Galius Zed (Green Lantern)

After quite some time, we’re back to Lucy W.‘s request (the Scribblenauts one), and the next character in line is another Green Lantern. In the Green Lantern movie, among the crowd on Oa, there’s an alien who appears weird even in the middle of all the other weird ones, a guy who seems to be all head: that’s Galius Zed, the heroic but short-tempered protector of Sector 3544. In the comics, his appearance is quite different, with his head/body being more circular than the movie counterpart; even his Sector varies, as well as several other things. Let’s see together.

Galius Zed was born on planet Noc’sag, a world on the outer rim of the galaxy characterized by an extremely strong gravity. People on Noc’Sag were as stubborn as they were strong, and the planet also attracted many warriors who wanted to test their power with Noc’sag’s extreme conditions. Even among his peers, Galius emerged for his valor and, of course, his unbreakable willpower, and he was chosen by the Guardians of the Universe as a perfect candidate to join the Green Lantern Corps. Zed accepted the offer, and he became the protector of Sector 1123, his planet’s one. Always ready for a fight and not exactly diplomatic, Galius Zed became an inspiration for many other Lanterns, as he was always the first one to volunteer for risky missions, and also the one everybody could trust to tell the truth, as uncomfortable as it may be. Once he even stood against the Guardians themselves as he found out that, hidden on Oa, there was a Power Ring apparently impervious to the others’ weakness, the color yellow. Believing the Guardians had purposefully let many of his comrades die to an avoidable flaw in their weaponry, Galius Zed publicly accused them of treason, gathering quite a number of other Lanterns around him. This situation was solved as soon as the Guardians explained the mystery behind the yellow impurity in the central Power Battery, and Zed obtained an adequate protection for himself and his comrades. He went along pretty much with everyone on Oa, with a few exceptions among the Green Lantern, most notably Hal Jordan.

Once, as he was chasing a crime syndicate, Galius Zed abandoned his Sector and traveled to Earth to stop the criminals: Jordan, the protector of the planet, believed Zed had simply considered him unfit for the task and had invaded his jurisdiction, while Zed was “simply” used to finish every fight he began, with not much regard for bureaucracy. Albeit the two later fought side by side during the war against Krona and Nekron, a certain enmity always remained between them. Despite this, Zed agreed to be part of the test to confirm Jordan was fit for being a Green Lantern, and later joined him and a selected number of others to Qward, in the anti-matter universe, to destroy the Anti-Green Lanterns, an elite corp created by the Weaponers of Qward to invade the positive matter universe. After many battles fought and won, and after surviving a cosmic crisis, Galius Zed lost, as all his fellow Lanterns, his Power Ring during the trial of Sinestro, an event that caused the destruction of the main Battery on Oa and the following dismantlement of the Green Lanterns. Without a purpose anymore, Zed came back to his own planet, but he didn’t stay there for long: a fellow ex-Lantern, John Stewart, had been entrusted by the Controllers to fill the void left by the Lanterns by creating a new corps, and Zed was among the ones summoned by Stewart. Zed was part of the new group, the Darkstars, during its entire activity, facing threats like the telepath Psimon, Grayven son of Darkseid, and the usurper Hyathis, all victories added to Zed’s long list of successes. A new threat, however, was emerging: a serial killer, Fatality, who was cutting down all former Green Lanterns in revenge for her dead planet, a threat that not even Zed’s battle prowess could counter…

Galius Zed is a brave and quick-tempered warrior, a man of action who doesn’t care much for rules or etiquette and who always speaks out what he thinks, even before the maximum authorities in the universe. Being from Noc’sag, he possesses superhuman strength and durability, being quite powerful despite his odd appearance; as a Green Lantern, his Power Ring allows him to fly, to survive in open space, and to create energy constructs commanded directly by its owner’s thought: usually Zed doesn’t lose much time in thinking of elaborate constructs, and his creations are always quick and functional, bolts of energy or whips, with no grace or fantasy whatsoever. A warrior born and a trustworthy ally, Galius Zed is a Lantern who truly believes in keeping order and defending justice, and he’s usually willing to make evil taste his fists to make the message clear.