Glorious Godfrey

Next character from Lucy W.‘s request is Glorious Godfrey, one of the most dangerous and deceiving New Gods around. As most of his other peers, Godfrey only appeared in Smallville Season 10, but his origins were changed quite a bit: in the series, Michael Daingerfield portrays perfectly human radio jockey G. Gordon Godfrey, a man briefly possessed by Darkseid who uses his influence over people to spread a message of hatred towards all superheroes. Freed by Darkseid, Godfrey becomes one of his prophets of his own free will, and joins DeSaad and Granny Goodness in Darkseid’s Unholy Trinity… only to be killed by Green Arrow in the day that was supposed to be the one of his triumph. In the comics, Gordon Godfrey is only an alias Glorious Godfrey uses to pose as a human, rather than the other way round, and his influence is not limited to his charisma. Let’s see together.

Glorious Godfrey was born on Apokolips, a New God fiercely loyal to Darkseid and to his vision. He had a sister, Amazing Grace, and with her he shared quite an incredible power: the siblings’ rhetoric, in fact, was such that they could convince anyone to do anything they wanted, but while Grace focused on manipulating people, Godfrey honed the skill of persuasion, so that his targets were eventually convinced that they were the true authors of the thoughts they were basing their actions upon. Considering his skills and his devotion, Godfrey was made a member of Darkseid’s Elite, a restricted number of New Gods who formed the Apokoliptian tyrant’s inner circle. Godfrey was also put in charge of creating the Justifiers, a special army composed of people he personally brainwashed until they were emptied of everything that made them individuals, transforming them into lethal drones fueled by the Anti-Life Equation; he was also in charge of the Justifiers, using them as his personal militia and justifying any single action he brought them to accomplish, even the most monstrous ones, through Anti-Life. Because of the nature of his powers, Glorious Godfrey was sent by Darkseid to worlds he meant to conquer to prepare his path, corrupting the conscience of the planet’s inhabitants and planting the seed of Anti-Life in their minds. When Darkseid set his eyes on Earth, he sent Glorious Godfrey there, where he started “recruiting” humans to add to the ranks of the Justifiers. Earth, however, was guarded by the Highfather, Darkseid’s father and leader of the New Gods from New Genesis, and he had sent there a team of heroic New Gods as protectors, the Forever People. Inevitably, Godfrey clashed with them, and he sent all his Justifiers against them… but the Infinity Man alone was able to vanquish his army. Only a divine intervention could save him from the Infinity Man… luckily enough, Godfrey served a god who listened to his prayers.

Darkseid personally intervened to stop the Infinity Man, capturing him and entrusting him to DeSaad’s attentions, while Godfrey was left to deal with the other Forever People: he nearly killed Serifan and Super-Cycle, but this time it was Highfather who intervened, ordering his children to retreat for the time being. After the battle with the Forever People, Glorious Godfrey stayed behind, continuing his work to prepare Earth for Darkseid’s arrival. Disguised as WHIZ-TV host G. Gordon Godfrey, the New God spent more than a decade to plant the seed of doubt against Earth’s greatest protectors, superheroes, everytime pointing out the damage they dealt to cities and private properties, accusing their lack of accountability, convincing people they were nothing more than vigilantes who operated outside the law. At first only a bunch of people followed Gordon Godfrey, then more, until they became a true army of followers: Godfrey became one of the most influent people in the United States of America, and his voice became the people’s voice. The pressure he put on the government was so strong that he forced the President‘s hand into outlawing superheroes, succesfully completing phase one of his plan. He then collected a number of volunteers for a march on Washington D.C., volunteers that he readily transformed into Warhounds, bonding human hosts with Apokoliptian cybernetic creatures. Robin, in the meanwhile, had discovered that children were immune to Godfrey’s “spell”, and he led a counter-march that intercepted Gordon’s one on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. In here, the children spoke to their parents, trying to convince them that the world needed heroes, but as the young heroes present started destroying the Warhounds by separating them from their hosts Godfrey lost his temper and hit one of the kids, Lisa Sutton. All the popularity he had conquered vanished in a single moment, and the adults rebelled to him. Trying to regain his lost power, Godfrey attempted an extra boost wearing the Helmet of Fate, but Nabu‘s magic was too much for his mind to handle, and he fell to insanity, being later imprisoned in Bellereve. Godfrey was freed and brought back to Apokolips, where he would have healed, ready to come back to Earth to finish what he had started…

Glorious Godfrey is a cunning and deceiving New God, a dangerous manipulator blindly loyal to Darkseid, and deadly jealous of anyone who obtains his favours in his stead (DeSaad especially). Besides immortality and mild superhuman abilities coming from his nature of New God, Godfrey is gifted with the power of persuasion, being able to brainwash anyone who listens to him long enough, convincing anyone of anything and even making them believe they’re the origin of even the most deranged and brutal ideas. Despite not possessing the destructive power of Darkseid, Kalibak or other New Gods, Glorious Godfrey is definitely among the most dangerous ones, able to mind-control an entire planet by simply spreading fake news and hate speeches, proving that manipulating consciences is a weapon much more terrifying that annihilating cities…


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