension to be his slave. Once again she was saved by Strange, who took her back to Earth. Topaz came back to be Strange’s disciple for a while, until she joined him in a battle against the demon Hellphyr: during a fight, master and disciple joined other magic users, Jennifer Kale (sister of the man possessed by Hellphyr) and the demoness Satana. Topaz worked quite well with the two of them, and they formed the Three Witches, a trio bent on protecting the world from mystical threats that went unnoticed by the Sorcerer Supreme.

Topaz is a mysterious young woman, gifted with a keen intellect and a sincere altruism that lead her to use her remarkable talents always for something good. She’s an extremely powerful witch, with a complete mastership over a number of spells, especially the ones concerning teleport, telekinesis, healing, mind control and mind reading; she can also act as a familiar to more powerful sorcerers, channeling their abilities and redirecting them; she’s somehow able to change body, as she first appeared as a Caucasian woman and later as an Indian one. One of the most powerful mystics in existence, Topaz is still a mystery to be solved, a woman who literally appeared out of nowhere who can be much more than what she appears to be.


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