Sofia Falcone (Hangman)

New seasons are approaching, and Gotham released the first pic from the upcoming Season 4, featuring the newest addiction to the recurring cast: Sofia Falcone, portrayed by Crystal Reed. In the show, Sofia will be Jim Gordon‘s new love interest (so much for lecturing Lee for her relationship with Mario…), and she’ll apparently be distant from her father’s empire, as she’ll aid Gordon in taking down The Penguin. If she’s even remotely similar to her comicbook counterpart, however, Gordon would better not trust her, as she’s one of the most dangerous characters taken straight from the deepest noir heart of DC Comics. Let’s see together.

Sofia Falcone was born in Gotham City, the daughter of mob boss Carmine Falcone and of his wife Louisa. She grew up with her brothers, the older one Mario and the younger one Alberto, and she inherited all her father’s wit and his lust for power. She married another mob boss, Rocco Gigante, just to strengthen the Falcones’ position, and she gave him two sons, Luigi and Vincenzo, but despite legally changing her name into “Gigante” it was clear who her loyalty went to. When the serial killer known as Holiday started murdering notable members of Gotham’s crime families, Sofia came back to her father’s side, aiding him with the investigations; the bond between the two became even stronger when Alberto was killed on New Year’s Eve by Holiday. The threat of the serial killer who killed one man per month on holidays was so serious that Gotham’s families suspended their usual war for power, and concentrated all their efforts in identifying and stopping the murderer. Sofia herself obtained the aid of The Riddler, as he claimed “no riddle could resist him”; the criminal, however, was of no help, as he logically concluded that the killer had to be Carmine Falcone himself, an answer that clearly didn’t please Sofia the least… but that wasn’t far from the truth. Sofia managed to track down the man who provided Holiday with his/her guns, but even this led her nowhere, as in Chinatown she found the Gunsmith dead already. Eventually, as Holiday attacked and killed Sal Maroni, he was captured and revealed to be Alberto, who had faked his own death: his machinations had brought D.A. Harvey Dent to be disfigured by Maroni, and Dent swore vengeance on all the crime families. Dent, who now called himself Two-Face, attacked with an army of “freaks” (The Joker, Catwoman, Solomon Grundy, The Penguin, Poison Ivy and Mad Hatter) the Falcones’ mansion, and despite Batman‘s intervention, Sofia could do nothing but watch Two-Face kill her father. She herself was thrown out of a window by Catwoman, and she survived only thanks to the intervention of Angelo Mirti, her father’s assassin, who saved her and brought her to Italy in hiding.

Sofia spent some time with her exiled brother Mario, who helped her recover from her wounds. Apparently bound to a wheelchair, with a face scarred just like her father, Sofia came back to her feet to lead the Falcone family, and she came back to Gotham as soon as she could to inform the others of the new leadership. Not only she obtained the Falcones’ obedience, but she also strengthened the alliance with the other families, obtaining the cooperation of the Maronis, bringing Sal’s sons, Pino and Umberto, to work for her in trying and kill Harvey Dent for what he had done to her father. Things were already difficult enough, but then someone stole Carmine’s body, sending the corpse’s ring finger to Sofia. The woman lost it, and decided she would have obtained vengeance taking example from Alberto. While everyone believed she couldn’t move from her wheelchair, Sofia had actually regained her strength and the ability to move, and she became The Hangman, a serial killer who targeted policemen and officials tied in someway to Dent, all the while trying to frame the former D.A. for them. Hangman strangled her victims with a noose and left them hanged, leaving a cryptic message in the guise of children’s game “Hangman” using the case files she had stolen. The Hangman collected a number of remarkable victims, such as Chief Clancy O’HaraCommissioner Loeb or Detective Flass, sure that nobody could have ever believed a paralyzed woman was behind the crimes… nobody sane, at least: The Joker saw through her ruse, and tried to expose her mobility by attacking her at her mansion. Before exposing herself, however, Sofia was saved by both Alberto and Batman, who stopped the Joker without having her stand from her chair. This accident led Sofia to be more cautious, protecting her alibi more carefully; this way, on the other hand, Batman acted as an unwilling witness of her immobility, so the clash with The Joker only protected her position even more. Now, she could concentrate on her mission, first eliminating Commissioner Gordon’s task force designed to stop her, then moving on with her plot to utterly destroy Harvey Dent…

Sofia Falcone Gigante is a ruthless and determined woman, a natural born leader with an attitude even crueler and more brutal than her father’s; the only one truly capable of controlling the most powerful criminal family in Gotham, Sofia rules with an iron fist and with a cunning intellect. As The Hangman, she uses all her remarkable wits to device assassinations and false leads to frame her hated nemesis Two-Face, and she also demonstrates quite an incredible physical strength, enough for her to lift an adult man with a single hand. Her imposing stature and her sharp mind, together with her deranged psyche and her obsessive monomania, make her one of the most dangerous women ever lived in Gotham, ready to climb the ladder to become the undisputed ruler of the world’s most ruthless and powerful criminality.


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