G’Hu (Green Lantern)

Another Green Lantern from Sally W.‘s request, that means another cameo from the Green Lantern movie, albeit this one is a little bit more meaningful. When the threat of Krona/Parallax becomes blatant, the Guardians of the Universe form an elite team to face it, choosing among the most powerful Lanterns at their disposal. Among these there’s a somewhat insectoid guy with tentacle-like hair: that’s G’Hu, played by Paul Parducci. Unfortunately, G’Hu doesn’t survive his encounter with the Fear Entity, but considering the upcoming reboot of the Green Lanterns it’s likely we’ll see him again in some capacity. In the meanwhile, let’s take a look at the original.

It’s unknown where in the galaxy G’Hu was born, but his homeplanet was most likely located in Sector 2937. As an adult, he found a job as a prison guard, but he was assigned to one of the most dangerous places in the universe: Takron-Galtos, the main penitentiary facility in the universe, holding all the worst criminals from all corners of the galaxy. As it was easy to foresee, the job wasn’t an easy one at all, as violence was a daily issue on Takron-Galtos. One day, G’Hu was involved in a massive prison riot, as the inmates got out of their cells and captured him, using him as a hostage to ensure their escape. While the other guards were planning a way to save him, however, G’Hu took the matter in his own hands, and took down each and every prisoner with his bare hands (and tentacles). When the other guards finally made it and broke in to “save” him, they found him sitting in the middle of the room, just waiting for the door to open. He barely said anything to his colleagues, and he resumed his regular work as nothing had happened. This deed obviously made him renowned in the entire galaxy, as well as it made him be noticed by the Green Lantern Corps: such a strong willpower couldn’t go wasted, and they offered him a place within their ranks, promising him he could have continued his work of protecting people and keeping order, only on a much wider scale. Needless to say, G’Hu accepted the offer.

G’Hu passed the selection and the training without the slightest difficulty, and he became a full member of the Green Lantern Corps without breaking a sweat. He was just as able as a Green Lantern as he had been a prison guard, and he was paired with Harvid, a veteran of the Corps, whom he guard Sector 2937 with. Harvid had been retired for a while, but he had come back to the Corps to hunt for his brother, who had joined the Sinestro Corps and was now a sworn enemy to the Green Lanterns: G’Hu helped him in that, but he also held him down to keep him focused on his main task rather than wandering the universe in search of his brother. Among the other Lanterns, Salaak took a special interest in him, and kept monitoring his progresses, assigning him different and diverse tasks to prove his skills. When G’Hu failed to prevent Guy Gardner, a rebellious Green Lantern Honor Guard, to disturb the Guardians of the Universe, Salaak took notice, and he sent G’Hu to combat reorientation to hone his skills, in order to make him an even better Lantern. Salaak, however, wasn’t the only one to have set his eyes on the promising new Lantern: Warden Voz was “courting” him as well, considering his past deeds. Voz was warden at the Sciencells, the Guardians’ prison on Oa, holding the most dangerous criminals the universe had ever known. Someone with G’Hu’s experience was the perfect choice for being the head guard of the Sciencelles. For G’Hu, a lot of promising paths opened, and he owned it all to his abilities.

G’Hu is a very serious and self-confident peace-keeper, a man fully aware of his skills and his potential, always careful that this self-awareness doesn’t border in arrogance. His alien physiology grants him superhuman strength, as well as four prehensile “tails” sprouting from his hands, and talons sprouting from hands and feet; as a Green Lantern, his Green Power Ring allows him to fly, to survive in open space, to speak and understand every language, and of course to create anything his mind can think of, fueling this constructs with his indomitable willpower (his energy constructs usually come from his jailer past, as he prefers jails, chains, batons etc). One of the most powerful Green Lanterns of his generation, G’Hu has still to express his full potential… and he promises to accomplish great things in the future.